The Liz Danger Mysteries

And thank you all very much.

I didn’t want to use a color twice but I did anyway because I had such good covers for Blue Blood and Blue Suede Shoots. So Rosie just uses blue twice. And the last one had to be called Bet On Black for story purposes, so even though there were better black titles, that one had to stay.

But we have fifteen winners, some of which I did without you (sorry) but many of which came from Argh People:

1. Lavender’s Dead, Killer, Killer (Death of a bride named Lavender)
2. Rest in Pink (Teble) (Death of a beauty contest contestant)
3. Shrieking Violet (Death of a horticulturist)
4. Peaches and Screams (Death at a pie contest)
5. Blue Blood (Betsy) (Death of an heiress)
6. Silver Scream (Magdiego) (Death on a train)
7. Yellow Brick Roadkill (Tara) (Death of a community theater actress/The Wiz)
8. One in Vermillion (RfP) (Death of a painter)
9. Blood Curdling Green (Death at a costume party)
10. Blue Suede Shoots (Chrissy) (Death in a nightclub)
11. Six Feet Umber (Robbie) (Death in a funeral home)
12. Blush with Death (Kwana) (Death of a make-up artist)
13. Gold Dead Fingers (Death of a pianist whose fingers were insured)
14. Tan Little Corpses (Death at a spa)
15. Bet On Black (Death in a casino)

And then because I’m a sad, sad puppy, I became obsessed with doing the book covers. They will not stand up to a lot of attention because I really slapped them together, but I have to tell you, they were fun.

Like this one:

Yellow Small

Or here’s all fifteen on Rosie’s Book Page.

And now I must go back to work. But thank you all for playing along at home. You were an immense help.
Or immense enablers. Not sure which.

28 thoughts on “The Liz Danger Mysteries

  1. Hee! I’m so proud of “Six Feet Umber” being chosen! I knew there was no way I could top Yellow Brick Roadkill, though. 😉

  2. Showing my age but Ms. Jenny may remember Brenda Starr comics, very reminiscent..

  3. Okay, but where did you get all of the awesome retro graphics? Because they are excellent. And they make me happy…in a weird sort of way. But then, so does “Yelow Brick Roadkill.”

  4. Tan Little Corpses and Six Feet Umber are Brenda Starr comic covers. Blood Curdling Green and Gold Dead Fingers are Phantom Blondes. Most of the rest are miscellaneous crime comics, all from the Golden Age. I just slapped the titles, names, and Liz Danger Mystery tags right on top. If I ever do put up Rosie’s website, I’ll have to find all the people who drew, inked, and colored them and acknowledge them.

    As for where I found them: Google. Try “Brenda Starr,” “Phantom Blonde,” “crime comics,” “Golden Age Comics,” and anything else you can think of. It became an obsession after awhile, but it was amazing, too. Some really great art work in those.

  5. Okay, I went back and looked at the rest of the sources:

    Lavender’s Dead and One in Vermillion are Claire Voyant covers (talk about a great character name).

    Rest in Pink is a Blue Beetle cover.

    Shrieking Violet is a Phantom Lady cover (not to be confused with Phantom Blonde)

    Peaches and Screams and Silver Scream are Police Cases covers.

    Blue Blood is a Crime Reporter cover.

    Blush with Death is a True Crime cover.

    Yellow Brick Roadkill
    is a Murder Incorporated cover.

    Blue Suede Shoots is a Crimes by Women cover.

    Bet on Black is a Saint cover.

  6. That’s quite the pulpy collection of panty shots and helpless women. OMGthevictimization! theobjectification! thehorror!

  7. Yes, but Liz will save them.
    And look FABULOUS doing it.

    Also technically there’s only one panty shot, those hot pink ones. The babe in the trunk is flashing her slip.
    Anybody else remember slips? Those were the days.

  8. I love you, your books, and your process, but if you don’t cut this out, you know you’re going to wind up writing all the Liz Danger books in order to have snippets to use at each chapter break…

    uh oh.

  9. I’m in love with ROSIE’S BOOKS and all those beautiful colorful covers. I’m already having fantasies (good ones, traffic is traffic people) of having to explain that I’m “not that Rosie”. Believe it or not folks find their way to my blog looking for that O’Donnell chick. Can you imagine?

  10. Excellent! I’m always game for these games, if not particularly good at them. Thank goodness you & the AP are good at them. And, oh dear, I would probably read the pulp mysteries. My podcatcher is full of The Saint, The Whistler, The Shadow. Sigh. True. And these would be better! Girl Power and snark. Just Yay!

  11. You like me! You really like me!

    I’m so honored “Blue Suede Shoots” made the list. I screamed and had to explain to my children that nothing was wrong, that I was really, really tickled. It took a while to convince my 16 year old. He’s not used to such dramatics from his mother…

  12. Jenny said: “Also technically there’s only one panty shot, those hot pink ones.”

    Wow. Not only did you use my pink title, you let me model for the cover art too. I feel so honored. 🙂

  13. These are just too cool. I too would read the pulp fiction! Bring on the chapter blurbs.

  14. I’ve already started on the blurbs.

    Definitely enablers and I love the book page. Oh, whenever you finish this book the webpage for it is going to be sooo fun.

  15. Thanks for the laughs and fantasies. I needed them today. And yes I remember slips…I have one I particularly like and use. My girls don’t get it but that’s okay. They will just miss out on memories of having it tugged down and straightened…I so looked forward to doing that. Oh well…they did let me put curlers in their hair and then yank one or two hairs out when taking the curlers out…hmmm the gold ole days. LOL
    Take care!

  16. Wow! Those all sound like books I want to read. I just have one question. What is the origin of the title “Lavender’s Dead, Killer, Killer” I want to like it but I don’t know what it means. : (

  17. It’s from a very old song called, “Lavender’s Green, Dilly, Dilly.”
    I figure there are several in there that won’t be instant recognition or any recognition. Gold Dead Fingers if you’re not a James Bond fan. Tan Little Corpses if you’re not a classic mystery fan. Blood Curdling Green may not be recognizable since it’s more of a frequently used phrase than a pop culture reference. And Bet on Black is the same thing, but I need that one because of the plot of the real book, if I ever write it.

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