Exploiting You Again: Wild Names

I’ll get a real post up here as soon as I scrape myself off the floor. Quick updates: I turned 62, I’m back home, and that house I bought in NJ has to be completely gutted.

In the meantime, I need titles with “wild” in them. Shorter is better. Already used: Wild Night, Wild Ride, and Wild Child. So some more snappy two-syllable titles would be best although at this point, I’ll take anything. I need three of them. No you’re not going to see anything by these titles any time soon. The problem is taking up space in my brain that I need to write other things. So I’m moving it into your brains.


Sorry. It’s been a grueling month. And I’m old.

So, Wild Titles. Have at it.

220 thoughts on “Exploiting You Again: Wild Names

  1. Wildflower
    Wild Rose
    Born to be Wild (urg)
    Growing Wild
    Wild Animals
    Taming the Wild Beast (or the wild billionaire, if it’s Harlequin Presents)

    1. Wild Sky Wild Song
      Wild Roots Wild Land
      Wild Water Wild Island
      Wild Journey Wild Angel
      Wild Destiny

  2. Wild Cruise
    Wild Trip
    Wild Win
    Wild One
    Wild Hope
    Wild Day
    Wild Trip
    Wild Life
    Wild Idea

    Do you know that if you type “wild” enough, it ceases to look like a word?

    1. You know, if you say, or write, any word often enough, it starts to look unlikely. I remember having to look up ‘jersey’ in the dictionary once to confirm that it existed, because for some reason I had written it too often. (I suppose if it had been an American dictionary, I might not have found it…)

  3. Wild Thing
    Wild Eye(d)
    Wild West (meh)
    And the first suggestion Google gave me was “Wild Ginger”, which I think is a strange suggestion, but if this has anything to do with Red-heads, that could work. (Sorry Red-heads)

    1. There is a great Asian (their description) restaurant in the Seattle area called Wild Ginger. Maybe that’s why it came up?

  4. I’m sitting in a cabin with a storm blowing across the water and procrastinating on my wall painting project, so:
    Wild Wind
    Wild Rain
    Wild Water
    Wild Weather
    Wild Ideas
    Color Me Wild
    … back to painting…

    1. They do. I just tweeted about “match” doing this very same thing to me last friday after having it repeated a billion times in a spreadsheet. But “wild” seems to be pretty bad for this effect, particularly. I keep thinking there should be an ‘e’ in there somewhere, myself.

      1. Perhaps you are being influenced by all those Olde Shops?

        could you have been influenced by all those ”olde” things?

  5. Wild Man
    Wild Morn
    Wild Dawn
    Wild Mess
    Ever Wild
    Wild Adventure
    Wild Safari
    Wild Dream
    Wild Summer
    Wild Life
    Wild River
    Wild Truth

  6. Idle Wild … naaah, some people would think of airports.

    I’m stuck waiting for the Godot plumbing company to show up. Again. πŸ™

  7. Wild Summer
    Wild Winter
    Wild Woolies
    Simply Wild
    Wildly Witty

    Okay I am back to work.. but thank for exploiting us! We miss your post, even if it is just to poll us! Happy Belated Birthday…

  8. Wild Rose (up already)
    Wild Time Wild Thyme
    Wild Women (I guess after they’re Fast, they’re Wild.)
    Wild Walk
    Wild & Wilder
    Wild or Mild
    Wild Wind (up already)
    Wild Ways
    Wild Dream
    Wild Way
    Wild Run
    Wild Gamble (we’re getting into off the shoulder blouse territory here)

  9. Happy Birthday! Personally, I’ve decided to celebrate anniversaries from now on. For example, next year will be the 5th anniversary of my 40th birthday. Later on down the road, it will be something like…the 7th anniversary of the fifth anniversary for my 39th birthday. I’m hoping most people are like me, they hate math but like to give gifts.

    As for gutting the house, at least when its done, it will be all new and all you.

    Wild n Wicked
    Wild Hare
    Wild Throw
    Wild Aim
    Wild Road
    Wild Aces
    Wild Longing
    Wild You
    Wild Taste
    Mad Wild

  10. Oh, right – the Marilyn Monroe song from “Some Like It Hot”. Love that movie. Love that song. Love ukuleles.

  11. After a while all these Wilds blur together so there might be some duplicates. Sorry.
    Wild Night
    Wild Time
    Wild Age
    And my favorite – Wild Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Jenny! πŸ™‚

  12. Wild Hearts? Wait, that’s a movie – no originality from me today. Yet. I’m still thinking. Because it’s more fun than the quarterly analysis I should be working on. On which I should be working. F**k it, that sounds stupid. Does this “no ending with a preposition” rule still apply?

  13. Wild Fortunes
    Wild Aardvarks (For Sale)
    Into The Wild
    Wild Oscar
    One Wild Winter
    The Wild Monster Tamer (should feature a child with a hyperactive imagination)
    Wild Wildebeests in the Wilderness
    (The) World Wild Web
    Wild About _____ (Roller Derbies? Bad Boys?)
    Wandering Wild
    Wild Exit
    Wild Opening
    Western Wilds
    Wild & Willful (for that “Jane Austen Gone Bad” sort of story…)
    Wild Galloping Ferrets

    …And I should really stop free-associating before this goes any further downhill. Steal anything you like; this was fun!

  14. I’m late, but I have one that no one else said yet. (Yay me!)

    Wild Dog
    Gramma’s Wild
    Wild Gram (same thing, but better I think)
    Wild Iris
    Strawberry Wild
    Wild Ice Cream
    Wild Sue
    Mimi Wild
    Wild Toad
    Wild Boy
    Wild Toe
    Frog Wild

    Yes, I’m making things up. Just letting them pop into my head. Except Wild Dog, which I thought about.

  15. I’m trying to give originals..

    Wild dunes
    Wild waters
    Wild blue
    Wild country
    Wild dogs
    Wild eyes
    Wild earth
    Wild games
    Wild hogs
    Going hog wild
    Wild iris
    Wild justice
    Wild mountain
    Wild mountain thyme
    Wild oats
    Wild planet
    Wild side
    Wild unknown
    Wild violet

  16. “Wildflower” by Dolly Parton is my personal theme song. Sorry, not helpful, but it is true and everyone has already taken my ideas.
    Whenever I get discouraged I turn on that song and dance around the room. Also “Red Dress” by Maia Sharp is another good one.
    Ooh, how about Wild Woman in a Red Dress?

  17. Wild Times
    Wild Nights
    Wicked Wild (kinda witchy)
    Wet and Wild (either mermaid-y or terribly porny, sorry)
    Wild Animal
    Wild Cravings
    Feelin’ Wild
    Wild Winds
    Wild Storm
    Wild Flights

    …and I’m out. I probably repeated a few already mentioned; sorry about that.

    And Happy Birthday (a little late)! Birthdays are good. After all, the alternative sure sucks.

  18. Wild in Love
    Wild and Wonderful
    Going Wild
    Gone Wild
    (you know, if you type a word often enough it starts to look wrong)

    Wild Idea
    A Wild Hair (Hare)
    A Wild Season
    A Wild Style
    Wet n Wild
    Anything Wild
    Something Wild
    Wild Away
    Wild Charms

  19. You need 3, right?

    Going Wild
    Gone Wild
    Getting Wild

    Wild Heart
    Wild Soul
    Wild Mind
    (although those do sound a bit bodice ripper)

    Wild Thoughts
    Wild Plans
    Wild Actions

  20. Happy Belated Birthday. Your gift? I will camp in the new place during reconstruction to oversee.

    Wild Lightening
    Wild Thunder
    Wild Hammer
    Wild Witch
    Wild Magic
    Wild Mage
    Wild Wizard
    Wild Wisdom
    Wild William (saw my RSC edition of Shakespeare’s complete works, but maybe Richmal Compton got there first)
    Wild Writer. (Har)
    Wild Dance
    Wild Words

    Enough procrastinating – also, I’d lost my first post because I pressed a wrong button. Not taking chances again. Mobile posting sure makes me a thumbthritis (my word, credit me:-D) candidate.

  21. Wild Eye
    Call Me Wild
    Wild One
    Wild Island
    Wild Pursuit
    Wild Discovery
    Wild Secret
    Born to be Wild (too obvious..)
    Wild Years
    Wild Summer
    Wild End…

  22. This is not going to leave me be until I type it:
    Wildlife Management

    You’ll get all those incidental hits from folks Googling how to get the chipmunks out of the attic.

  23. Gone with the Wild
    Wild Safari
    Wild Up <= this one only works if you picture Elmer Fudd saying it

  24. If any of these have already been suggested, my apologies. I brainstorm better when I don’t read what’s already been said..

    Joker’s Wild (Or any other card)
    Wild One(s)
    Wild Horses
    Wild Fire(s)
    Wild Tales
    Wild Lies
    Wild Will
    Wild Card
    Wild Wind
    Wild Ways

    Happy birthday, Jenny. You aren’t old, just a little older. Nothing wrong with it.

    Sometimes it’s better to gut a house and start fresh from the inside out. Not unlike lives sometimes.

  25. Happy birthday! I only had to gut the kitchen when I bought my house…erg. You have my sympathy!

    Wild-eyed Wonder
    Wild Enough
    Wild Winter
    Wild Child (Or Wild Childe, with Childe being the last name of a character)
    Wild Blue Yonder
    Wild, Wild East (or South, or North)
    Wild for Harry
    Wild Witchcraft (well, I would, wouldn’t I?)

  26. Happy Birthday Jenny! Did you get cake? Sixty-two is a good age. One of my friends just turned 65 and she is way more active and bouncy than I am. I aspire.

    Y’know, I had to gut parts of my last house. I can wield a hammer. I am great with a paintbrush, without making a mess! And I can lay tile like a pro, just slower. I’m also for hire and willing to relocate! πŸ™‚

    Wild Start
    Wild Light
    Wild Dark
    Wild Ground
    Ever Wild
    Wild Ink (Wild, Inc.)
    Wildly Read
    Wild Joy
    Wild Despair
    Wild Walk
    Wild Run
    Wild Wood(s)
    Wild Age
    Wild Leather πŸ˜€
    Wild Hands
    Wild Mind
    Wild Sea
    Wild Moon
    Wild Star

    Okay, should go do some actual work. Unpaid, but it’s work and it has a deadline. I hope some of the suggestions in these comments work for you! I do love when you exploit us!

  27. Wild Chi
    Pure Wild
    Wild bay
    Wild red
    Wild date
    that’s all the one syllable names of stuff in my pantry. Unless you wanna try Wild fish and Wild oil.

  28. Wild Hunt (but only if it’s a fantasy with suitable elements otherwise you’ll confuse people)
    Wild Side (oops, already done)
    Wild Rose/ Wild Ash/ Wild Oak/ Wild Thorn
    Wild Summer (etc.)
    Wild Hope
    Wild Fall
    Wild Fell (I dunno, Tenant of Wildfell Hall?)
    Wild Sea
    Wild Cat/ Wild Horse/ Wild Dog/ Wild Goat/Wild Rice (possibly not the connotation you’re going for)
    Wild Rover (wait, that’s a song)
    Wild Oats
    Wild Wood
    Wild Fire
    Wild Wind
    Wild Queen/Wild King

    OK, “wild” no longer looks like a word. I stop.

  29. Wild Journey
    Wild is the Wind
    Wild Law (sounds like a dodgy western, sorry)
    Wild Thyme
    Wild Nights/Knights !
    Wild Quest
    Wild Rover (can’t help it, I’m Irish)
    Wild Swan/s
    Wild Unknown

    Hope it works its way out of your head, it has certainly worked its way into mine!

  30. Wild Wish
    Wild Wise
    Wild Will(ed)
    Win Wild
    -hmmm why am I stuck in Double Ws?
    Wild Yell
    Shout Wild
    Wild Red
    Wild Load
    Wild Roll
    Wild Twist
    Wild Leap
    …or vice versa

  31. Wild Hart (could have a character named Hart)
    Wild Alabama
    Wild Praire
    Wild Desert
    Wild Dessert
    Wild State
    Wild Year
    Wild Diner
    Wild Dinner
    Wild California
    Wild Flight

    1. It was unexpected but not that surprising. Mold kind of goes everywhere and this way we’ll be safe. Now I’m trying to figure out how to reproduce the ceilings. Must get somebody in there to take a picture.

        1. No. It’s wood. The entire house is paneled in masonite and then battens nailed over the seams, including the ceilings which are really nice with that detail. But it’s wood so it’s gotta go.

      1. OT. There is a mixture called “Bob Vilas Mold solution” that is made with TSP or TSP substitute, bleach, laundry detergent and hot water – all stuff that is easy to get or that you have on hand. I tried to get the formula to copy to here but it wouldn’t. I have used it on some things – a canvas drop cloth, cedar shakes (this is the Pacific NW – mold is a constant problem) and sometimes it took a couple of tries but unless dry rot has set in, it works. If you want the formula, I will get it to you

        1. I think it takes more than that. The bleach bleaches out the color, but according to the CDC, it doesn’t actually kill the mold. So you get albino mold.

          1. I think its the TSP that gets the mold. Because it really did work in my applications. Although with mold in masonite it must be through the structure of the board. And not only do you saturate the surface, it gets rinsed off.

  32. Well, it strikes me that putting Wild in front of almost anything brings on a whole new and intriguing connotation. Everyone’s suggestions bring up some engaging images.

    So I’ll just add, while I’m here,
    Wild Chocolate
    Wild in the City
    Wild in the Country
    Wild in the Streets
    Wild in the Quilt Shop (okay, maybe not that one)

    Oh wait, you said 2 syllables

    Happy Birthday, Jenny. (I’m right behind you…)

  33. Not reading the others first. My thoughts were mostly along the lines of dischord – what, when paired with Wild either negates it, fights it, or makes it more interesting? Then there’s the form, either something-wild, wild-something, or wild-and-something.

    Wild and Cranky πŸ™‚
    Wild and Crafty
    Wild and Clement (I love “C” words, still.)
    Wild Mannered
    Wild Civility
    Wild Serenity
    Wild Vanilla
    Raging Wild
    Mild Gone Wild
    Wild America
    Minnesota Wild (sports team)
    Ohio Wild (or Jersey Wild)
    Wild Wild Vest (yes, vest)
    Wild Wild Whisper

  34. Wild will
    Wild won’t
    for a character named “Wild” of course. I have a great-nephew-to-be and the parents haven’t figured out a name, yet. They have until November to figure something out. Needless to say, people have been offering up suggestions. One of the extended family works in NICU (neonatal ICU) and offered up some of more out there options he’s seen. One poor little girl got saddled with ALovelyMiracleFromGod as her name. I figure a boy named “Wild” isn’t all that bad.

    Jenny, my mother has the attitude that you’re only as old as you feel. Today, I feel 25.

    1. Giving a baby the name Wild would scare me to freaking death. A WILD child?! Gah, no thanks. We know of a boy named Blaize…. wanna know what he’s fascinated with? And has already caused serious accidental burns because of? πŸ˜•

  35. Wild-Eyed Optimist (instead of wide-eyed)
    Wild Boys (now I have Duran Duran stuck in my head)
    Wild Bill (as in Hickok)
    Wild Cattle
    Wild Turkey (free-range hens or a stiff drink?)
    Wild America
    Wild Adventure
    Wild Game (is it food or fun?)
    Wild Mushrooms
    Wild Yams
    Wild Cactus
    Wild Vacations
    Wild Weddings
    Wild Waves
    Wild Dare(s)
    Wild Quotes
    Wild Tangents
    Wild Daschunds (this is a Jennifer Crusie thing, n’est-ce pas?)

    Happy Birthday! And no matter how old you are, there is always somebody older than you.

  36. Sorry to hear that there was more to do at the house than you’d expected. That’s a pisser. I guess the silver lining is that you’ll be able to make it into everything you’d ever imagined — at some point.

    And now for the wild ideas. Wild Oats was my only idea and now that I’ve read the list ‘wild’ looks like a world aliens have gifted to us. Just too much of a good thing right now:)

    Happy belated birthday. Glad you’re home.

  37. Nothing wild to contribute today, just here to wish you a happy September birthday Jenny (because us September gals must stick together) and to poke around. Just found out that my dental procedures will cost far more than we expected, and involve several actual surgeries… not sure where to put that information right now. It’s kind of a lot.
    Thanks Argh Ink folks for the fun and Wild distraction.

    1. Oh, lord. I had to have a tooth dug out once with the expectation that I’d have a new one put in. Forgot to do the rest so I’ve had this gaping hole in my mouth ever since. Because I’m not rushing to do dental surgery. Good luck with that.

      1. I’ve had extensive dental surgery. It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be. Except it’s expensive. Very, Very ‘spensive.

  38. Happy Birthday, Jenny!! You are not old – you are younger than I am…

    Gutted… oof… and oy vey…

    I got nothin’ about Wild that hasn’t already been said… I do like McB’s:
    Getting Wild
    Going Wild
    Gone Wild
    Great titles for a trilogy!

  39. My favorite so far is Hog Wild, even though I doubt it’s what you’re looking for.

    Otherwise, how about Wild Premise?

  40. Wild Whoopy
    Wild Willy,
    Wild Bitty
    Wild Wild
    Wild World
    Wild Style
    Wild Dangly Bits
    Wild Filly
    Wild Trip
    Wild Wind
    Wild River
    Wild Land
    Dliw wilD
    Okay, I obviously am not contributing anything inteligent here

  41. These are great, thank you!
    Except I can no longer read the word “wild” with any comprehension whatsoever. But now I have a list to draw on . . .

  42. Wow. What a list. I did read through to try to come up with something that hasn’t been said already. Did anyone say

    Wild Mushrooms
    Wild Turkey
    Wild Mink
    Wild Reaction
    Wild Chase (probably someone else did)
    Wild Roots
    Wild Zero (Actually, apparently it’s a Japanese Rock and Roll Zombie Movie. I think that MUST go on a Pop D list sometime…)
    Wild Zen
    Wild Quest

    I like the aforementioned Wild Ginger, Wild Card, and Wild Imagination. Can’t wait to see what might grow out of these!

      1. It’s not a dichotomy, necessarily. Everthing in moderation. Including moderation. or Never say never. Very Zen.

  43. Wild Rhubarb
    Wild Winter
    Wild Wyoming
    Wild Root
    Wild Water
    Wild Open

    I agree – wild no longer looks like a word.

  44. Delphie, huh? Awesome! I can’t say I recall all of the 98,000 previous suggestions, but – “Wild Rye” – especially if it were in whiskey country, or, you know, “Ride the Wild” (not exactly according to spec, but…). I’ll look forward to this. After the other books are done!

    Happy Birthday! My sympathies on the gutting. I hope that all goes smoothly and you end up with a Yet More Fabulous House!

  45. I came to the party SO late so I’ll try not to repeat anything, and keep in mind all the good ones have already been suggested…

    Wild & Beguiled (or Wild, Riled & Beguiled)
    Wild & Exiled
    To the Waters and the Wild
    (Come away, O human child: To the waters and the wild with a fairy, hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.
    William Butler Yeats )

  46. (-: Happy belated! May the house fairy come down and give you a break on the remodeling.

    Well, if it’s a gal from the Oracle, then how about Wild Guess? LOL!

    I think all my others have been mentioned, but Wild Island and Oscar’s Wild are slight variations on a theme (they may have been mentioned, but I do admit, my eyes got boggled by all the wildness. (-: I can’t believe how many Wild Chais there were . . . I riffed off of someone’s pantry, and thought I was so original (-:. Many of us must be twisted in the exact same way, which is kind of comforting.

  47. I’m number 110, and I have three no one has used. There may be a good reason for that, but here goes:
    Wild Waif
    Wild Wife
    Wild Widow

    Sorry about the house. Happy Birthday anyway.

  48. Well, there’s certainly already a treasure trove of possibilities here. But here goes, not taking into account for duplications:

    Wild Love
    Wild Quest
    Uneasy Wild
    Hidden Wild
    Surpassing Wild
    Taunting Wild
    Warrior Wild
    Stone-cold Wild
    Wild Ruse
    Wild Dreamer
    Without Wild
    Wild Nowhere

    Twilight Wild
    Midnight Wild

    Wild Angel
    Wild Goddess

    Wild Lightning
    Wild Thunder
    Wild Storm

    Soul Wild
    Wild Magic
    Wild Witch
    Wild Wizard

    Wild Play
    Wild Game
    Wild Legend
    Wild Enchanter/Enchantment

  49. Wild melody
    Wild medley
    Wild symphony
    Wild song
    Wild motif
    Wild style
    Wild choice
    Wild will
    Wild heir
    Wild ace
    Wild king
    Wild queen
    Wild jack

  50. I’ve never done anything like this before. I feel a little like I’m intruding, but I couldn’t pass up the challenge. Here goes.
    Wild Coast
    Wild Art
    Wild Sale
    Wild House
    Wild Cash
    Wild Smoke
    Wild Vamp
    Wild Blast
    Wild Point
    Wild Demon
    Wild Clown
    Wild Ghost
    Wild Nuts — Bolts — Ahem. πŸ˜‰
    Wild Pride
    Wild Open.

  51. Happy Birthday! I will be 58 when my last boy goes off to college. So, if all goes according to plan, I will be 62 when he graduates. You are ahead of me in being Wild and Free at that age, because I imagine he’ll come back to roost. I suppose I could pawn him off on one of his older brothers…

    Gutting the house sucks, but it’s the way to go. After Floyd sent the Rockaway River through our house in 1999, we watched the hardwood floors slowly buckle, as the sheetrock continued to grow mold. We had to live with it until our contractor could start the demolition, but it was very unhealthy. You’re making the right choice.

    So, if Delphi is an oracle, does she have Wild Intuition?

  52. wild friends
    wild change
    wild creek
    wild slough
    wild field
    wild mile
    wild craft
    wild work
    wild look
    wild jump
    wild care
    wild page
    wild stay/wild go
    wild start/wild done
    wild out/wild in
    wild here/wild there
    wild more/wild less
    wild on/wild off
    wild day/week/month/year

  53. Wild Slug (creepy creature or bullet)
    and I thought of Going Wild but McB got there before me!
    Duck wild
    (Okay I’m sitting at a co-workers desk and she has three plastic ducks – blue, pink, and yellow.)
    Wild clip
    Wild Dragonfly
    Wild basket

    I could go on, but I’ll spare y’all.

  54. Wild yams – as in, “Well isn’t that a bunch of wild yams.” A friend of mine use to say this when things were not going her way.

    Happy Birthday!

  55. Happy belated birthday. I hope it was filled with a celebration with family, friends, and pets.

    I scanned the many, many excellent suggestions, but know I don’t remember everything I read. Were the following mentioned?

    Wild fate
    Wild pitch
    Wild strike
    Wild hate
    Wild heat

    Good luck with the house. I’ve seen so many HGTV shows with fake beams, that there must be a simple way to recreate what was there originally. If you’re not using wood, there are a number of alternative materials that would be light weight and probably easy to apply to a conventional dry wall ceiling to give the apprearace of board and batten. You could post a picture once you have it and I’m sure the ARGH community could come up with great suggestions.

  56. All the titles I thought up were mostly taken. So I asked the man who made 30 fish puns in under 5 minutes to help me.

    Wild the Time Away
    Wild Durness (say it slowly…this one is my fault)
    Hopping Wild (me again)
    Wild Eyed Look
    Wet and Wild (may have copyright issues)
    Wild Idea
    BeWildered (too odd. again my fault)
    Warm, Wild and Witless (I just couldn’t put Willing at the end)
    Wild and Wooly
    Wild Wabbit or Wild Weasels
    Wild Manners or Wild Manors
    Swindled Wild
    Wild Kingdon (he laughed at that one)
    Riled Up and Wild or just Riled Wiled (me again)
    Wild, Riled and Wicked (smutty romance title)
    OscarWild (movie themed…his)
    Wild and Free
    Fly Wild
    Guys Gone Wild (girls gone wild revenge story)
    Wild Knight (a stretch)
    Wild Daze
    Wild Get Up
    Wild Wryed (he’s getting worse)
    Wild Writhe (another porn title)
    Wild Hunt (Celtic myths anyone?)

  57. Wild Geese. Or, if it’s a detective/caper type of book, Wild Goose Chase? πŸ™‚

    Wild Honey. There’s a lovely U2 song by that name too

  58. House news sux. Welcome to New Jersey…

    I’m probably repeating:
    Born Wild
    Gone Wild
    Wild and Crazy
    Wild and Free
    Wet and Wild
    Wild Boys – because Duran Duran is now stuck in my head, so it should be in yours too.

    I LOVE that U2 song Wild Honey! The Boys.

  59. I hope I’m not repeating, but:
    Wild Wishes
    Wild Welcome
    Wild Waitress and Wild Waffles (these are better as sub-titles for A Little Night Magic
    by Lucy March
    Wild Waltz
    Wild, New Jersey or Wild, Alaska, etc. (if Wild happens to be a town)
    and finally, if you throw in a rabbit, Wild Hare

  60. I haven’t a clue. I suck at naming things. Usually when I need a name I sent out a frantic email to my extended family. My son’s girlfriend is amazingly good at it. So, I’ll just say, Happy Birthday, Jenny.

  61. For a story about an adventurous manicurist or clerical person or wannabe prison escapee:
    Wild filed

    And for the remodler:
    Wild tiled

      1. A local dive in the town we used to live in was finally shut down by the health department. Their sign in the window: “Closed for remolding.”

  62. Can’t come up with any wild titles. Sorry about the house. Maybe you should have a gutting party. Sledgehammers for everyone. You could play my favorite Peter Gabriel song in the background. Then you’d only have to pay for the rebuild.
    I’m counting on you to make 62 seem young. I’m 54 so I’m not very far behind you! Happy Birthday!

  63. Waiting to be Wild
    Where is the Wild?
    I am the Wild Thing
    Wild Hair
    Which Wild
    I Whiled While I Wild?

    This is so no longer a word I can use anymore.

  64. Happy belated birthday! Was it actually on the 26th? If so, I’ll squee loudly as that is also my birthday. I turned 42.

    good luck with all your adventures

  65. Wild Guile
    Wild Sight
    Wild Muse
    Wild Wisdom
    Wild Vision
    Wild Vista
    Wild Prospect
    Wild Foresight
    Wild Target
    Wild Shot
    Wild Charm
    Wild Venture
    Wild Eyes

  66. Wow. Mega late to this party. I don’t think the word ‘wild’ will ever look right again.

    Sorry about the house. Mold sucks.

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…. I hope you got great gifts to make up for the bad house news.

  67. I don’t know if anyone has already come up with this because my youngest is NOT going to let me read the comments but as your birthday came up (Happy Birthday):

    Wild Sixties
    Wild Seventies
    Wild Eighties

    Wild one
    Wild Two
    Wild Three

    Wild Wild

  68. Wild Finish

    For people worried about repeating, you can use the “find” function (CTRL F in Firefox) and enter the words you’re looking for. It’s a big help when you’re looking for a specific reference on a web page full of copy.

  69. How about Wild Theatrics (you could talk about a theater production with a cast of actors at a theme park) or Wild Tunes (you could have a book about the music that plays at a theme park…hint, hint, hint!) or Wild Bones (about the skeleton of a theme park and how its built) that’s all I got on titles, Good Luck in picking one ~a loyal reader~

  70. Wild Haven
    ~ Past
    ~ Faith
    ~ Burden
    ~ Connection
    ~ Blood (although it might make people think of a Vampire book, which probably isn’t even close to what you need the title for)

    Good luck w/ the gutting! (totally said that in my “have fun storming the castle” voice.)

  71. When I turned 50 I decided to turn it around, into a countdown to 100. I’m about to hit 31. Works pretty well…

    I liked the Wild Animal ones — Cat, Dog, Wolf, Horses.

  72. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, but have never been brave enough to contribute before. And can you believe the school I teach at now blocks your blog as an “inappropriate” site so I can’t read it on my lunch break anymore? How about:

    Wild Guess (the brainiac in the group)
    Wild Wish (the dreamer)
    Wild Hope (the optimist)

    Wild Kind
    Wild Karma
    Wild Kiss

    Wild Men
    Wild Mess
    Wild Mind

    Wild Chocolate
    Wild Cherries
    Wild Chicken (couldn’t think of another food that started with “Ch”)

    Bummer about the house, but I love watching “Sarah’s House” on HGTV, so the thought of ripping a house apart & starting over has a certain appeal to me…mostly because I’ve never had to live through it or pay for it. Again, bummer.

    1. I KNEW that would happen. But it was too difficult keeping it PG with this crowd. Sorry.
      I love Sarah’s House, too. Especially Sarah’s Cottage.

      1. Yes! Sarah’s Cottage was definitely the best of the lot – the farmhouse she did on Sarah’s House was just hideous.

        See if you can hire her to gut your new house – she’s get a new series & you’d get help dealing with (and paying for) all of it. If you can delegate dealing with the contractors, you’d save yourself many headaches & save your energy for writing.

        1. I’d watch it. I love it when Jenny puts up pictures of her redecorating. I think it would be a win-win for all involved.

        2. And, I’d never heard about Sarah’s House or Sarah’s Cottage. I have enjoyed HGTV in the past, but I only seem to turn it on when they have House Hunters on and I really want to watch HGTV for projects, not shopping.

          1. No kidding. They have house hunters on ALL THE DAMN TIME. C’mon people, that stuff is FILLER! I had to get a DVR (TiVo like object) to record design shows because they’re on at weird hours if they’re on at all anymore. And I love me some design shows. House Hunters I skip entirely except for the occasional international one on a strict budget because they can sell some real piles of rubble abroad, but only if I accidentally run across it and there is nothing else on.

          1. I *did* like the yellow bathroom in the farmhouse, that was nicely done.

            Have your people call her people. Lani helps you with the dogs, Sarah Richardson could help you with the gut job in Jersey. They could call the series, “Sarah’s Jersey Shore.”

  73. Wild Side
    Wild Wood (actually a town in NJ)
    Wild Ones
    Wild Road

    I don’t even know if any of those were used already, some of the ‘Wild’s started making my eyes spin! Good luck with the house, and love to the dogs!

  74. The difficult thing about lying about your age is that you eventually have to lie about your children’s ages. My two boys who were born 4 years apart will be 40 year old twins by next April.

  75. It would be easier if you divulged the theme of the books. IE, if it was a trilogy about a woman who inherits a building and decides to open a store, you could have Wild Yarn, Wild Knit, Wild Knot. A story invoving the pest control business might fit the titles Wild Nit, Wild Gnat, etc.

  76. Wildness
    Wild wonder
    Wild shame
    Wild love
    Wild romance
    Wild power
    Wild hormones
    Wild dress
    Wild water
    Elextric wild
    Wild hornet
    Wild Flame

  77. Maybe you could get Sarah to do your house if you promise to put her in one of your books…I’d do it! I have enjoyed seeing what everyone is writing, but I gotta tell ya…after all the Wilds…It starts to look like its mis-spelled! If you look at something too long it starts to take on its own characteristics! I’m rootin’ for you, Jenny. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  78. Happy 62 from a recent 61.
    Wild Surprise – in honor of your new stuff purchased with your new house. Just add Wild to anything you find there.
    Wild Surmise
    A bit late, but I am busy, busy, busy.

  79. Stories about Delphie sound wonderful. If she’s still in the park, there’s Wild Dream”. How about “Wild Fun” in honor of her father? Or “Wild Vines”? “Wild Reds”? “Wild Chardonnay”? “Wild Merlot”? “Wild Champagne”? Stopping now.

  80. I always read, and never post, because I am One of Those people. I don’t have any ‘Wild’ suggestions, and I would usually avoid a book that had it in the title anyway (obviously not when I have a greater eason to read it). BUT … when I re-saw (should be a word) the title of the post, it occurred to me I would definitely read a romance called ‘Exploiting you (Again)’. (With or without brackets around the again) Suggests dry humour. Sarcasm. Snark. Much more my kind of romance.

  81. Wild eyes
    Wild Nights
    the un-wild child
    Wilde olive
    lillies wild

    or to change things up…


    or something of the like that could emphasis wild mid word


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