Lavender 7: That Scene in the Bar Analysis

So since I can’t sleep, let’s do a little work here.

1. The conflict is Liz vs Vince.
Except there are Molly interludes, but I can work with that.

2. Liz’s goal is to escape; everybody in town wants something from her and she just wants to sit and talk with Molly, the one person she trusts.
Vince’s goal is to burn off some time. Later on Liz finds out that he stops by the bar around closing to make sure Jill doesn’t need any help since her husband works a night shift and her dad is ill. He can see that there’s potential trouble in the back at Cash’s bachelor party, so he’s hanging around until closing, sees Liz, and decides she’s a good way to kill time.

Hmmm. Conflict problem. Vince does turf Molly, but Liz doesn’t seem to mind. Damn. How long have I been doing this and I STILL can’t get conflict right? Continue reading