Seventy-Four New Names for Love

You should be very proud.

Adoramilt: Love of Milton
Adosweptation: Love for a man who not only sweeps you off your feet but also sweeps and vacs the house on his day off (Ro)
Affecthilation: Affection for annihilation, mystery readers and writers in particular (Wendy)
Affiction: Love for a great book idea
Affurmation: Love a cat purring in your lap, telling you the world is all right (McB)
Agapupe: Love of a puppy (Teble)
Amorable: So adorable you have to love it (me)
Angoragasm: Love of wearing an angora sweater on a lousy day when you’re sitting by the fire with a good book (Merry)
Armoure: Love of the White Knight come to rescue the damsel in distress (me)
Awwgasm: Passion for cute overload (Egads)

Bowlegged Over: Passion for someone’s prowess at the Reverse Cowgirl (RfP)
Busiwitched: Passion for a great new business idea (Brooke)

Cakche: Ache for cake (RfP)
Chaufferpreciation: Love a thirteen-year-old has for her hopelessly un-hip mother (Rox)
Chromeance: Love for a Harley (Tara)
Chocorgasm: Passion for chocolate that outweighs sex (Elyssa)
Cocoalicious: Warm love when you read a good book with your children in front of you (Micki)

Daddymania: Love a girl has for her relatively unembarrassing father
Disdainamor: Love a cat has for its person (Rox)
Doxporcophilia: Love of dachshunds and pigs together (Jenifer)
Duvetophelia: Love of snuggling under a duvet with your sweetheart when it’s awful outside (Tanya)

Enamorham: Love of hamsters (Wendy)
Enspamored: So in love that you send bad jokes to your loved one every day (RfP)
Erartica: Love of artists and their work (ubergeekmom)
Eviddeadoration: Love of B movies with Bruce Campbell in them
Exasperfection: Simultaneous love and exasperation for spouse (Susanna)

Feedacoldstarveafervor: Passion for following someone you love who has a cold around with chicken soup (Tara)
Felinefishophilia: Love of cats for their food (Susanna)
Felineophilia: Love of your cats (Susanna)
Fiberotica: Passion for yarn
Ficturbanalgia: Longing to return to RiverBend (LtL)
Fidolatry: Excessive love of your dog (Pat)
Fluffilia: Love of a fluffy cat (Talpianna)
Friendshop: Affection for someone you met at the mall (Reb)

Ganachesion: Passion for Dove Ice Cream
Gunndyinglove: Passion for Project Runway

Hobbylobsession: Love of craft stores.

Insanadoration: Love a dog has for its person (Rox)
Insanitiamor: Crazy love (Robena)

Jackiss: Love for your brother Jack, who you used to beat up
Jonamo: Love of Jon (Molly)

Kitkattachment: Love of candy bars

Libreated: Love of books (McB)
LOLCattachment: Love of website with captioned pictures of animals
Lovotion: Hopeless devoted love (DownUnderGal)

Macmania: Love of everything Macintosh
Manomania: Love of hands (Brooke)
Maternalmania: Passion stirred when one’s children laugh (Susanna)
Miltorable: Love for someone too cute to punish (RfP)

Parshill: Love of infomercials (RfP)
Passionaphiliac: Love of passion (Robena)
Petamour: Love of pets (Lou)
Philatelllyic: Love of TVs in postage-stamp size Philadelphia apartments (RfP)
Phyllios: Love of spanakopita, baklava, and anything else made with phyllo dough (ubergeekmom)
Playamor: Love of Spanish beaches (Libby)
Pol’Amour: Love of polar fleece
Punctuaffection: Love of punctuation or punctuality (Chrissy)
Puppiophileism: Adoration of Puppies
Purrversion: Love of two cats at once (Talpianna)

Renovarotica: Obsessive love of redecorating
Roxation: Appreciation of Rox (Molly)

Samoaphilia: Love of coconut-chocolate Girl Scout cookies (Teble)
Shelflove: Kind of love that might happen while browsing the erotica section of the library (RfT)
Shoegasm: Overwhelming love for a pair of shoes in a store window
Sisteragape: Love for your friends after spending a warm, wonderful afternoon with them (ubergeekmom)
Skigasam: Love of shushing down a mountain (Slave Driver)
S’mor-e: Love of chocolate and marshmallow melted on graham crackers (sung to the tune of “That’s S’mor-e)
Sunsation: Passion that rises when you know you’ll be working in the garden again soon (McB)

Techstacy: Passion for a particular piece of technology (Katy)
ThrowmyselfinfrontofacarifIhavetoness: Love a mother feels for her children (Rox)

Veronilove: Love for Veronica
Vinfatuation: Love you think you feel after three glasses of wine (Tara)
Vocamore: Passion for doing what you were born to do (Katy)

Wormeriffic: Love of earworms (Rox)