The Kit Cake

Lani sent me the step by step pictures of Sweetness’s Kit cake. She used Wilton fondant because that’s what I had, and paste food coloring I think. She should really be doing this post but Lucy March evidently doesn’t do food how-tos, unlike Argh which will do anything because we are completely undisciplined, so here’s Lucy’s “How To Make A Kit Cake” in pictures:

1. Start by going to the Skelanimals site and basking in the glory there. Do not look at the toys, and no matter what, DO NOT LOOK AT THE CLOTHING. The stuff is irresistible. Instead look at the drawings. Select the one you want (Sweetness’s fave is Kit) and pull the design to your desktop. Needless to say, these designs are under copyright and you can’t reproduce them for sale or profit. But for one private birthday cake, I think you’re good. Especially if you looked at the toys or clothing and bought something. Where was I? Right, pick your skeleanimal and drag him to the desktop and then into a Word document where you can resize him to the size you want on the cake. Here’s Kit:

Yes, he’s small, that’s why you put him into a graphic program or word and resize him.

2. Print out two copies of him. Cut out one around the outer edge (all of Kit) and one of just the white interior pieces (the skull shape and the four leg bones). Do not cut out the little toes or the heart shape, you can fake those.

3. Mix the black food coloring into the fondant and knead until its evenly distributed. This takes awhile, but Lani did it, so you’ll have to ask her how that went. Then roll it out so it’s about 1/4″ thick, put the first cut-out (the whole Kit) on the fondant, and cut around it with a knife. Then peel off the paper and throw that away and peel away the extra fondant and you’ll have this:

4. Roll out some white fondant and cut out the skull. Cut out the eyeholes and the nose.

5. Put the skull shape and the leg bones onto the black piece. Shape little balls for the toes and add those. Take a small amount of fondant, mix in red food coloring, divide it into two little balls, flatten, join, and pinch the bottom to make a heart. Add that and your Kit is finished.

6. Bake your cake. We used two of Wilton’s layer cake pans and as I recall, it took three boxes of mix. Put parchment in the bottom of the pans so the layers will come out smooth on top. We used plain old canned icing because we were lazy, but any white icing works.

7. We added paper Skelanimals to the sides holding little signs. I took a screen grab from somewhere on the net, put it into Curio (you can do it in any graphics program) added the signs, and printed them out on thick photo paper. Then I cut them out with tabs on the bottom on I’d have something to stick into the cake:

8. Put your fondant animal on the top of the cake, stick the little animals with signs around the edges, and add cool black and white candles from Krogers.

9. Ta da!

Were I to do it again, I wouldn’t use canned icing, I’d make double the little paper stick-ons, and I’d try to do them in fondant instead of paper. But it worked out just fine for Sweetness, and that’s all that matters.

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  1. Now I’m tired from just reading how to do it. I’d say I’m a bad Mom for not going to all that trouble for my kid, but she requests Tollhouse Pie each year instead of cake, so I get off easy. No one ever expect you to decorate a pie.

    (Oh please don’t put up a post where you’ve decorated a pie… I’ve used a lot of energy getting my people used to low expectations…)

  2. I love it! I never would have considered using paper for the sign people. I would have immediately tried to do it in fondant. This is so much easier for a kid’s birthday. My kids would have wanted to eat the fondant people, they would have tasted horrible, and I would have felt mean for putting something on a cake that tastes horrible.

    Not that paper tastes good but at least my kids generally don’t want to eat it.

    *Generally*. You never know with my kids.

  3. It was a really, really great cake! A striking and memorable design.
    Computers for design purposes, and the use of sugarpaste (= fondant: definitions are not quite the same in AE and BE) have changed such a lot for cake decorators. I have been decorating cakes since about 1955, and believe me, it was much more difficult then. The small range of equipment and ingredients available really limited creativity in a specific way: dark, intense colours were virtually impossible to achieve, and pastels are not always what one wants. No sugarpaste, so cakes had to be covered in royal icing, for which you need skills akin to those of a professional plasterer, and bold cut-out designs could only be done using pastillage or run-outs. And one had to be pretty handy with the piping-bag and tips….
    By the way, you can get ready-made sugarpaste in black. Or at least, you can in the UK (Regal brand). The intense, dark colours are still a bit of an effort to do oneself with food-colouring, I find.

  4. LMAO on the Nice Bra one. I am SO using Dee as my avatar as soon as I can figure out how…

    Great cake.

  5. That’s a spectacular cake and most kids really don’t care if it’s a boxed cake and canned icing. Give them time to mature their tastebuds and then they’ll demand “from scratch”.

    I love watching Ace of Cakes and the Food Network cake challenges. If they ever made a cake for me, I’d spend hours looking at it and never want to cut into it for a taste. I’ve never worked with fondant and am now dying to try something with molding chocolate.

  6. Btw–Jenny, did you see that Felicia Day referenced your “protect the work” essay on twitter? There was some squeeage over that–Dr. Horrible meeting Crusie goodness. I keep trying to think of whether she could play any of your heroines in a movie version.

  7. lol I like ace of cakes also cause Duff loves to make a cake that somehow includes something that blows up.
    I didn’t read Random Sunday until today. Loved it. Lots of laughs. I, too, want an IPAD – dammit. Because of various screw-ups on the part of my co-workers I’m probably going to put in 102.5 hours this week. Maybe I’ll get one. See it’s a dilemma cause I should really spend the money on plumbing instead. My shower will only get lukewarm, has very little pressure & both it & my bathroom sink are draining slowly.
    Still, I can get clean. Ipad or better showers – big sigh…

    1. Hey! Definitely blame Lori. But I do think it goes with what Jenny has said before when discussing cover art.

  8. Ack, nevermind, @Dee Just figured it out. Let me know if you want instructions (it seems to be: set up account on, upload image, then ask a question that will answer itself as soon as you ask it)

    1. Thanks, Bethany! I’m older than you and have been out of the workforce for over 10 years, and, therefore, technically challanged. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. πŸ™‚

  9. I so want to make one! I think this calls for a Crusie themed cake contest. I call Agnes and the Hitman πŸ˜‰

  10. Hey, a couple of you were caught in the spam so I set you free.
    You go to a bad part of town, nobody can hear you comment.

  11. OH heck! I wanted Agnes! OK I’ll take Welcome to Temptation. I just finished listening again. I want to be Sophie!

    1. Yeah that’s why I jumped on it asap. It’s actually an idea that was brought up a while back on argh, so technically I’m stealing. Sorry Sarah S πŸ˜€ Altho if this were a true contest there’d probably have to be a couple of repeats πŸ˜‰

  12. OMG, I know this is not cake related but I think I just got the Sue Sylvester fascination. Was reading ‘Taking out the Garbage: How to protect your work and get your life’ and read this: “My top time-investment? Cheerleading advising”

  13. Just checking if my skelanimal came through. I want this on my birthday cake. I’ll have to send my hubby to the tutorial. (Yeah, right.)

    1. Yay Dee! Adorable. And you’re not technically challenge d. I stumbled at first until I thought of right clicking to see where those photos were kept and I’m supposedly kind of *in* “internet marketing” and “social media” as part of my job! (at least, that’s what I said at my review)

  14. Just checking to see if I got gravatar figured out. Stupid website thinks just because I’m in Japan, I want to read things in Japanese. Grrrr. One of these days, I’m going to have to get literate. Sigh.

  15. Yay! I am now functionally literate!!

    BTW, thanks tons for posting the step-by-step. I have a fondant recipe and 30 hours . . . I might give this a try (-:.

    1. Mona looking innocent again? Does this mean she’s been forgiven?

      I’m glad someone brought up the gravatar thing. I was wondering if the ones with avatars were part of some elite group, but didn’t want to ask in case it was a secret elite group that might hunt me down for asking. *whew*

  16. i’m re-reading Agnes and thought these posts were just good timing. thanks for good blog read to keep me going during the day – and of course, the excellent book to keep me company after the kidlets go to bed.

  17. I need my UK-US dictionary – what is white cake? I’m assuming it’s a plain sponge but please, please someone tell me for sure. Thank you.

    1. It’s plain cake made with egg whites. I think sponge is our angel food, so it’s not that. It’s like regular cake with no flavoring beyond a little vanilla. Wedding cake. Bland.

  18. Thank you for explaining. Here in the UK fruit cake is the usual wedding cake, and the top tier is traditionally kept, de-iced and kept for the christening of the first child. I, however, hate fruit cake, so had chocolate instead. Yum.

  19. I’m going to use this with different shapes and creatures for a friend’s bridal shower! What a great way to decorate at home πŸ™‚

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