Fix the Pig: First Day

My pal Krissie has the ugliest suitcase on the planet, a dingy pink monstrosity she affectionately calls the Pig. We’ve travelled all over the world with the Pig, and while you’d think its ugliness would become more endearing, it remains the Embarrassment on the Baggage Carousel. Then I painted silver stars on my luggage and Krissie said, “Fix the Pig.” Except we were never together long enough for me to do it, so when she left this time, I handed her my silver star suitcase and said, “Leave the Pig. I can’t stand it anymore, I’m fixing it.”

So the Stars went to Vermont and the Pig stayed home:
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Here Be Dragons

So we were working on Wild Ride and Bob wrote a scene where Ethan gives Weaver, his soul-mate, a big stuffed dragon from Carl’s Whack-A-Mole booth. Since Bob had also created the Dragon roller coaster, I thought, “Huh, dragons,” and didn’t think any more about it. Until much later when I was writing a scene and dragons showed up again. That was three times. There’s a rule of three, folks, and when Bob’s Boys in the Basement and my Girls in the Basement both send up dragons, it’s time to pay attention. Continue reading