The Dogs: A Guide

Wolfie was a puppy mill/pet shop dog who had four owners in his first year. I wasn’t supposed to adopt him–I’d volunteered to be a courier for Dachshund Rescue–but when I picked him up, we bonded and I refused to let him go. That was my last courier job for Dachshund Rescue. He’s getting on now, arthritis in his spine, but he’s still running around, jumping on furniture, and telling the other dogs to get off of his lawn.
Most annoying habit: Running up the stairs and then whining to be carried down.
Favorite occupation: Snuggling

Veronica was a very expensive English cream dachshund who was on her way to Dachshund Rescue when Kathleen stopped by to introduce me to Milton. Veronica had just been handed over to Kathleen, so she was confused to begin with, and then she ended up in this strange backyard, shaking, so I picked her up and cuddled her and that was pretty much it. She’s very high strung, and we’ve had to work with her to get to the point where she’s not terrified of everything, but we’re getting there. She used to just freeze when she was afraid, then we got her confident enough to run away, and now she stays where she is and barks. We’re hoping for serenity and acceptance in the future, but I’m not sure those are in Veronica’s skill set.
Most annoying habit: Barking at nothing on the theory that there’s probably something there, she just can’t see it yet.
Favorite occupation: Gazing at you in deep suspicion with her beautiful eyes.

Milton is the perfect dog: confident, outgoing, energetic, easygoing, cuddly . . . the list goes on. In a long line of rescued dogs, Milton is the baseline for normal, if normal is amazing.
Most annoying habit: He has no annoying habits. He’s Milton.
Favorite occupation: Running to embrace life in particular, running the world in general

Mona was found by the driveway gate at Dachshund Rescue in a paper bag at six weeks old. She had her breeding documents with her, so the best guess is that they dropped her off as soon as they realized she had no kneecaps in her back legs. The vet advised putting her down, but clearly the vet didn’t know Kathleen at Dachshund Rescue. She came to us tiny and cute (you should see her hoodie pictures) and we weren’t sure what would happen as she grew and gained weight, if her little stick hind legs would continue to work. Turns out, no worries. She runs like a rabbit and gives Milton a run for his money.
Most annoying habit: Chewing on things that will kill her. Caught with: Egg, crochet hook, multiple soft-plastic-handled scissors, shoes. Fave moment: I looked up and saw her trotting by carrying a light bulb in her mouth. Lani said, “I is in your house, stealin’ your ideas.” I took the bulb away. I need all the ideas I can get.
Favorite occupation: Indoors: Finding new things to chew. Outdoors: Running wildly, stopping to see what’s in the grass, running wildly again.