Argh Posts: A Poll

I am curious about the reading preferences of Argh People, so there’s a new poll up so I can get a feel for what’s working here and what isn’t. You can select as many answers as you want or none at all (I should probably have put in an “I hate all your posts” but then why is that person reading? so no). I’m just curious as to which kinds of posts you think we get too many of and which kinds you’d like to see more of. So . . . a poll!

Meanwhile, I’m writing Lavender. She’s still alive, so you know I haven’t gotten to the halfway point yet.

And in other news, I just sprained my ankle, so there’s either going to be a lot of I’m-stuck-on-the-chaise-so-I-think-I’ll-ramble posts or a long silence while Lani waits on me hand and foot. That Lucy March, she’s a keeper.