17 Reasons Why Entertainment Weekly Is Wrong About Romantic Comedy

Entertainment Weekly posted a list of “24 RomCom Cliches We’d Retire.” I’ve spent the past eight months studying romantic comedy at Popcorn Dialogues, the last twenty years writing romantic comedy, and the last forty-five years watching it, and I feel this is a topic I have some expertise on. So this is a list of 17 reasons why Entertainment Weekly’s thinking on romantic comedy is biased, sloppy, and often dumb, plus seven things they got right. Sort of.

24. The heroine works in the media.
I have no idea why this is a romcom cliche. The reporter on the trail of a story is a staple in fiction; see Russell Crowe in State of Play. Why should some jobs be off limits? Unless they’re thinking it’s weird women are in the media. No, they’re in the media, they can’t be that close-minded. Makes no sense.

23. The Last Minute Sprint aka The RomCom Run
This is practically a drinking game at PopD so this one I’ll agree with. Continue reading