Fix the Pig: Fourth Day

You know, you could do this. Believe me, it wasn’t hard.

The graph from the pig (see below) was one square to one inch, and most suitcases are standard sizes, so it would probably be in proportion to your suitcase, although if you have pockets on the outside of the case, you may have to get creative and put the face on the upper pocket and the dress on the lower one.

If your case is light-colored, used a soft pencil to sketch in the outline; if it’s dark, get a white pencil. The best way to transfer a graph drawing is to first draw the graph squares on the thing you’re transferring the drawing to, which in this case would give you a checkerboard background which could be kind of snappy. Once the graph is on–one inch squares–then you match the lines on the graph drawing to the lines on the suitcase. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to vaguely resemble a pig. And this drawing is so simple, it’s mostly squashy circles anyway:

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