I will be back to go through all the recommendations (Thank you!) and to catch up some time next week. We put off the move to NJ because of Sandy, so the three of us–Krissie, Lani, and Jenny, together again–will be on the road come Thursday. In the meantime, I’m still going through sixty-three years of stuff here and throwing things out like mad, sending the rest to Goodwill, including well over a thousand books (I don’t think I’ve ever gotten rid of a book in my life so they were everywhere). We moved up the date because the dry AMD in my right eye turned to wet AMD about three weeks ago, which ups the chances of the same thing happening in my left eye, at which point I won’t be able to drive. So we move now. Stay tuned for posts on low vision coping devices and how to write while rehabbing a cottage, coming some time in the last half of the month. And thank you again for all the book recommendations; this is going to be fun.