Welcome Back to Welcome to Temptation

The trade paperback of Welcome To Temptation is out today. I was going to have a lot of stuff here–trivia, Sophie’s lemonade recipe, movie quotes–but as we all know, it’s book tour month and I’m hiding under the bed.

But here’s the new cover:

In other news, I’ve been thinking about doing a quotes page on the website, like the IMDB. The problem is, there aren’t that many pithy quotes in my books. I tend to do blocks of dialogue. Blocks aren’t pithy. Still, I figure this is probably right down the Argh People Alley. Any suggestions for a quote page? The only one I can think of is Min’s crack about professional cheerleaders. That was a good one.

One in twenty books. Sigh.

Oh, and I’m signing books in Lexington tonight (Tuesday) at JoBeth at 7PM. Chances are I’ll find a lipstick by then.

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  1. Chances are I’ll find a lipstick by then.
    What, have we given up on the curling iron? And did you follow up on McB’s suggestion and check the microwave?

    The pithy quote problem, I venture to suggest, is already solved. With such a brave band of eager minions, I would say there’s no problem there at all.

    I would join in the fun, but my copy of Getting Rid of Bradley is in the guest room, where a guest would be annoyed if I wandered in, flipped on the light, and started searching through my bookshelves. There’s some part in the book where the heroine bemoans the fact that she can’t go upstairs and seduce the hero because she’d look foolish. Her sister responds something to the effect that rejection hasn’t killed men in similar situations. “In many cases this is, of course, regrettable.”

    (Is that pithy enough? Probably not, but it was a great line.)

    1. Merry, it’s been a year now, and every time I see one of your posts I still think, “Did I post that?” My mother has been calling me Merry since before I was born, and until you I’d never met anyone else who was called that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just thought I’d mention it.

      1. I’ll add another to the list for you, Meredith and Merry. My mother’s name is Meredythe and her mother and brother call her Merry all the time! Just wait, you’ll have a whole pile of people lining up to tell you about people they know called Merry now : )

    2. Sorry for the identity confusion, other Merry!

      My mother actually spells my name differently, but since it’s the same name she gave to my sister, and it’s also her name, and her mother’s name,* I think I’m entitled to change the dang spelling a bit.

      *Irish Catholics: good at birthin’ babies, bad at thinking up something new to call ’em.

  2. From Anyone But You- Alex, “Turgid he was the Russian, right?” I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that one in conversation but somehow, the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. I think Alex explaining why his brother went into gynecology is short enough to work on a quotes page, too. Some of the ones on imdb are pretty long.

    I know there have to be more but right now all I can think of is longer exchanges. It’s late and Anyone But You is the one I’ve reread most recently so that’s the one I can recall best.

  3. There’s an exchange in Bet Me where her ex says “Your cat got hair on my suit” and she says something like “You got polyester on my cat.” I busted out laughing, and realized that in fact I did like romantic comedy. (Yes, that book changed my whole outlook!)

  4. WtT has my favorite quote of yours from any book.

    “I want to be a Dempsey.”

    If you need it to be longer, then include the passage right before of like “Tuckers are brave, but Dempseys are smart.” *KONK!* [massive paraphrase]

    That scene also has several other good lines, like “That pitcher is trying to bag her limit of thirdbase players” and “I don’t think wounding her friends is helping her self-esteem” (That entire scene still makes me giggle insanely whenever I read it.)

    Bet Me: “You’re not my real mother. My mother would have let me have butter.”

    That’s all I can think of right now. I seem to remember some good lines from Faking It, but it’s too early and I’m at work.

  5. The one that comes instantly to mind is Treva’s line about fantasizing about deserted islands and Harrison Ford. “Wait a minute, why is Harrison here? If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t have to do all these sit-ups.” I don’t have the book at hand (just moved and everything is still in boxes), but perhaps that gives you enough to go on to find it?

  6. Seriously, your books are totally full of quotable lines. You’re just standing too close to see the forest for the trees — or the pithy in the prose, maybe?

  7. The books have some great lines, but some of my favorites are from the ‘conversations’ b/w Jenny & Bob on crusiemayer.com
    “How many people can I kill at a B&B?”
    “You can’t keep killing character. My readers get attached to them.” “Then why do you keep giving them names?”
    “Bob, sometimes people live after having sex.” “Not in the books I’ve written.”
    “If you must kill people, can’t you find a kinder way than having them be eaten by alligators?” “Well, we could have Lucy TALK them to death.”

    Seriously, I would love to meet Bob sometime.

    1. Oh no, you can see the core. It’s clearly not rotten. It’s the uneaten apples that have that frightening mystery to them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. From Welcome to Temptation: “You want sensitive and understanding, stick with the therapist.You want great, headbanging sex, get off the fucking phone and come with me.”

    “Dead woman are not romantic,’ Sophie said flatly.
    ‘Okay, she’s not dead,’ Phin said. ‘The bear ate her, and she came her brains out.”

    “I don’t seduce woman.” Phin shoved back his chair and stood up. “They fall into my open arms.”
    “Clumsy of them.”

    Agnes & The Hitman:
    โ€œHumor,โ€ Shane said. โ€œHar.”

    Violence is not the answer, Agnes.
    That depends on the question, Dr. Garvin.

    Agnes took off her glasses and turned up the heat under the raspberries, which she knew was courting disaster, but it was late and she was tired of playing nice with fruit.

    Do not be seduced by those big box come-ons full of complete sets of extraneous cook ware… I can do it all with my good heavy non-stick frying pan… If I could find a man that versatile and dependable I’d marry him.

    Kate frowned. โ€œNobody wants anyone like that. Itโ€™s like saying, โ€˜I donโ€™t want someone whoโ€™ll poke me in the eye with a sharp stick.โ€™ Forget what you donโ€™t want. What do you want?”

    He’s going to be all right.,” Kate said. “The Doctor said so.” “Dating you is like dating death,”Jake said. Kate looked exasperated.”Nobody had died.””Not yet.”

    “So have we got to the good stuff yet?” Jessie asked.
    “What good stuff?”
    “Great sense of humor. Equal rights for women. Terrific in bed. Loves you to the point of madness.”
    “Well, yes, of course.” Kate looked down at her list. “Did I mention successful?”
    “Several times.”

    Faking It:
    “If you can’t be a good example, then be a terrible warning.”
    โ€” Jennifer Crusie (Faking It)

    Also here is a website with Crusie quotes some of the ones above come from there…

    1. Ok, it’s kind of irking me that they’ve got a Bible verse attributed to Wild Ride. Yes, it’s in there, but I thought it was pretty obvious that she was quoting something else. I think the good example/terrible warning quote was attributed to someone else as well. If the website had the possibility to fix them, I’d be getting my books out to do so.

      1. Actually, the GE/HW thing was attributed in the book to one of the charactars. So the Jennifer Crusie is accurate, just not entirely right.

        1. Ah, you’re right. For whatever reason, I’d presumed it was someone else’s quote first (well, I know why I thought that: it’s the page in Faking it that has nothing but the quote and “Gwen Goodnight”, but I didn’t pay attention to the name along with the quote. So then I thought Gwen was quoting someone else when she said it).

          Since it’s an original Jenny quote, I’d definitely add that one to the list then, because I remember it vividly. That, and the whole doughnut/muffin rating (especially when Davey and Simon take one look at Nadine’s new boyfriend, and they both say, “Doughnut.”) ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. No. That “if you can’t be a good example, you’ll just have to be a horrible warning” line has been attributed to a number of people, but it definitely predates the book. It is not a Jenny Crusie original.

  9. I’m with Susan on this one. Include some Jenny & Bob quotes. They’re hysterical. I don’t see how you two managed to avoid killing each other. I figure the daily “Book done yet?” is grounds for homocide all by itself.

  10. Jenny. You know I love you. In case you didn’t, let me say this – I really do LOVE you.

    But why, why, why is there an apple core on the cover to Welcome to Temptation? And a Granny Smith at that. I do not find granny smiths tempting, ever. I acknowledge that this might not be so for others.

    This is THE book that spawned the Cherries. If the publishers wanted to go with fruit was a single red cherry not appealing enough?

    I understand that mileage might vary, I do. But again… CHERRIES? They were a dominant image in the book. Please explain. I’m confused.

    Any tempting Eve references don’t work for me. I look at that green apple (core – whatever) and all I feel is the tartness that generally makes my teeth hurt and repels me.

    So, it seems that I learnt today that my sweet tooth extends to images of fruit. Yet, I’m somewhat distressed – more so as I lost my first copy of WTT and pray frequently for its return into my life. It is obviously not going to incarnate on my bookshelf in this apple form. Ugh.

    I’m not trying to attack. I’m just having a visceral reaction. Bear with me, please?

    I’m going to go look at my cover of Bet Me and feel better.

    1. I love you, too, ST. I also love that apple. I think it’s hysterical that somebody ate the whole thing (not doing well resisting temptation) and I love the green.
      Also at this point, I see another cherry, I’m going to start throwing things, but that’s just fruit fatigue.

      1. So I should not wear my cherry covered sweatshirt, swimsuit or disney pin if I make it to another of your booksignings? Nuts. Oh, hey. Nuts.

        BTW. I tried to make the banana bread. Then I changed everything, slightly. I had 4 bananas, duck eggs, and greek yogurt on hand, so I improvised based on Andie’s recipe and it came out pretty tasty. I have to admit that chocolate chips ruin fruit/veg bread/cake for me so I had mini-raisins (aka currants) instead of mini-chocolate chips. Still, I liked it and so did my colleague to traded me fresh avocados and tomatoes for it.

      2. I adore the apple. It was the first of the new covers that I looked at and thought, “Hot damn, I can sell that.” The others I came around to– enthusiastically– but this one I needed no persuading on.

      3. Like, I said – it’s obviously a visual sweet tooth that I suffer from! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’m having fun imagining the headlines that will ensue from you throwing things at the Cherries who come dressed in Cherry regalia to signings.

        “Ohio author bombs Cherries” is my particular favourite.

        1. I would never attack the Cherries. That’s my tribe. The Cherries, the CherryBombs, the Argh People, the Poppers, just different families in the same tribe. We holiday with our cousins, the Betties.

  11. Lunchtime in the lab, so no book for instant reference…
    Agnes and the Hitman

    Why do you always hit them with the frying pan Agnes?
    [paraphrased– because that’s what’s to hand Dr. Garvin, if I were a gardener]
    it would be hedge clippers, think how bad that would be.

  12. My favorite quote of all time (except maybe “Bye, bye, boys, have fun storming the castle”) is from Agnes. “Humor, har.” Cracks me up every time. Don’t ask me why.

    From MAYBE THIS TIME, p 180.
    “So that offer of the kids or the seance wasn’t an offer at all. I took your offer as a contract, and a verbal contract is binding, you know.”
    “So is my foot up your ass.”

  13. You see? We love you and your books! I get to a point where I need a “Crusie” laugh and re-read them all….again….

  14. Cal looked around George to see his mother. “Oh. Wonderful.” He looked down at Min. “This is pretty much my fantasy. I finally make love to the woman of my dreams, and my mother shows up for the afterglow.”
    “Well,” Min said, trying to keep the comforter up. “It really isn’t a party until somebody brings the ice.”
    That favorite is from my husband, who mutters it occasionally, randomly. Especially the part about bringing the ice.

  15. Oh, hey, forgot to say I love the cover. But then, I love green apples. And like you, I think it’s funny that there’s only a core left.
    Our apple season has just started. A friend and I will go apple picking at an orchard in San Diego County next week. It’s an old gold rush town, lots of history, lots of great fruits and veges at Farmer’s Markets, and all the restaurants serve apple pie. Yum!

    1. Only the core left? That’s just about the point where I hand the remaining fruit to my sweetie who manages to finish off pretty much everything but the seeds and stem.

      1. “I love you, I love you, I love you so well
        If I had a peanut I’d give you the shell.

        I love you, I love you, I love you; what’s more,
        If I had an apple I’d give you the core.”

  16. It’s kind of long, but the exchange between Mae and Mitch in What the Lady Wants when he tells her about opening the west always makes me cackle. As does the part in Temptation when Sophie tells Phin she’ll be late to the door because she’ll be disarming Davy. And when Phin tells Davy pool is the closest thing he has to a religion. And when Sophie tells Davy she kicked Phin’s butt at pool by not wearing underwear. There are a lot more Crusie quotes that I love, but my brain is clouded by benadryl and I can’t think of them right now. Maybe after a nap…

  17. My brain isn’t working well enough this morning to come up with quotes but I LOVE the doughnuts and muffins analogy from Faking It

  18. Oh, and completely off topic…I am reading ‘What the Lady Wants’ and have noticed that the blurb says his name is Mitch Peabody, but in the book it’s Mitch Peatwick or Mitch Kincaid, no mention of Peabody so far. Is his name going to change at some stage or did the person writing the blurb just decide that Peabody sounded better?

    1. “What the Lady wants” REALLY should have been “What Maebelle Wants”. Because it’s all about Maebelle and all the people who want to please who they think she is.

      1. Jackie is right, ‘What MaeBelle Wants’ would have been a great title since it IS all about MaeBelle.
        As for the wrong name…fair enough ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. My daughter just read that book also and she complained about the name mix-up too! LOL! I told her that I find boo-boo’s quite often–guess the proof-readers have off days too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. My brain is a bit fried, but there was a line from Getting Rid of Bradley where he questions the dog joke and she says something like “whadaya want, that’s no lady; that’s my wife?”

    And where she dies her hair black, “like the absence of all light”

  20. oh, no! cherry overload? And I just bought a cherry scarf for a signing -you’re like our football team, we have to wear your colors!

    Pick something else then ๐Ÿ™‚ we love uniforms

    1. Oh, you can wear cherries. And I’ll still sport my earrings. Just don’t give me any more.
      Although being up to my ass in cherries is better than up to my butt in flamingos. I love flamingos but they reach saturation point a lot faster.

      1. lol now imagine if you would have written Agnes sooner, you could have more flamingos. ๐Ÿ™‚ And thank you :))))

  21. A couple of my favourites from Agnes and the Hitman (hope they’re not too long):

    ‘ “Okay, Shane,” Agnes said as Brenda’s clock donged midnight. “I got Joey in the kitchen, a cop in the front hall, a dead body in the basement, and you in my bedroom. Where do you want to start?” ‘

    ‘Angry welts on the face. Agnes and her hot raspberry sauce.
    ‘Blood underneath the dirty hair. Agnes and her frying pan.
    ‘Neck twisted and broken. Agnes and her unknown basement with no stairs.
    ‘Joey’s Little Agnes didn’t need protecting, but he might stay and put up some warning signs for unsuspecting intruders. Something like BEWARE THE COOK or AGNES KILLS.’

  22. scraping these out of my brain is kind of fun.
    The end of Bet Me, Liza gets called a fairy godmother, Cal asks, “Whatever happened to bibity bobby boo?”, and Min says, “That was Disney honey not a documentary.”

    And honestly, you could pretty much lift any 2-3 sentences from Faking It and rest assured you’d said something funny.

    1. Kat said:
      And honestly, you could pretty much lift any 2-3 sentences from Faking It and rest assured youโ€™d said something funny.

      Yep, too true. That’s probably one of the best reasons why it’s one of my very favorite books.

  23. OK. The one I had as a signature line in my email for awhile is from Manhunting.

    Jake, to Kate: Dating you is like dating death.

  24. One of my favorite quotes is from Faking It where she looks around the table and announces “I just realized I’ve had sex with everyone at this table except you” to her ex-husband’s new wife. Of course I am paraphrasing as I am work and can’t lay hands on the book. I just love that scene, and for some reason it makes me giggle every time I think about it.

  25. My two most favorite Crusie Quotes are from Bet Me (which is kind of weird because Fast Women is totally my favorite.)
    “Leap of faith, taken. Plan, still in the works. ”
    and also
    The only illogical thing you have to do is believe. After that you need brains.”

    1. Wow, I forgot about the second one….Silly Crusie saying brilliant things all the time. You know if we were all zombies, you’d be our undead leader ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. By the time I’m off this book tour, I will be undead.
        Actually, it’s been really great. I just stress about it. It’d be easier if I drank.

        1. which brings us to “you don’t??” but I always add booze to your baking recipes…is that not how we’re supposed to do it?

          btw speaking of baking and booze…I miss Bob. And your collaborations with Bob. And your banter with Bob. And your quotes about let-me-carry-that-bag-for-you Bob

          1. I can top that. I have a friend who is in his sixties who prefers to take my hand whenever we cross the street. He just feels a protective instinct. As if I couldn’t get away from a car faster than he could. Not that he’s in any way infirm, but let’s face it, I’m a dance teacher. I can cover a lot of ground very quickly.

    2. Oh, and “This fairy tale stuff is not for children.” That would be quoted better if my friend didn’t have my copy of Bet Me. Which reminds me, she needs to return it. (I’ll get it back – I have a key to her house.)

  26. Bet Me

    When he broke the kiss, she stayed close to him, not ready to let him go. “Was this because I insulted your mother?” she said, a little dazed. “Because I have lots of other horrible things to say about her.”

  27. reading through this quick list was great.

    and i think it proved that there are some good quote page material;)

  28. “Mother of the year, you are not.” Or something like that from Faking It when Gwen tells Eve to seduce the truth out of Simon. Faking It is FULL of quotable material.

    1. I know – it’ my fav! I feel like pulling out my book stash. I feel bad for all the other books, Bet Me is getting all the attention… what an attention hoosie.

  29. Apologies – that post made no sense. I realize that now, yet no delete button. As a side note, I have absolutely no objections to drinking.

    P.S. I was rewatching The Nanny and C.C. Babcock’s character is so Crusie!

  30. Hehehe I met Jenny. That was such fun. It was worth the long drive to Lexington (4+ hours.) Actually I spent some time with relatives as well. I brought my Aunt to the signing and she was also impressed with Jenny, naturally.
    The talk was great, the signing was great, the company was great. And afterwards I had chicken marsala at Johnny Carinos. It doesn’t get better than that.

  31. Finished MTT yesterday. I adore it. Even though I had a few nit-picky things about the ghosts, just me, you did fab!
    Meredith B, I did print off the banana bread recipe, slipped it inside the back cover, floor plans inside the front cover. Who ever checks this book out next is going to have extras, and be very grateful. Thanks for the idea.

  32. Happy Birthday, Jenny!! Per Lucy’s blog about age – y’all don’t yet know what old is – just wait…

    Now to the quotes page – I, personally, WOULD LOVE A QUOTES PAGE. What the he** are you thinking when you say that you don’t have any ‘pithy’ quotes – ARE YOU NUTS??? All your quotes are pithy, and fun, and thought-provoking, and fun, and resonate…

    Yes to a quotes page!!!

  33. I don’t have it in front of me, but in “Fast Women”, when the girls are dressed in black and about to “rescue” the dog, I love when he teases that if that if the police stop them, will they pretend they are art students? /.p0hhhjlloo

    1. The gibberish at the end of my post was my 3 year old, who hijacked the computer while I was getting her milk.

  34. My favorite Crusie quote (or maybe it was Krissy or Lucy??) was from the blog when you three were writing Dogs and Goddesses. You were talking about creating a commune in Oregon I think it was for women writers. One of you said we could call it Clitoris Oregon, then one of you said…..”Men would only be able to find it using GPS” I laughed about that for weeks…..doesn’t say much for the men I have been with that it resonates so with me.

  35. Ordered my new copy of Welcome to Temptation and it arrived today…..as did my sister who turned up with my old copy that has been missing for a year and a half. Sigh. still its good for royalties.

    Favourite Quote? ‘ Manhunting. ‘In the long run, I’m in terrible trouble’ she said from inside the refrigerator. ‘ In the short run, I’ll be okay as soon as that man puts his hands on me again’. ‘Go for the short run’ Nancy said. Always makes me laugh, especially the refrigerator!

  36. I’m constantly buying your books and then giving them to friends as gifts and then buying more and giving them away and buying more and…well, anyway, I don’t have my full collection in front of me at the moment.

    But some beloved Crusie-isms that spring to mind:

    From WELCOME TO TEMPTATION (my personal favorite):
    “Hi, I’m Phin Tucker and I’m inside you. I know how these things slip your mind.”

    From FAKING IT:
    “Gwen turned to look at Clea Lewis, lovely as a spring morning, if spring had been around forty-odd years but had taken really, really good care of itself.”

    There’s another line I love that I think might be in CRAZY FOR YOU (which I need to re-buy) where someone (Max, maybe?) says something “trying to sound like a man of the world but instead sounding like a third-grader trying to sound like a man of the world.”

    And now I must go to the bookstore and replenish my Crusie stash!


  37. I was getting nasty looks from the instructor; thanks for making the time pass quicker. I love this quote page, and as soon as I am home with my books, I will write down a whole bunch.

    One from the top of my head: “Eve ate the apple and her knowledge increased, But God loved dumb women so paradise ceased” – Gwen Goodnight. Her Work. (The sampler in Davy’s room in Faking It.)

  38. “About my heart. Don’t break it.” (Bet Me)

    “It’s like being nibbled to death by ducks. Ducks in letter sweaters.” (Crazy for You)

  39. It’s not a quote from one of Jenny’s books, but it sums up how I feel everytime I read a new book of hers: “That woman, she makes me hungry,” from “The Bell Maker” in Romancing the Stone.

    I scarfed down “Agnes and the Hitman” then “Wild Ride” this weekend. Now I can’t stop thinking about rasberry sauce and funnel cakes.


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