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There really is a blog about everything somewhere on the net. The newest one I love (found through Linda’s The Paper Collector blog) is Sequential Crush, a blog devoted to romance comic books.

There’s this post, which I first read as “Imprisoned by Fritz” which was disconcerting, but which turned out to be “Imprisoned by Frizz,” a hair tragedy:

And then there’s this gem:

I particularly liked the collection of advice columnist headers; they’d make such great blog banners:

I’m thinking of stealing this one and using it any time I feel the urge to overshare:

I haven’t even begun to explore this site, but I will. Kudos to Jacque Nodell and a lot of my gratitude, too. I’m going to have such a good time at her place.

20 thoughts on “Good Blog: Sequential Crush

  1. The ten things about boys I shall give to my 15 year old daughter. Who knows it might help. BTW Jenny, I love your blog – I learn about such different things that I would never know about if I didn’t read your blog

  2. boys. They are human beings after all.

    Hmph. That has yet to be determined.

    Merry [who’re you calling cynical? Moi?] the Realist

  3. I love good blogs that have links to other good blogs. That’s how I found my way to HW/SW and Jenny and Bob. And Pioneer Woman, Aunt Purl, or even discovered Hulu, etc. I would have never found them on my own. Which is scary when I think about it. Good blogs are worth sharing. Thanks Jenny!

  4. I’m so conflicted about the 10 Things page! Good advice! Bad advice! Sexist advice! Equality-based advice! Dating a “difficult” man advice! Argh!

  5. I’m feeling inadequate because I never blog about neat sites. I blog about pubic hair and fruit bat fellatio. In the giant stationary store of life, I am the cheap and flimsy white paper. But I can still cling to the ragged edges of my self-esteem by mocking the toilet paper.

    1. Fokker, I read your blog and I think it’s awesome. You’re the bright, shiny, sparkly paper that gets saved for very special occasions.

      1. Thank you so much Lilly! I am now upgrading myself to wrapping paper. I’m in a different section of the store, and I’ll never be in art supplies, but by golly I sparkle with bright colors. Where’s my bow? I’m on a horse.

  6. Re: good stuff you’ve found or reminded me of. Went to Jennifer Weiner’s booksigning in Pasadena last night. Thanks so much for pimping her tour, even if she couldn’t sign my ebook. She should do stand up comedy or something – she was hilarious. You should ask her about the guy in the white overalls. It was a fun evening.
    Plus, the cupcakes she brought were delicious. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cupcake that good (and that includes the blah $4 one I had from Magnolia in NYC).

  7. OT. In today’s Oregonian an article on the industrial design firm Ziba has a picture of the firm’s idea wall. It is basically the same as the collages Jenny does. Interesting that the collage has moved from it’s first beginning as art expression to idea development.


  8. Thank you so much Jennifer for the recognition! I love romance comics, and I hope through the blog I am able to peak people’s interest in the forgotten genre! Thanks for reading!!! 🙂

    1. Your site is wonderful, Jacque. I was thrilled to find it. Thanks for doing such a great job bringing those comics to light.


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