Wolfie IS Fredric March

We’re trying to get a complete first draft of Dogs and Goddesses done by Monday, and I think we’ll make it. But it means I’m going to be a lousy blogger until then. In the meantime, here are Wolfie and Veronica pictures.

I think Wolfie’s got some 40’s movie star thing going on . . .




Same nose, anyway.

23 thoughts on “Wolfie IS Fredric March

  1. (-: Too funny! Those dogs are gorgeous, and you find the best movie stills . . . .

    Happy New Year!

  2. ‘I married a witch’ was on late night TV here in the UK over Christmas, and yes, it was dated, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy days. And you have a houseful of fun. Only good times ahead?
    LOL Ray-Anne

  3. This is wonderful. Veronica is such an elegant lady, and Wolfie has the dark, silent man, “Don’t mess with me, Babe,” look going on.
    Hope you meet your writing goal.

  4. I see Wolfie as more of a David Niven, actually. The world needs another David Niven. Even in dachshund form. Especially in dachshund form.

  5. I had to check IMDB to remember “I Married a Witch”. I should have checked the comments first. Have a productive week and a happy New Year.

  6. So, Veronica goes for younger men? Was Frederic March a chew the scenery kind of actor? /;+)))

    I’ve been hearing about Getting Rid of Bradley being out in hardback, so, yesterday I went to Borders and used one of my gift cards. GRoB was part of my haul. Of course, I had to start reading it immediately. I don’t know what it is about hardback, it has some mystical power or something. I feel like it’s almost a different book — I’m noticing stuff I never noticed before! For the first time it registered that the Zack in my head looks nothing like the Zack you describe. Why did I never notice that???

    Still loving it. Good writing! (in both senses)

  7. Wolfie is eight. Veronica is a year and a half.
    But she appreciates his maturity. And the fact that he doesn’t chew on her ears the way Milton does.

    GROB is out? I’ve been buried so deep in D&G I didn’t realize. It’s just the hc reprint of the pb reprint I rewrote, so it’s the same as the pb reprint although different from the pb original.

    Back to D&G.

  8. Well, hell. It totally ate my answer.

    The condensed version – for some reason I was thinking Milton, not Wolfie. I’m an idiot.

    On GRoB, yes, it’s been out at least a week or so, and the CBs have been buying in our usual rabid fashion. It’s a cute litte HB, kinda reminds me of some smallish classics series that I’ve seen from way back when.

    It may all be the same but, for some reason, I’m noticing things I missed before in the *mubledy-mumble* times I read it. /;+)

  9. I just finished reading Faking It last night and fell in love with “Steve” (and Ford for that matter.) Now I’m off to find the rest of your backlist that I don’t yet have on my bookshelf and place some orders for more holiday reading in the sun. There really is something special about maniacal laughter echoing across the beach on a hot summer’s day, don’t you think 😉

    All the best to you all on D&G!

  10. Re GROB, Jenny, I was wondering what you thought of the cover. It’s cute and simple. Just a stack of red suitcases on a cream background. I think they should have put the dogs on the cover, but that’s jmo. And, btw, I’m one of those “dead dog” people.

  11. I don’t like the cover. The colors are muddy, the title font looks likt it’s a kid’s book, those are women’s suitcases, not men’s, and none of it evoked what the book is about. Yes I told them that. They ignored me. Some publishers do that.

    However, I have a cover that’s much worse. Stay tuned.

  12. There is a book on Amazon called Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie going for 28.95. It’s a paperback. This woman must be a genius to have a paperback going for 28.95 plus shipping.

  13. Yeah, that is an awful cover. I just downloaded the trial version of Scrivner. I’m not sure if I’m in love or intimidated. Actually I think I’m both.

  14. Totally off topic – I don’t know if you’re interested Jenny, but I just found out that the soundtrack to the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling” is available on iTunes! – I know it’s a little sad how erxcited I am by this 😀

  15. Ah, but as someone who bought “Trust me on this” a few years back and read it enough that it helped when I busted out out of my rut and moved from the East coast to the Left, just to shake things up, I can say that book is well worth the $28.95. It’s a heck of a story with a life lesson that goes down easy.

    Also enjoying the dog/classic film star juxtaposition.

  16. On the UK site, it’s going for between £33 and £54 (roughly $60 – 100). Maybe next Christmas…

  17. Ick, what were they thinking with the hardback GROB cover? Doesn’t match the book at all. They should have listened to you. Actually, the paperback reprint cover didn’t fit the book either.

    Veronica and Wolfie look so adorable together!

  18. And Trust Me on This is really hard to find. I keep hoping that it, too, will be reissued (I was scarred by paying some slightly less exorbitant price for Strange Bedpersons, only to have it reissued less than a year later).

    Yep, despite having read all the in-print Crusie’s MANY times, there are still some of the out-of-print ones I’ve missed. It’s reassuring to know that there are still some pleasures to look forward to…

    Including D&G – how exciting to be so close to a first draft! I know that lots more happens in the re-write, but still, it’s an excellent sign for the final product ending up in my hot little hands.

    My local independent bookseller (Anderson’s, in Naperville,IL) didn’t have the new HC of GRoB. I bought Laurie R. King’s Touchstone instead.

  19. I found Trust Me on This on ebay a couple of years ago. Got The Cinderella Deal, Anyone But You, and Sizzle there too. abebooks.com is another good place for out of print books.

  20. Inter-Library Loans are a good bet if you can live with reading books without owning them. I can request books from across the UK for about 8 quid, or 25p if they’re local. When you’re looking at £30-40 for a second hand book its a cost effective strategy for the terminally curious.

  21. I just found Sizzle for 2 pound 49 on Amazon. Clearly I am one of the terminially curious. I’m not expecting much – its just completist tendencies running my basket again. I’ll be straight back on the run of Mira editions afterwards, and dreaming of Cinderella Deal/Trust Me On This reissues.

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