Anybody Out There A Mechanic?

So here’s the problem.
My heroine is driving down the road in a ’94 Toyota Camry. She knows that it needs looked at and that in particular if she stomps on the gas pedal hard, it’ll cough and sometimes stall, so she doesn’t do that. But then something in the scene makes her do that and the car dies completely. It’s towed into a shop where the mechanic is smart and honest and he tells her that he needs to find a part for it before he can fix it.
My questions are:

What’s wrong with the car?
What part does it need?
How long will it take to fix?

If you guys don’t have the answer, I’ll have to take my car into Toyota and get it fixed and ask there, which I should do anyway because it has a recall on it, but I have to write, so really, somebody? Help.

Penguin UK Gets Open-Minded

Penguin UK is, for a limited time, looking at unagented submissions:

People frequently ask us how to go about getting published. Our company policy is to not accept unsolicited manuscripts or synopses and we cannot enter into correspondence about unpublished work. However, for a limited three-month period from the beginning of August until the end of October 2010, we will be inviting submissions to be sent in electronically to the following address:

They’re asking for a cover note and synopsis in the body of the e-mail, not as attachments. Go to the bottom of this post for a cheat sheet for a short synopsis.

Go here and look at FAQ 11 for the details. I know nothing more about this, and I have never written for Penguin UK; however they are a very old and respected publisher, so I’m pretty comfortable putting this on Argh.