Cherry Saturday 3-30-13

March is almost gone. One quarter of 2013 is spent. On the one hand, YAY, it’s spring! On the other hand, where the hell did the time go? At least we know where we are on Saturdays. Oh, and it’s Easter tomorrow, so no matter what your religious preference, hit those stores for marshmallow eggs and put some peeps in your microwave, just for the thrill of it all.

Cherry Saturday 3-9-13

We’re simplifyng the Crusie-verse because I’m overwhelmed (why, yes, it is all about me), so from now on, the Cherry Forums/Ning and the JCF list along with all of you Argh People will meet here every Saturday to talk about whatever you damn well please. Yes, that is a little frightening, but I’m confident you’ll all contribute with grace, wit, snark, and edge. Because you always do.

Have at it.

The Office Day 9: Das Desk

Krissie got here yesterday which is good because I see things through her eyes and think, “Okay, that has to be done.” Also she almost died trying to get from the kitchen to the office yesterday, so really it’s time to go back to work there. I let everything here go to catch up with other things, but almost losing a sister in the debris means it’s time to get back to work. Also I really, really need my office.

The most important part of an office is the work surface. Continue reading