Wild Ride: The Collage

The Wild Ride collage is missing a few details–I never did get the scans of the tarot cards in–but it’s 99% done. Mab had several placeholders, but Robin Tunney was the closest vibe, if she’d gain about twenty pounds and dye her hair red she’d probably even look like her. Bob picked Clive Owen for Ethan–he doesn’t do this, you understand, he just answers my questions and then does his own thing–but I always thought Ethan was Adam Baldwin-ish. I played fair, though, and put Owen on the collage. Almost all of these characters had several placeholders, the characters in the book are not these actors, except for one: Glenda was always Maddie from Burn Notice, for me, with a little less dithering and a lot more rage. Thank you, Sharon Gless.

So here’s the first pass, early in the first draft: Continue reading