The Liz Danger Mysteries

And thank you all very much.

I didn’t want to use a color twice but I did anyway because I had such good covers for Blue Blood and Blue Suede Shoots. So Rosie just uses blue twice. And the last one had to be called Bet On Black for story purposes, so even though there were better black titles, that one had to stay.

But we have fifteen winners, some of which I did without you (sorry) but many of which came from Argh People:

1. Lavender’s Dead, Killer, Killer (Death of a bride named Lavender)
2. Rest in Pink (Teble) (Death of a beauty contest contestant)
3. Shrieking Violet (Death of a horticulturist)
4. Peaches and Screams (Death at a pie contest)
5. Blue Blood (Betsy) (Death of an heiress)
6. Silver Scream (Magdiego) (Death on a train)
7. Yellow Brick Roadkill (Tara) (Death of a community theater actress/The Wiz)
8. One in Vermillion (RfP) (Death of a painter)
9. Blood Curdling Green (Death at a costume party)
10. Blue Suede Shoots (Chrissy) (Death in a nightclub)
11. Six Feet Umber (Robbie) (Death in a funeral home)
12. Blush with Death (Kwana) (Death of a make-up artist)
13. Gold Dead Fingers (Death of a pianist whose fingers were insured)
14. Tan Little Corpses (Death at a spa)
15. Bet On Black (Death in a casino)

And then because I’m a sad, sad puppy, I became obsessed with doing the book covers. They will not stand up to a lot of attention because I really slapped them together, but I have to tell you, they were fun.

Like this one:

Yellow Small

Or here’s all fifteen on Rosie’s Book Page.

And now I must go back to work. But thank you all for playing along at home. You were an immense help.
Or immense enablers. Not sure which.