Monday Ticker: 24084

News Flash: Mona has a new look. Go to to check out her summer style. And while you’re there, if you’re a good writer and want to be a better one, check out Lucy’s Story Wonk page. Discovery and revision classes are opening now for June, and she really is a terrific teacher.

And now back to my slacker-i-ness:

So not even close to my 10K goal but still some progress. In my defense, I revised a huge collage presentation for National, read my Rita books, researched diners, worked on the Lavender collage, did two month’s worth of laundry, watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, and spent Monday afternoon separating Lucy/Lani from some firefighters. No, really, she has pictures and she’s going to put them up Thursday, I believe.

The good news is that since I have to report them here, I did put on a burst of speed at the end of the week while trying to find tax documents that Mollie’s needed for weeks. So the whole Monday Ticker this is working. Sort of.

Onward and upward in that word count.

Addendum: That damn Lucy March is at just over 30,000 words, and she’s upstairs writing now. Perhaps if I try to catch up. Not that I’m competitive or anything but, you know, just as an incentive . . .