Seventy-Four New Names for Love

You should be very proud.

Adoramilt: Love of Milton
Adosweptation: Love for a man who not only sweeps you off your feet but also sweeps and vacs the house on his day off (Ro)
Affecthilation: Affection for annihilation, mystery readers and writers in particular (Wendy)
Affiction: Love for a great book idea
Affurmation: Love a cat purring in your lap, telling you the world is all right (McB)
Agapupe: Love of a puppy (Teble)
Amorable: So adorable you have to love it (me)
Angoragasm: Love of wearing an angora sweater on a lousy day when you’re sitting by the fire with a good book (Merry)
Armoure: Love of the White Knight come to rescue the damsel in distress (me)
Awwgasm: Passion for cute overload (Egads)

Bowlegged Over: Passion for someone’s prowess at the Reverse Cowgirl (RfP)
Busiwitched: Passion for a great new business idea (Brooke)

Cakche: Ache for cake (RfP)
Chaufferpreciation: Love a thirteen-year-old has for her hopelessly un-hip mother (Rox)
Chromeance: Love for a Harley (Tara)
Chocorgasm: Passion for chocolate that outweighs sex (Elyssa)
Cocoalicious: Warm love when you read a good book with your children in front of you (Micki)

Daddymania: Love a girl has for her relatively unembarrassing father
Disdainamor: Love a cat has for its person (Rox)
Doxporcophilia: Love of dachshunds and pigs together (Jenifer)
Duvetophelia: Love of snuggling under a duvet with your sweetheart when it’s awful outside (Tanya)

Enamorham: Love of hamsters (Wendy)
Enspamored: So in love that you send bad jokes to your loved one every day (RfP)
Erartica: Love of artists and their work (ubergeekmom)
Eviddeadoration: Love of B movies with Bruce Campbell in them
Exasperfection: Simultaneous love and exasperation for spouse (Susanna)

Feedacoldstarveafervor: Passion for following someone you love who has a cold around with chicken soup (Tara)
Felinefishophilia: Love of cats for their food (Susanna)
Felineophilia: Love of your cats (Susanna)
Fiberotica: Passion for yarn
Ficturbanalgia: Longing to return to RiverBend (LtL)
Fidolatry: Excessive love of your dog (Pat)
Fluffilia: Love of a fluffy cat (Talpianna)
Friendshop: Affection for someone you met at the mall (Reb)

Ganachesion: Passion for Dove Ice Cream
Gunndyinglove: Passion for Project Runway

Hobbylobsession: Love of craft stores.

Insanadoration: Love a dog has for its person (Rox)
Insanitiamor: Crazy love (Robena)

Jackiss: Love for your brother Jack, who you used to beat up
Jonamo: Love of Jon (Molly)

Kitkattachment: Love of candy bars

Libreated: Love of books (McB)
LOLCattachment: Love of website with captioned pictures of animals
Lovotion: Hopeless devoted love (DownUnderGal)

Macmania: Love of everything Macintosh
Manomania: Love of hands (Brooke)
Maternalmania: Passion stirred when one’s children laugh (Susanna)
Miltorable: Love for someone too cute to punish (RfP)

Parshill: Love of infomercials (RfP)
Passionaphiliac: Love of passion (Robena)
Petamour: Love of pets (Lou)
Philatelllyic: Love of TVs in postage-stamp size Philadelphia apartments (RfP)
Phyllios: Love of spanakopita, baklava, and anything else made with phyllo dough (ubergeekmom)
Playamor: Love of Spanish beaches (Libby)
Pol’Amour: Love of polar fleece
Punctuaffection: Love of punctuation or punctuality (Chrissy)
Puppiophileism: Adoration of Puppies
Purrversion: Love of two cats at once (Talpianna)

Renovarotica: Obsessive love of redecorating
Roxation: Appreciation of Rox (Molly)

Samoaphilia: Love of coconut-chocolate Girl Scout cookies (Teble)
Shelflove: Kind of love that might happen while browsing the erotica section of the library (RfT)
Shoegasm: Overwhelming love for a pair of shoes in a store window
Sisteragape: Love for your friends after spending a warm, wonderful afternoon with them (ubergeekmom)
Skigasam: Love of shushing down a mountain (Slave Driver)
S’mor-e: Love of chocolate and marshmallow melted on graham crackers (sung to the tune of “That’s S’mor-e)
Sunsation: Passion that rises when you know you’ll be working in the garden again soon (McB)

Techstacy: Passion for a particular piece of technology (Katy)
ThrowmyselfinfrontofacarifIhavetoness: Love a mother feels for her children (Rox)

Veronilove: Love for Veronica
Vinfatuation: Love you think you feel after three glasses of wine (Tara)
Vocamore: Passion for doing what you were born to do (Katy)

Wormeriffic: Love of earworms (Rox)

12 thoughts on “Seventy-Four New Names for Love

  1. They’re not my fans. They’re just Argh People. Our goal is to amuse each other. And argue. On slow days, we go to LOL cats.

    But they are EXTREMELY cool.

  2. I’ll have to print out the list and glue it inside my Sniglets book. I’m all about improving my vocabulary. My most favorite new word is “Fugly”. It has so many meanings… and last week I learned what a “side job” is.

  3. Fabulous to see the list. I love words, so I guess I’m a wordamour. I wanted to smack Simon Cowell last night on Idol. He commented that one of the singers wasn’t cool because he loves crosswords and considers himself a “word geek.”

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