The Joy of Publishing

You may have noticed that in general I am very Zen about publishing. It’s a casino, it’s a crap shoot, you can’t care about it, all that matters is writing a good book. I know that’s true, after seventeen years in publishing, I know for an absolute fact that’s true. And yet the week a book comes out, I am still completely insane.

Part of it is that this time it’s been one problem after another. Bob isn’t listed as an author anywhere. ARGH. B&N had the wrong description and rating up. ARGH. Every review journal in the world lost their review copies. ARGH. SMP linked to the wrong short story, bookstores don’t have the book, Amazon isn’t shipping for a week . . .

Deep breath. Everything’s going to be fine. The book is gorgeous, the story is good, the reviews are strong, relax and breathe deep. Continue reading