Exploitation Post: Not The Grateful Dead

I’m exploiting you again. Run.

Here’s the problem. I’m rewriting the first chapter of Haunting Alice and there’s a ghost in it and he’s been around since 1998 and he had Phish tickets and when Alice tells him they broke up, he gets all depressed and . . . never mind, you don’t need to know that part. The point is that evidently the Phish got back together again (I googled, but evidently not enough) so the Phish won’t work. Which is a shame because that was funny.

So now I need a cult band that broke up maybe twenty years ago. Not exactly that, somewhere between fifteen or twenty-five years ago is still good. Not the Dead because there are too many jokes about Deadheads already. Plus I knew a guy who loved the Dead once and I wanted to kill him every day I had to work with him. Also, Ethan has this great line, “Be grateful it’s not the Dead.” Yes, that’s how low I’m stooping.

Give me a cult band that broke up roughly twenty years ago that I can be snarky about. Thank you.

Why Are You Here?

An academic working on a major paper on romance fiction would like to know why you come here; that is, what you get out of the Argh Ink blog in general. I tried to guess and then I said, ‘You know what? The Argh People are not afraid to say what they think. Let’s just ask them and then you can get the info straight from the blog comments.” So here’s the question:

Why are you here?

After that, we’re moving on to “Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?” and “Why is there air?*”
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Sneaky Peeks

It’s no secret that I’m grotesquely behind on Lavender, but what I have not shared with you is that I’ve spent the last month obsessing over something that should have been three days work. Maybe This Time comes out in trade paperback in April, and St. Martin’s Press would like to put the first chapter of my next non-Liz novel in the back. Standard stuff, right? And it shouldn’t be a problem since I know who the protagonist is, who the antagonist is, what their goals are, who the love interest is, the entire supporting case, the setting, the mood, the tone . . . I know a lot. I even know the title: Haunting Alice. So what’s the problem?
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Trade Cover for The Cinderella Deal

Since we’ve done so many covers on here, here’s the trade paperback for The Cinderella Deal. I think it’s generic and says absolutely nothing about the book–Daisy wouldn’t be caught dead in a pink four-inch heels–but this is probably what it’s going to be:

Edited to add:
Assuming we’re stuck with a shoe cover (and I’m pretty sure we are), how does this grab you for Daisy? I know she wouldn’t wear high heels, but I’m trying to compromise here:

Maybe something like this:

I know, I can’t photo shop for beans and the fonts are the wrong sizes. Photoshop is on my list of things to learn to do. But is this better or still bad? Worse?

The Argh Interview: Kristina Douglas

Welcome to the Kristina Douglas interview.

JENNIFER: Welcome. I’m Jennifer Crusie and I’m delighted to be talking to . . . who are you again?

KRISTINA: Oh my god, it’s Jennifer Crusie! I’m so honored! I’m Kristina Douglas, demure debut authoress extraordinaire!

JENNIFER: Of course. Welcome, Kristina. So you have this fabulous new series about angels. I love angels. Those fluffy wings. The shiny halos. They sound very sweet and inspirational.

KRISTINA: Not mine. They’ve fallen. In fact, they’re called The Fallen. They are sleek and dark and just a little bit nasty. In bed.

JENNIFER: In bed? There’s SEX in these novels? Oh. Not quite what I was thinking. So, dark angels having sex. Reminds me of Anne Stuart. But enough about legendary authors, tell us about your first book, The Fallen: Raziel. What’s that about? Continue reading

Crochet a Rainbow for Australian Flood Relief

Fiber artist Sarah London (you may remember her from the wool-eater blanket I posted about here in June) is coordinating the Crochet a Rainbow project for Australian Flood Relief.

She’s asking for four-and-a-half inch granny squares, any colors, that she’ll join into blankets for flood victims. If you crochet, you know how easy the basic granny square is (my granny taught me to make them when I was very young). Continue reading

Random Sunday: Small Pleasures

Here’s the thing about Random Sundays: I have to be in a particular mood to write them, they’re kind of like stand-up with the smart mouth and the fast pacing, and I have not been in that mood for many weeks because of many different stresses. But yesterday, everything kind of came together and although I’m still up to my ass in alligators, I have a much better perspective. For one thing, I have remembered that while career, politics, health, and real estate are big things that can screw up my life, it’s the simple, everyday things that make that life worth living. So this is thank-god-for-small-pleasures Random Sunday, celebrating the little things that are the good parts, the coping parts, not the crying parts. There is no crying in Argh. Continue reading

Explain That Poll

So for all you writers out there, there’s a poll to the right on topics for the Explain That series on the Cherry Forums. I asked over there and the schedule so far, per request is:

January: Headhopping
February: Openings, plus a special Valentine’s Day GHH post*
March: Motif, Symbol and Metaphor
April: Theme

That leaves us with eight months to schedule and the following 12 topics to choose from: Continue reading

The Abyss and Me

This book is kicking my butt.

I realize that I’m the luckiest woman on the planet–hell, I have a job–and I am not discounting that, but with that disclaimer, I feel the need to whine. It really feels like the books get harder and harder to write, and that sucks the marrow out of your soul at 3AM as you stare at the ceiling and think about how if you died, nobody could be mad that you’re eight months past your deadline, plus a month past the deadline for the sequel. Okay, not your deadline, mine, but you get the drift. I am letting down the team here in a big, big way, and I can’t seem to find the key to finish this book. Key, hell, if I could find a machete to hack my way to the end, I’d take that. Continue reading