2013: Nothing But Good Times Right Now

For my New Year’s Eve post, I’d love to say something inspirational, but all I’ve got is “Thank god this freaking year is over.” I don’t know why I’ve fixated on Jan. 1 as the day my luck turns around; that makes as much sense as believing the world is going to end because the Mayan calendar cycle stopped. But there is something about that clean slate; the ball drops, we wipe the old year out and start writing the new one, the one where we’ll be smarter, thinner, fitter, more efficient, less cluttered, the one where there’ll be no bras beside the computer, no spinach wilting in the fridge, no unwashed dishes or unlaundered clothes or dogs with back problems that require expensive MRIs. . .

Wait. Is that just me? Never mind. Continue reading

Writing Scene: A Review

My McDaniel students are going through hell right now because we’re revising their first scenes, and I, of course, lack tact. In an effort to avoid scars, I gave them a general scene writing review sheet with self-editing questions at the end. Since I haven’t done a decent post here in weeks, and since I don’t see my future becoming any less fraught before 2013, I am giving you the same thing I gave them. One big difference, I’m not harassing you about your writing, line by line. Be grateful, they’re suffering. Continue reading

Zoe’s Back and Toni’s a Goddess

Four months ago, one of Lani’s cats disappeared. Zoe had always been independent, taking her time about coming home, but when she’d been gone a week and we knew there was a coyote in the woods, we mourned her loss. A good cat, but not faster than a coyote. Tonight, Lani e-mailed me and said, “Zoe’s back!” No idea where she’s been or why she stayed away so long, but she was starving and it’s getting colder, so maybe she decided putting up with four dogs and another cat was worth food and warmth. Big sighs all around and a thank you to the god of cats. Continue reading