Notes to New McD Students and Thinking Ahead about Who Sundays

Notes for the new McD students (workshop students, you already know all of this stuff):

The last novel in your reading list is Hot Target by Suz Brockmann.

For eight of you, the only e-mail addresses I have are your McDaniel e-mails. I’ve sent two e-mails to those; if you’re not picking up your McD e-mail yet, send me (jennycrusie@gmail) the address you are using and I’ll resend to your regular address.

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Next Who Sunday: "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead," Steven Moffat


There’s a reason Steven Moffat is considered the best Who script writer for Nine and Ten, and he showcases all his humor, his compassion, and his outside-the-box storytelling in this episode, which is also the debut of River Song. The resolution in this one creaks for me, but the rest is really wonderful; just skip the saccharine epilog and you’ll be fine (although trying to find a non-creepy still photo to illustrate this post reminded me of how suspenseful this one really is).