Linda Holmes: The Dowd Antidote

Since I ranted about Maureen Dowd, I’ll rave about the common sense of Linda Holmes on NPR, who points out that while people keep saying that romantic comedy is dead, it keeps right on ticking along anyway, and those bitching about how they don’t make ’em like they used to are missing an important point:

it’s wildly unfair to look back at the greatest successes in a genre’s entire history and ask why films to equal them are unusual. Yes, it’s very rare to get a movie as good as His Girl Friday or It Happened One Night in this day and age. But it was rare in that day and age, too. A movie like that is rare because it is good, and being good is hard, and successfully doing something hard is rare — always, in any era.

It’s a good short article that makes its arguments on common sense and logic and a definite lack of sneering at the genre. Two thumbs up for Linda Holmes.