I’m Home

I’m home.

I’m home, I’m home, I’m home, I’m home.

Dear God, I’m HOME.

What I am not is coherent. Very tired. However it’s been forever since I put up a new post so here are random thoughts. Not Random Sunday random thoughts which are often semi-developed, these are just random thoughts. I’d skip this one if I were you.
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Milwaukee Tomorrow, Chicago Tonight

I’m in Chicago at this fabulous new eco-chic hotel, which makes it all the more unsettling that I didn’t notice the puppies had chewed the edge off my laptop case until I was in the hotel. Since that was the only classy (black leather) piece I had with me (the others were a big TJMaxx shopping bag and an extremely battered Vera Bradley roller case), I’m sure the very glossy young people at the front desk thought I was a bag lady. A well-chewed bag lady. SEP is coming by for an early dinner, and if she’s wearing the bubble shirt, I’m going to make her sit on this very nice modern couch so I can take a picture. I’d put her in the bathtub which is to die for, but I know Susan: that’s where she’ll draw the line. The drive up here wasn’t terrible although the traffic around Chicago was sort of dense which was a surprise because it was late Sunday afternoon. I’m trying to imagine rush hour. Which I will experience later this week. Bleah.

But mostly it was flat highway north through Indiana which was Ohio-boring (this is the kind of land I grew up in) until just north of Lancaster when suddenly there were hundreds of huge, gorgeous, white windmills, miles of them, like a giant birch forest. With seagull wings. Continue reading

And Another Year Bites the Dust

Today I am 61. (And thank you, everybody, for the early birthday wishes!) Sixty-one makes me the Esme of our triple Goddess (Krissie the Younger is Nanny Ogg and Lani the Infant is Magrat, for those of you who are Pratchett fans, too). Lani’s already lavished me with presents: a fabulous orange retro toaster, a gift certificate to Knitpicks, and putting new tires on the car. Plus she’s bringing home Chinese and cake. She is the best of all possible roommates. Krissie will chime in shortly and so will Mollie, and I’ll get to hear babble and coo from Callie and Emmy. And then we’ll watch Avanti for Popcorn Dialogues, and that’s one of my all time faves. It’s gonna be a good day.

But it’s also the day for “WTF happened to the time?” and “I can’t be sixty-one, I’m younger than freaking springtime” and “I have to lose this weight before I DIE.” Continue reading

Book Club: Maybe This Time

Cherry Forums is doing a reader’s book club for Maybe This Time, beginning Sept. 15 and running through the 22nd. I’ll be discussing things over there (it’s easier there with a different thread for each question) but here’s the Reader’s Guide so you know what we’ll be covering. You can ask your own questions, too. We’re very flexible over there.

Maybe This Time Reader’s Guide
With a big thank you to Eric Clapton, Cyndi Lauper, Jackson Browne, and everybody else who provided music for the MTT soundtrack because the question headings are from them.

1. Layla (Eric Clapton): Andie in 1982 was headstrong and impulsive; after all, she married North after knowing him for only a day. But as the book opens ten years later, she’s changed; as North says, when he fell in love with her in ’82, he heard the original “Layla;” when he sees her in ’92, he hears the acoustic version. How has she changed, and how does a month in the country change her ever more that the previous ten years? Why? Continue reading

Seriously, This Post Is Totally About You

It’s been a little hectic here, plus I’m not good with the PR thing so book tour month is always tense because I keep saying stupid things and losing my curling iron and forgetting my lipstick. (To everybody who came to the Cincy signing, I apologize for the lipless look I was sporting.) Seriously, I’m totally freaked out by book tours.

Which brings me to two weeks ago when we took the kids to Uno and let Light have three Mountain Dews which is the sugar equivalent of crack. Lani got stuck with her in the back seat for the half hour drive home during which Light never drew breath, never shut up, and paused only at random intervals to say, “Seriously, I’m totally going to puke.” That’s our little Miami Valley Girl. Continue reading

Dayton Tomorrow, Columbus Tonight

And we’re off. Starting the book tour at the Lennox Barnes and Noble in Columbus, Ohio tonight (found shoes, looking for jacket and curling iron), then to my old stomping grounds, Books and Co in Dayton (well, Beavercreek), Ohio tomorrow night. Both signings are at seven, and I’m going to talk about how Maybe This Time grew out of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. Or banana bread. I’ll figure it out in the car. For those of you who have somehow forgotten, here’s what the book looks like:
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