Lavender 5: Anemone and Other Interruptions

So Anemone.

First, I apologize for getting to all your comments on the previous post so late because they were really good. We’re dealing with some stuff here, and I’m really angry, and it’s hard to write when you’re really angry, so maybe I’ll just funnel some of it into Anemone. She has issues. Let her be pissed for me.

So Anemone:

1. The Nemesis can’t be related to anybody in Birney. It’s a very small town and I’m already putting three murders there. It’s modeled roughly after the small town I live in where there hasn’t been a murder for decades if then. That is, I can’t find a record of a murder ever but the records only go back so far. So since I’m dumping three on them in one year, this one happens in Cincinnati which probably won’t even notice an extra death since the murder rate is three times the national average (yes, this is the stuff I look up). Continue reading