Bat Country

We have a thing for bats here.

My first real run-in with a bat was when Mollie was about seven or eight. The room at the top of the stairs was hers and I had the bedroom at the bottom of the stairs (very small house), and in the middle of the night, I heard this godawful scream, and the very few maternal instincts I have propelled me out of bed to the bottom of the stairs where I caught her as she flung herself down them.

There’s a bat in my room!” she screamed. “It’s caught in the fan and it’s flapping!”

“No, honey, it’s just a piece of paper,” I said, patting her, and then the bat flew down the stairs. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Krissie

So Krissie came to stay the week and it was wonderful and then yesterday we had her party. This time we got a fabulous cake from the fancy bakery at Krogers, a gorgeous sponge cake with cream and fruit filling, iced on the side with cream and white chocolate shavings and topped with glazed and sugared fruit. It truly was a work of art and I meant to take a picture, but then we ate it.

HOWEVER, I did take pictures of the purse I made for Krissie, the Krissie Multiple Pursonality Order Bag, so called because it sorts out all of Krissie’s personalities: The Writer, the Reader, the Quilter, the Snacker, and the Wife-Daughter-Mother Personal Life . . . Person. Whatever.

I started with this sketch . . . Continue reading