Wild Ride: The Soundtrack

I need to take a better picture of the Wild Ride collage to put up here now that some of you have read it, so that won’t be today, but I did dig out the soundtrack. Some of these are referenced in the book and some were just playing in the background for some of the scenes. The main themes are mostly John Hiatt, especially the book’s love theme, “What Love Can Do.” I love how deceptively simple and unpolished that song is, and how it brims with happiness. That’s what I wanted the end of the book to feel like, when they’ve been through all that hell and made it out the other side (the ones that do make it, anyway) because they’ve learned what love can do. Great, great song. But I think Fun’s theme may really be the book’s theme, my favorite Pretender’s song, “Human” (ignoring the egregious grammatical error because the rest of the song is so good). Here’s the whole list: Continue reading