Lavender 1: Regrouping

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Lavender’s Blue. It’s been hell here this week and today was not a whole lot better, but we’re getting it together which means I have to get really serious about getting this book done. Well, I’ve been serious all along but Trouble Ensued and then More Trouble Ensued and then . . . But now, Trouble is just going to have to play with itself because I have a book due in . . . eleven days. The book itself is in good shape, I just have to get my head back in it. Which means two things: soundtrack and collage.

The soundtrack took a big leap forward when I realized that most of it was going to be country. Liz, the heroine, has her own theme for this book, Terri Clark’s wonderful “Bigger Windows, Bluer Skies” and there’s some more Clark in there, too–“Easy on the Eyes” and “Three Mississippi,” and I’m pretty sure that Liz’s theme for the series is “No Fear,” but the artist I’m using most is Roseanne Cash. No surprise, I’m a longtime Roseanne Cash fan, for many reasons not the least being that she’s such a storyteller in her songwriting. Plus she did “Rules of Travel” which is on my list of Top Five Albums of all Time. For “Beautiful Pain” alone I’d love her. For Lavender, I’ve got “Burn Down This Town,” “Down on Love,” “God Is In the Roses,” and “Will You Remember Me?” There’s more but they’re iffy at the moment; those are ones I’m sure of, the ones I’ve written the scenes to already. Continue reading