Fix the Pig: Third Day

We’re getting close to the end now. I need to go over (and over and over) the black Sharpie and decide if I want to add the lettering or not. I tried to keep this close to the drawing (which, by the way, was one inch to one square) and got off in several places which meant that I like the drawing better–she seems happier in the drawing–but overall, I’m good with this. I’ll be doing things to it from now until I hand it over in DC in July, but this is an Almost Done Pig:



I’m pretty sure Krissie will be able to find it on the baggage carousel now.

Last Pig Post.

80 thoughts on “Fix the Pig: Third Day

  1. Sooo cute! Can’t wait to see how Lani’s froggy bag turns out. Shades of Kermit or the Frog Prince?

  2. That’s adorable. Jenny, you’re going to put a lot of smiles on grumpy people’s faces when they see The Pig at the next airport luggage carousel.

  3. Well, Krissie will certainly be able to identify the thief who tries to steal the most adorable piece of luggage ever.

    What could you do with a basic black suitcase? Hypothetically.

  4. Thank you, thank you, and the Pig thanks you, too.

    Basic black, Rox? I’m thinking Hello, Zebra, but that’s just me. Anyone else want to brainstorm a basic black suitcase?

    Oooh, oooh, Hello Raccoon. Raccoons are gorgeous. Not that zebras aren’t.

  5. I am in complete awe. If you ever give up this writing biz you have a career in luggage design. I’d pay to have you do mine.

  6. That’s one chic little porker. I’m predicting Aigner will be getting some strange phone calls . . .

    Basic black, now, in a boxy shape. The Count springs to mind, with little counting bats on the back. My real fave, though, would be a border collie. You’d look like the bag was herding you along.

  7. Wonderfully cute and smile-provoking!

    Black, hmmm? Black cat looking at a silver moon? (I love black kitties) Or a siamese? Black could also riff off those wonderfully tacky “velvet” paintings. You could put Elvis on one. Or for ages, my mom had a black velvet painting of Panama City by moonlight. What would be very cool for a world traveller is to put one “night scene” (about postcard size) for every destination . . . of course, it would take ages to get done, but what a record of where one has been. What a conversation piece!

    A text piece might also be fun on black luggage. Just simply start listing where you’ve been and a quickie review of the place with a silver sharpie, and you’ll be able to find that bag after 10 or 12 trips, easily.

    Checkerboards go great with black, and would be useful if you need to entertain kids in the airport lounge. Hey . . . I think I might just do that!! Or any kind of board game, really. Parcheesi?

    Black is very versatile; and my goodness, it’s the hardest kind of luggage to find on the carousel, so it simply screams to be decorated.

  8. Micki should design luggage, I love all of those ideas. I’m already planning on moving to Japan if my writing career tanks, thanks to her. But black and white pigs are good, too. Bats. And Binky would work because the pale horse is pretty well known but talk about freaking people out at the airport. “Why yes, my suitcase does have a picture of Death’s horse on it. Is that a problem?”

    Checkerboards. I love checkerboards. And type. And bats. And . . .

    Hmmmm. Pandas. Panda would be easy.

  9. Well, now I couldn’t use the suitcase. I’d be afraid the luggage handlers would mess it up. Could you turn a square black suitcase into a round Oreo cookie? That was the first thing I thought of…may explain my physique. Or maybe a Holstein?

  10. You may have a new career, Jenny. When Krissie picks up her new artsy luggage at the airport I bet she’s going to be asked by everyone there who painted it and where could they go to get their boring Samsonite’s turned into one of a kind pieces of folk art. She could take orders for you. 😉

  11. When pigs fly . . . I love it!

    What did you finally use to fill in the white sections?

  12. Marcia, the white is just plain old Valspar primer from Lowe’s.
    And again, thank you all. Makes me feel good all over. Plus the pig is blushing.

  13. Too Cute! That really is excellent artwork. Too bad I have weird colors for suitcases. I can’t think of any animals that come in either eggplant purple or robin’s egg blue.

  14. Well now, ain’t that the cutest thing.

    Basic black ? A race winning flag – I was going to say “chequered” but then I realised that in the US it might be “checkered”. Tomayto, Tomahto.
    Or I’d like a constellation on it. One that looked as you’d see it at a certain point in the year.

  15. Oh WOW. That’s gorgeous! I hope you don’t add the letters, I think it would be too busy. It’s perfect the way it is. Damn, now I’m eyeing my own boring suitcase …

  16. Absolutely adorable! I love it! As for basic black, what about a black and white paisley? Although, the penguin sounds cute!

  17. Too fun! The wings make a charming touch on the back.

    I like raccoons – or, at least, pictures of them. I do NOT like them rummaging in my stuff when I’m outside.

    As for eggplant, I used to knit little caps (for babies) that were like the tops of fruit, which were very charming. Perhaps adding a green leafy top and stem to one corner would dress up an eggplant suitcase.

  18. OMG CUTE!

    Re black: How about a schnauzer? Or a dalmation, although schnauzers lend themselves to cariacture better.

    My God, that pig is perfect. I’d leave off the lettering, but it really is a cute idea. Hello Piggy! Darling. And she’s got a backside, too! Jenny, you really are a peach.

  19. Or a WESTIE. Those dogs are the absolute cutest. My next-door neighbor has a puppy who was actually on the cover of a magazine. I could get a photo and send it to you. That white primer is the bomb – I had no idea it would come out so white. You could do a Westie, no problem. Or a Jack Russel terrier!

    OR: Oh perfect! Rachel’s SPARKY. Now that is a dog that deserves to be emblazoned on a suitcase.

  20. This may be the Percocet talking, but you could also do a head shot of a harlequin Great Dane. Great bone structure, and such funny, quirky dogs.
    OK. I am suspending my own Internet privileges now.

  21. Fabulous, Jenny, just fabulous. Although I’m with the person who said she wouldn’t use it for fear it would get messed up…

    Great job!!!

  22. Jenny, you’re the bomb! The pig flies! Great job and thanks for sharing.

  23. That’s some swell pig.

    The only question I have is – what happens if it rains? Is the pig waterproof?

    (who lives outside DC and thinks about rain a lot these days. Especially since we’re on day 20 of the 40 day flood)

  24. That pig is absolutely porcine perfection! I love it!
    For a basic black suitcase, an adorable panda would be so unique, but cows are great, too. Many breeds of dogs would also be cute. If I had a black suitcase, I would want a Cocker Spaniel on it because I have two and they are both black and white. I’m biased.

  25. That is brilliant; an absolute delight. It’s a work of art, and I echo those who say they wouldn’t want to use it in case it got hurt…

  26. Well, I finally got back over here to see the finished product. I cannot tell you how much I adore her! And wings–the wings are the coup d’ grace! I am in awe–you are absolutely amazing! The Pig is now Perfect–I wouldn’t change a thing!

  27. Not only are you an incredibly talented writer, but you’re super crafty too! I didn’t think it was possible to adore you more! Is there anything you can’t do? 🙂

  28. Okay, now it’s going to my head. I’m thinking, “Painting pigs on luggage. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Forget this writing thing . . .”

    And yes, it’s waterproof. Permanent Sharpie and acrylic primer. And so far, I can’t scratch any of the primer off. Of course, I am not a baggage handler . . .

    BTW, the Pig will be making her debut at RWA National in DC. Well, I’ll wheel her through the lobby as I check in and Krissie will wheel her through as she checks out.

    And the Pig and I thank you for your support.

  29. (-: I’ve got ideas galore, but my problem is that I’m afraid to draw.

    However, the thing is, for the most part I’ve got cheapie luggage — the five pieces for $50 on sale sort of luggage. If I mess it up, who cares? They only last two or three trips, anyway. And even if I do a great job, who cares if the luggage handlers ruin it in a trip or two? Epherema. Transitory art. I’ll take a pic, and that’ll last forever. And as long as the luggage makes me smile for a few hours (during the very trying and stressful experience called travelling), it’s worth it!

    I am slightly more concerned about it being stolen, mostly because it’d be a pain in the butt to replace my clothes at my destination. But . . . has anyone here had their luggage actually stolen? I don’t think it happens that often, and I’d expect that a good quality plain bag would be stolen more quickly than a one-of-a-kind, very identifiable bag would.

    About Japan — I doubt your career will tank. But, if you should happen to have writer’s block, and want to get away from it all, and see what Japanese kids do in art classes, I’m your girl. (-:

  30. Double post; sorry. But wouldn’t it be great if we could create an International Fun Luggage movement? I shared this with my local teachers’ Yahoo group, and one lady offered to design my bag for me! If we could get even 5 percent of the world’s bags personalized, it would certainly make waiting at the luggage carousel a lot more fun.

    1. Micki, I love IFLM!!!! And, by the way, Amazon will ship Plasti Dip to Japan. Who knew???

      1. Yay! Plasti-Dip, here I come!

        (-: And there are so many great ideas here, I’m sure IFLM would work!

  31. You know, I think people would be less likely to steal luggage that stands out like that. What are you going to say if you get caught? “It looked just like my luggage and I made a mistake?”

    Micki, you can cover up almost any mistake with paint and marker. I say go for it.

  32. I wouldn’t be surprised if Krissie had complete strangers coming up to her and offering to buy the Pig. That happens to my mom when she carries one of her zany purses she collects.

  33. me- I recommend a purple dragon for you eggplant suitcase. And, who say sit has to be an animal? There’s lots of potential for that blue one!

    I wonder, how many black sharpie markers does it take to do one Pig Suitcase? Just curious how well they hold up.

  34. Micki – I second Jenny – GO FOR IT. Draw!!
    How many people have great ideas for books but never write them for fear of not being good enough? We all moan about the once-a-year Crusies but hey, at least we get something. Imagine if Jenny had never read Ralph Keyes and not put pen to paper?
    Let us pause to shudder at that thought……….
    – I’d not have met Min (Bet Me) who is my snappy humour fix when things are going badly.
    Bet Me is one of the first books (that wasn’t a text book) that I covered in plastic to protect it due to constant use. I think I did Welcome to Temptation but I lost my copy so I can’t remember.
    So, in short TRY. And yes, I am taking my own advice, I am working towards trying the thing I’ve been putting off.

  35. Oh, Jenny, could you please, please, take a picture of Krissie’s face when she sees this?

  36. When Lani and the girls get here, we’ll be doing three more suitcases, so there’ll be more this summer. No idea what they’ll be, but there’ll be more.

    Krissie’s already seen the suitcase, so the thrill is gone, Kira. Marcia, I kept scavenging for old ones in drawers, so I went through a lot of them, probably half a dozen, but I have no idea how much juice they had in them when I picked them up.

  37. Basic black suitcase — am I the only one that says nun to? Added bonus, people would give up their seats for you.

    FABULOUS PIG! Crusie, you’re a very funny genius.

  38. Thank you, Gaff. Do not tell Krissie about the nun idea. She’ll buy a black suitcase just so I can paint a nun on it.

  39. (-: Guess what? I’m afraid to write, too! But I’ll try to work on that. And I won’t wait for the Plasti-dip, either. (Lord knows, I’ve got about 12 or 13 suitcases in storage; plenty of practice material.) Thanks for the encouragement.

    I don’t think the luggage design/writing books thing has to be either/or. Aren’t there down spots, where a book idea isn’t working out, but a nun on the suitcase might? And vice-versa? (IDK . . . maybe one or the other project just sucks all the creativity out of one, and there simply isn’t space or time or raw creativity to do both.)

    My Ralph Keyes book is supposed to be coming this way even as we speak, and if it applies to fear of luggage as well as fear of writing, I may have a very productive summer!!

    (love this site. always inspirational!)

  40. Great suitcase, and a wealth of creative ideas everyone. What a hoot! Can’t wait to see the next ones.

  41. Not sure if someone has already suggested this…The next time Bob shows up take his luggage and give him an alligator wearing a beret. That would be priceless.

  42. Bob feels only slightly less protective of his luggage than he does his Jeep. The day I put a paint brush anywhere near it is the day he really does kill me with his little finger.

    I’m up to my eyebrows in copy edits and painting drywall–guests arrive in two weeks, many walls still left go–but I’ll put up a new post soon. Probably something about @#$%^&* copy edits.

  43. The day I put a paint brush anywhere near it is the day he really does kill me with his little finger.

    Due to the new evidence you have presented, I will respectfully retract my suggestion. If you die because of this The Argh People would come after me. Yes, my reasons are selfish. Sue me.

  44. When do you get into which airport ? I want to see the pig flying down the baggage claim ramp.

    Awesome pig !

  45. It would be worth the price of the fare from NZ to DC just to see that pig come through the hotel lobby. Absolutely AWESOME job, Jenny. And I’m loving these clever ideas coming through from everyone else. Now, if only I could persuade hubby (with whom I share a plain black suitcase–it’s easy to see we don’t travel often) to allow me to get a little creative… heh!

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