We Interrupt This 12 Days for a Gothic Suggestion

So my life is a little hectic lately and I’m complete failing at the 12 days thing although I am gangbusters on getting the MTT promo together and working the Popcorn Dialogues (tomorrow night: Ninotchka, which Lani hasn’t seen and I’ve forgotten so that should be interesting) so when Molly and Jill reminded me that we’d talked about a survey of gothic romance, of course I said, “Hell yes, I’d love to do that.” Yes, like the PopD blog, only on Cherry Forums and on books not movies and run as a bookclub. This wouldn’t be an academic study of the gothic, although we’d end up doing some of that, it’d be an analysis from a reader/writer point of view: what makes the gothic powerful, what do readers respond to in it, how has it evolved as readership has changed, etc. Also, some side discussions about the marriage of romance and horror with nods to Buffy, because, that’s why. One book a month for a year. We’re still in discussions with the book club mods about all of this so it’s just a lets-put-on-a-show-in-the-barn project for right now, but the mods are pros and I think this is going to work out just fine.

This was my first pass at the reading list and here’s some good news: The first seven are available for free on Project Gutenberg, so many thanks to the very good people there: Continue reading