Gothic Interruption, Continued

So we’re talking about doing a Gothic romance seminar on Cherry Forms, reading a different book each month in a historical survey. For the purposes of this project, a Gothic romance is a novel that combines horror and romance, featuring an orphaned/isolated/innocent protagonist thrust into a dangerous and mysterious and possibly supernatural old house/wilderness with psycho-sexual overtones and at least one run through the darkness in a nightie.

The tentative list so far is:

1. Intro to Course, Mysteries of Udolpho, Radcliffe (1794)
2. Northanger Abbey, Austen (1818)
3. The Fall of the House of Usher, Poe (1839) [Link is to book of short stories that “Usher” appeared in.]
4. Jane Eyre, Bronte (1847)
5. The Turn of the Screw, James (1898)
6. The Circular Staircase, Rinehart (1908)
7. Rebecca, DuMaurier (1938)
8. Nine Coaches Waiting, Stewart (1958)
9. Mistress of Mellyn, Victoria Holt (1960)
10. [something from the 70s?]
11. Someone in the House, Michaels (1981)
12 [something from the 90s? Gaffney’s Lily was in 1996.]
13. [something from the 21st century?] Continue reading