Exploiting You Again: Subtitle Help

I have a friend who needs some help. I know, I know, it sounds like it’s really for me and I’m trying to be discreet and say “I have this friend, you know, and I, I mean she needs . . .” but I really do have this friend who needs a subtitle. But she wants to be discreet, so you can’t know who she is. She’s a shy little thing. I told you it wasn’t me.

So here’s the deal: she’s working on a kind of anthology blog project, a collection of related short pieces of fiction in which the dogs in a small town called Shelby Creek talk about what their owners are doing. It’s called The Dogs of Shelby Creek, and she’d like a subtitle/tagline for the blog and possibly book title. Her ideas so far have been:

The Daily Kibble. Tails to Tell. All the News That’s Fit to Sniff. A Dog’s Eye View. Man is a dog’s idea of what God should be. (Holbrook Jackson) Shaggy Dog Tales. Going to the Dogs. Chasing Tales. A Bone to Pick. The Dog-Eared Page. Barking up the Wrong Tree. Hair of the Dog. Dog Days. It’s a Dog’s Life. Gimme Sheltie. A New Leash on Life. Release the Hounds. The Daily Bark. Sheer Terrier. Curs the Darkness. Schnauzer Chance.

I personally like Sheer Terrier and Curs the Darkness but as subtitles/taglines/whatever, I don’t think they’re going to work. The Daily Bark is also excellent, but that’s a blog title not a subtitle: It doesn’t explain what’s going on with the site. All the News That’s Fit To Sniff is also not bad, but that could be real dog site. Also not working: The Dogs of Shelby Creek: A Collection of Related Short Pieces of Fiction in Which the Dogs in a Small Town Called Shelby Creek Talk About What Their Owners Are Doing.

So it should be title-ish and it should tell people who don’t know what The Dogs of Shelby Creek is about what it’s about. I’ve been no help so . . . over to you all. This one is really tough.

90 thoughts on “Exploiting You Again: Subtitle Help

  1. It sounds like she already has the subtitle. I’d make the title “On Man” as in “On Man: The Dogs of Shelby Creek Speak”

  2. Tall Tails
    Sniffing Around in People’s Business
    A Tail of One City
    Word Around the Hydrant (or Toilet, whichever best equates to a water cooler)

    Hmmm…I’ll keep thinking.

  3. Shelby Creek Barker (this may only fit if the people of Shelby Creek are odd and you know the guy that used to yell ‘come look at the bearded lady’ was a circus barker…too obtuse?)

    Dogs Dish?
    Canine Chronicles (or Couriers)
    Marking trees and spreading tales
    They understand more than we think


  4. You’ve got Tail
    Tagline: Sniffing Out the Messages

    Wagging Tails of Shelby Creek
    Tagline: You Sniff and I’ll Bark

    Shelby Creek: Tales by the Tail
    Tagline: It’s a Dogs World

  5. The Dogs of Shelby Creek: Cautionary Tails about the Humans We Pooches Love to Lick

    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: Views from the Business End of the Leash

    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: Mutterings from the Canine Crowd about Our Human Companions

    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: We Know a Good Crotch When We Sniff One <—for snorting purposes only

    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: Foibles and Follies of the Unfurred

    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: The Alpha and Omega about Training Your Human

    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: The Inside Scoop about Furless Companions

  6. Sorry, I love title-ish things. A few more:

    TDoSC: Tales from the pack about our human companions

    TDoSC: Tales from the well-bred about their human companions

    TDoSC: Unguarded tales from the Pooch Patrol

    TDoSC: They Had Us at “Stay, Sit.”

    TDoSC: Inside Scoop from the Obedient


  7. The Dogs of Shelby Creek–the inside scoop on the latest poop.
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek–the nose knows.
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek–what your alpha never told you about living with humans.

  8. The Dogs of Shelby Creek
    where the canines are the whisperers

    Dog Days of Shelby Creek
    where tails wag the secrets

    Canine Whisperers of Shelby Creek
    where no human secret is sacred

  9. Scents and Sensibility
    Gossipmongrel (nod to flo) or gossiphound
    What They’re Really Thinking With Their Head Out the Window and Drool in the Breeze
    Hunting for Human News
    Nosey About Human Business
    Hot Stories, Cold Noses
    Bark First, Blog Second
    book title: Shelby Creek’s Gone to the Dogs

  10. Just happened by this site and had to play:
    The Tails of Shelby Creek: the first tell-all book by man’s best friend
    Shelby Creek Exclusive: Tails from the Dog’s Side
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek: Barkers Speak Out

    Good luck! 🙂

  11. Wow, these are great! Thank you all so much. Oh–it’s me, Patricia Gaffney, outing myself (I’m such a shy little thing) to say thanks, and that I expected no less: this blog attracts smarty-pantses like, like ants to a bowl of kibble.
    I’m going to print out all your responses and mull. What I have in mind is a blog, or rather a dlog, har, written by five or six dogs who live in this little town with their respective humans, and each entry will be one dog’s post on . . . whatever’s going on with the human. A slow, lazy tone, I think; not a lot of ADVENTURE in Shelby Creek. (Although, who knows.) Lots of photographs, and needless to say Jolene and Finney, my Lab/Golden mix and Jack Russell terrier, will be main characters. I see it as a sprawling, wide-open sort of soap opera about goings-on in a small town. The dogs’ voices will be important, but the real drama will probably come from the lives of the people.
    Anyway, thanks again, brilliant people. And by all means, if you think of any other tags, keep ’em coming!

    1. I feel particularly smart because when I read Jenny’s post I thought, “Wonder if it’s Pat Gaffney.”

      Possible Sub-Titles for Dogs of Shelby Creek

      Tongues and Tails are Wagging
      Pet Peeves
      People are Dog-Gone Funny.
      Are Humans Fur Real?
      Scents and Sensability
      On Common Scents

  12. Coming up with titles makes me miss Marley and R. Hope they’re safe and happy and their damn six months gone is up soon. Meep.

      1. Ditto! R is always good for a number of laughs while submitting titles, especially when he thinks them up while Marly is posting :)! Meep

        Sending FGBV’s to both.

  13. This is so fun to read. I suck at titles. (I suppose that is “bad programming” to say it, but it has been true to this point!) IfWhen I write a novel, I’m so coming to this group for help!

  14. Hope none are repeats … just going with what pops into my head:

    Spill/Spilling The Kibble (or Kibble ‘N Bits)
    Dishing The Kibble
    Talk Kibble
    Yelp The Kibble
    Wagging Tails
    Wagging Tongues
    Wag Their Tongues
    Wag Their Tongues With The Latest Dirt
    Dish The Dirt
    Bury The Bone
    Burying The Bone (or Kibble)

    Using: http://thesaurus.com/browse/gossip — And trying to figure out how to combined it for use with dogs.

  15. Catty At Heart
    Bite The Hands That Feed Them
    Live … From The Dog House
    From/In The Dog House (Again)
    Life In The/This Dog House
    A Dog’s Life
    (Life) In My Master’s House

    I think I should quit now.

  16. The Dogs of Shelby Creek. Raising a Leg at the Hydrant: A Doggie Spill All
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek. The Big Woof: An Insider’s View
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek. Blogging Daily: One Lazy Woof at a Time
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek. Lazy, Hazy Days of Dloggin: The Master is News
    The Dogs of Shelby Creek. Hard Nosed Big Hackled Bitches: All News, All the Time

  17. Before I even think to comment have you stopped linking the blog posts to facebook and twitter? I have mobile apps or both and I follow you and Crusie news but haven’t been seeing the blog update there.

    I’ll be back to comment when creativity strikes.

    1. I think Facebook feeds Twitter. Mollie set up the internet stuff and I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. I don’t tweet directly.

      1. I was just introduced to Ping.fm. It’s fabulous. I use it for the work social media. I post to Ping an it shows up on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Would show up elsewhere but those are the places I’ve linked. So easy!

      2. Facebook does feed the CrusieNews twitter stream. It’s rather annoying. I’m not on facebook by choice. Facebook postings tend to be more than the Twitter 140 characters so we get tweets like

        I just finished reading “The Fall of the House of Usher” by the light of my Christmas tree. It’s an overlooked… http://fb.me/BnYGolGr

        If there is no link in the facebook posting, then the link in the tweet goes to facebook. If there is a link in the facebook posting, the link in the tweet goes there. Without a facebook account, can’t read the update. I also cannot comment on the posting.

        Yours are the only facebook tweets that I will click on the link. You are not the only one who does this.

        For the Ping.fm person, I’d highly recommend taking a look at what your tweets and facebook updates look like when sent via ping. I know I’ve dropped people who forward their updates from 1 location. They are only putting out “information” and not being a part of the conversation.

        1. Keeping in mind that I do not do the internet stuff and so am terminally clueless here, does this mean you think Ping would be better? Would it be better not to link the FB status updates to Twitter? Because I can pretty much guarantee that my FB stuff is going to be completely unnecessary smart ass-ery plus announcements about PopD and the Gothic Book Club.

  18. Just to say these had me Rofloling, thank you. And I blogged Welcome to Temptation just a little bit today. Still my favourite contemporary romance of all time. And congrats on Bet Me getting into Top 100 romance novels ever.

  19. Inspiration!

    The Shelby Creek Newshounds.

    Btw Jenny – I checked, recent blog posts don’t seem to be on Facebook. The last two updates that are there are The Popcorn Dialogues reminder for Grosse Point Blank (so mad I missed PopD) and Wednesday’s status update.

  20. Oh I’m so happy. Brussel Sprout thanks for that info. Congrats Jenny. It’s well deserved and wonderful. I just reread Bet Me recently. Still loved it.

  21. try Dog Woes…..
    The Mysterious Humans of Shelby Creek by CD (canine detectives)
    The Savages of Shelby Creek by Daily Bark
    hope it helps,luck

  22. Again, thanks for all the great suggestions! As soon as I figure it out, I’ll get back to you and let you know what this maybe-blog will be called. You guys are amazing.

  23. OT: Christmas celebrations: Just heard that the women where my husband works get together for a secret Santa party and have done so for years (pot luck lunches, secret gift exchange, movie) and the guys have been so envious that this year they are having their own secret Santa party: beer, chips and they are watching The Big Lebowski. Isn’t that a perfect guy party.

  24. For what it’s worth, I don’t think that “dog” or “dogs” should be in the subtitle because it’s already in the main title. I think the subtitles that sound best (of what’s been offered) are the ones that omit repetitive words.


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