Fix the Pig: First Day

My pal Krissie has the ugliest suitcase on the planet, a dingy pink monstrosity she affectionately calls the Pig. We’ve travelled all over the world with the Pig, and while you’d think its ugliness would become more endearing, it remains the Embarrassment on the Baggage Carousel. Then I painted silver stars on my luggage and Krissie said, “Fix the Pig.” Except we were never together long enough for me to do it, so when she left this time, I handed her my silver star suitcase and said, “Leave the Pig. I can’t stand it anymore, I’m fixing it.”

So the Stars went to Vermont and the Pig stayed home:

Obviously, I’m sticking with the pig theme as I contemplate my fix.

There are strips of pink suede at the top and bottom, so I’m leaving them alone (pigskin). There’s also a front pocket that covers the front of the pig, so that’s going to be the head. That leaves me not much room for the ears, but gobs of room for that great wedge shaped nose and maybe the sly smile from the giant pig sculpture I found. But the real impact is going to come in its little piggy eyes.

The problems? The parts of the Pig that aren’t suede are slippery, tough plastic fabric that I don’t think is going to take paint well. I’m contemplating a bleach pen, but I’m going to start with white latex and see what happens. Then there’s the basic design itself. It has to be simple because this is a suitcase; nobody is going to be staring at this over a long period of time, contemplating it as art. So it has to be graphic yet lovable, simple yet clearly a pig. And it has to be something Krissie isn’t ashamed to take to the airport, although shame is not something Krissie has a passing acquaintance with so it’s really my artistic pride on the line here.

This isn’t going to be the Twelve Days of The Pig (I hope), but tune in tomorrow to see the next step. Things may slow down again once the beta reads for Wild Ride come back (yes, we have a truck draft!), but I am determined to Fix the Pig. No suitcase has defeated me yet.

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28 thoughts on “Fix the Pig: First Day

  1. Stars and now pigs–traveling with you guys must be–interesting, to say the least! At least Krissie can’t complain about someone else claiming her suitcase as theirs!! “Um, no ma’am–I’m pretty sure the pink suitcase with the giant mutant pig painted on it is mine!” LOL!

  2. As a former airline baggage agent, I must sing the praises of the pig, it’s rugged – and probably able to handle anything that handlers can dish out — also there is no chance of anyone picking that bag up at the airport by accident.

  3. You might be able to find something at one of those car supply shops that guys go to get obscure parts. As I have stood around waiting to leave, I’ve noticed paints and touch up supplies for vinyl, fiberglass and car enamel. Surely some of that would adhere.

    Then again we are talking about the pig.

  4. I’m with Hollygee, I think you could have some serious fun with other fabrics as the face parts. Even just using white muslin to paint on, then gluing those to the suitcase might be easier than getting the paint to stick to the nylon.

  5. I vote for going to your local arts and crafts store and picky the brains of the folks who work there. I have seen the stuff these creative people come up with–surely finding paint that will work on vinyl will be mere child’s play for them! Or, failing that, some kind of glue and fabric/vinyl that can be appliquéd onto the suitcase might work… And did anyone else notice that the large pig sculpture with babies is the same shade of pink as the suitcase….

  6. “picking”, I meant to say “picking the brains”, not “picky the brains”… Sheesh! (My weekend has been filled with moving a friend and his stuff to San Francisco and helping DD2 write a five page history paper–I think my brain has now been officially reduced to mush…)

  7. there is no pig more beautiful than Babe. Perhaps a charmingly embellished portrait of Babe on the suitcase?

  8. Okay, I know you’ll turn this into a fabulous traveling pig, but why did Krissie not get the orange set at TJ Maxx that she lusted after? It would match the D&G cover and everything!

    I went and looked at it, but it’s not my favorite shade of orange, so I passed.

    Can’t wait to see the new pig valise!

  9. I think you will be unhappy with latex on whatever plastic amalgum that is.
    I humbly suggest a wood burner. Brand that puppy. I mean piggy. Give it eyes, etc. High contrast your favorite piggy photo as a template, and have at it. 🙂

  10. I too was going to suggest some sort of applique/glue art. Can’t wait to see how you transform it. Much more original than trying a ribbon around the handle (which is all I’ve ever bothered with!)

  11. Pink suitcase — easy to find, nightmare to clean (-:. I just bought a cheapo set of turquoise luggage last August, and after one lil trip (well, half-way around the world, and with several stops and switches), it was filthy and disreputable. Terry Pratchett’s luggage would slink away from this grizzled and begrimed specimen (and its little brothers).

    (-: What *I* would like to know is what cleans colors like pink or turquoise on a suitcase?

    And I can’t wait to see what you do with the Pig. Wouldn’t it be cool if you came out with a line of luggage? I can see it . . . Fantastic Crusie Bags. With a big emphasis on the “fantasy” . . . .

    (-: Your star suitcase inspired me to draw stars on one of my suitcases, too, and while it is not show-stopping, it’s really rather heartwarming (and slightly easier to find on the carousel, which was the main point). So I’m glad you shared that!

  12. What an awesome idea. Having seen the “star” suitcase (and coveted it, I might add) I’m really keen to see what you do with Krissie’s Pig.

    Question: She does want the pig back, right?

  13. Dang. I should have left Ol’ Blue with you while the CBs were in Dayton. Blue could definitely do with a facelift. And no, I can’t do it myself because I lack any artistic ability whatsoever. I want a bag that is recognizable to me, not one that signals an alert with the FAA.

  14. I have no experience with Bedazzler, but I fear the baggage handlers on anything that sticks out.

    But I did have a near-purchase experience today with a Betsy Johnson duffel bag in quilted silver lame, so I am clearly a bedazzler kind of girl.

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