Lavender 4: Anemone

So here’s one of the good things/bad things about the Liz books. There are four of them and they’re all interconnected so that when they’re finished, if I’ve done my job right, they read as one big novel (probably around 300,000 words). But each 75,000 (approx) book has to be a complete novel, too, and I think a reader should be able to pick up any book of the four and be able to understand it without reading the previous book(s).

So that’s difficult. Continue reading

Lavender 3: Multitasking

Yeah, I let the day get away from me. I have to keep writing this book, but I have to get the stuff to New York to promote Maybe This Time because that’s gearing up and then there was some business stuff plus we’re still coming back from some bad stuff here and . . .

No Lavender blog yesterday. I’ll do one today. I just have to figure out a banana bread recipe, write an article on how to base a new book on an old classic, type up the MTT soundtrack, find my camera so I can take a picture of the MTT collage and . . . what was that other thing? Oh, right.

Write a book.

I know, I’m lucky to have a job. Shut up and type, Crusie.