Story Wonk Again

Lani Diane Rich/Lucy March is opening up her popular Storywonk classes again for a fall session. She’s got a session in both Discovery and Revision (Discovery is before you write the book, Revision is for after). For those of you planning on doing Nanowrimo this year, Lani recommends Discovery to help you fill that creative well to draw on throughout November. I think several people on Argh have taken the classes so any info you could fill in through the comments would probably be helpful.

The classes start in September
and end in mid-October. You can get more information at

Maybe This Time: The Tour

Yes, if there’s a book out, there must be a tour. It’s only seven cities because I’m a wimp–hey I did forty cities in one year once, I paid my dues–but they’re all good bookstores so I’m very happy. Oh, and don’t yell at me about these cities, SMP set them up (although I did refuse to get on a plane, so you can yell a little).

Tuesday, Sept. 7th 7:00 PM
1739 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43212

Wednesday, Sept. 8th 7:00 PM
350 E. Stroop Rd.
Dayton, OH 45429 Continue reading

Maybe This Time: Library Journal

Another bullet dodged. She said optimistically.

Library Journal:

“Andromeda Miller is finally ready to get over her ex-husband, North Archer, and marry again, when he asks her for one last favor. He’s been appointed guardian to two children and can’t seem to keep a nanny—the house the children inherited is supposedly haunted, and the children are, well, odd, causing nannies to flee. Andie agrees to live with the children and tutor them for one month to get them back on track to move in with North and return to school. She discovers that the children aren’t really all that strange, but the house may indeed be inhabited by several ghosts. There are other complications—a crazy, hostile housekeeper; a ghost-hunting TV reporter; and North’s still strong feelings for Andie.
VERDICT: Fans waiting for Crusie to return to her original style of sassy, witty romances after her collaborations with action writer Bob Mayer (Wild Ride) might be a little disappointed with this foray into the paranormal, but her sense of humor and knack for fun characters are all here.” [150,000-copy first printing.]—Rebecca Vnuk, Forest Park, IL

Hero Material

Okay, the commercial is hysterical, but the guy in real life, Isaiah Mustafa? Hot, funny, smart, capable of reinventing himself, hot, funny, smart, talks about his girlfriend, hot, funny, smart, confident enough to make fun of himself, hot, funny, smart, did I mention gorgeous? Also, great sense of humor. If I wrote him, nobody would believe him. Watch:

Also, I love Ellen Degeneres.

Now I just have to figure out how to use “I’m on a horse” in real life.

Maybe This Time: Romantic Times Review

Romantic Times knows romance, so I’m breathing a little easier about the romance being a major subplot in MTT instead of the center of the story. And thank you, Jill Smith.

Top Pick, ****1/2 HOT: “After six years without a solo project, Crusie roars back onto the scen with a marvelous new tale that inclueds her patented brand of humor and human foibles. Crusie takes lucky readers into a gothic and ghostly adventure set in 1992, filled with the offbeat and the wacky. Nevertheless, the emotions ring true as this indomitable heroine fights for the children–and second chances. Crusie is brilliant as always and this novel is well worth the wait.” Jill M. Smith

You know, I wouldn’t have labeled this hot. But what do I know. Thank you, Romantic Times.

Desk Set on #PopD Tonight

We’re doing Desk Set on Popcorn Dialogues tonight. I’m pretty sure this is a good one. Of course, I’ve said that before. I had no idea when we started this that so many otherwise good movies would fail so completely as romantic comedies. I love Bringing Up Baby, but it’s not a good romcom. I used to love The Lady Eve until I got a good look at the hero. I don’t like being so critical, but boy is it helping clarify my ideas on what makes a good romantic comedy work.

The only unqualified successes we’ve had so far have been It Happened One Night and His Girl Friday (the Popcorn Ratings Page has ratings for all seven; podcasts for all seven explaining how we got there are up under “Show Notes” for each movie) although Bringing Up Baby was so strong on comedy and writing that it ended up at four pops in spite of the very flawed romance. But I have high hopes for Hepburn/Tracy. For one thing, Tracy couldn’t play a dumb, meepy hero if he tried. For another, it really is romance-centered. And then there’s Katharine Hepburn. Really, fingers crossed. Continue reading

Those Damn Blues

So there’s this family in the new book and their last name is Blue, and their mother is nuts, so she named her three children Navy, Lavender, and Skye. Yes, I know, but when I did that I thought this was going to be a madcap mystery/farce. Then the damn book turned into a Crusie on me. But I’m keeping the Blues anyway. Then Navy got married and had a little girl and I named her Violet because her mother wasn’t insane and even though her mother-in-law was insisting on another Blue name, she figured Violet was a lovely real name and she liked it so, what the hell, make everybody happy. And now Vi is an important part of the book. So far, so good.

Except the hero’s name is Vince and there’s a dachshund named Veronica. Lotta V’s there. So, two questions: Continue reading

Meet Walter

So the new Trust Me On This Cover came back looking like this:

And I said, “Oh, dear god, not that pink. Walter would pee in that suitcase, that’s how much he’d hate it.” (Did I mention my Walter was a dachshund? But the dachshund-in-the-suitcase picture was too dark. Argh.)

So it’s going to be one of the ones below. I don’t know which one. I’ll probably be as surprised as you are in November, although I’m grateful to Bantam for working so hard on this and especially for letting me write Walter in. In living color, evidently. Continue reading