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  1. He really is adorable and likely a good role model for you. Work, then nap.
    2008 is the year off the road, right? Lots of good, effortless writing, lots of quality puppy time and everything you desire. That’s my wish for you.

  2. I spent a lovely Christmas day in front of a roaring real fire here in the UK reading ‘Agnes and the Hitman’ and listening to music in 30 minute slots. Bliss. The food and wine/fizz were the extras.
    Thank you for helping me spend a special day. I loved the book. More please in 2008.
    Milton can help. And his pals.

  3. Yes, thank you for this blog and for the writing workshop. They were both lovely gifts throughout 2007.

    Wishing you a very happy and productive 2008. (The “productive” part of the wish is not entirely self-interested–good luck with the pursuit of your Ph.D. as well as your other writing projects.)

    (And about Milton, I’m a little worried. I’ve never known a dachshund to prefer a hard surface to a soft one for napping. The ones I’ve had have always been more Princess and and the Pea types.)

  4. My theory is that since the laptop is warm, Milton thinks it’s just a flat dog I spend all my time with and he’s trying to dominate it.

  5. My theory is he sees you spend all your time with the laptop and he loves you and wants to get close to you … and it’s warm.
    Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Hope 2008 is spectacular.

  6. Jenny, so glad you had a lovely celebration. I seem to have adopted Milton’s motto and seem to need an awful lot of naps lately. Never knew the holidays could be so wearying 🙂

    All the best for a truly wonderful 2008! (and hugs for the menagerie too)

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Jenny, thanks for all the blogs this year, the conference, and the pet pics!

  8. So glad you had a lovely Christmas, Jenny. May 2008 bring you everything you want – and bring us more of your books.

    A glorious New Year to all!!

    (Milton is soooo adorable – Tinker and Bowie say Happy New Year to Milton, Veronica, Wolfie, Lucy, and Annie!)

  9. How does Milton lay on the keyboard without depressing the keys and making the computer make those protesting squeals that always happen when I accidentally hold down keys too long?

    LOL – my siamese cat is much too dignified to be cute & curl up on the laptop. But when I am working, she sits flush up against the fan side so the heat will warm her toes. Coincidentally, it allows her to block part of my screen so I can’t *quite* see what I’m doing.

    It’s also her way of reminding me that she is Starving To Death, and I am a slacker human for not refreshing her bowl NOW.

    I’m glad your work is going so well and look forward to all the treats that will be coming readers’ (MY) way in 2008. Have a Happy New Year!

  10. Awww, Milton!

    One of my cousins always says if he had a superpower, he would like it to be the ability to sleep like a dog. “Man, I’m tired. I think I’ll have a nap. Oooh, here’s a pile of rocks and pointy cardboard boxes! Perfect!” *flop* *snore*

    Really, that laptop looks pretty comfy.

    Happy 2008!

  11. The second best thing about Milton is that at this distance is that he can’t make even me sneeze. The first best thing is of course his adorable loveliness.

  12. My cats like to curl up on the desk, under the lamp. I’ve got a flat screen, and the keyboard and mouse are on a pull-out shelf, so they aren’t exactly spoiled for choice. I just have to make sure that they are really asleep and not nibbling at the cables…

  13. I have to agree that Milton is probably trying to snag some attention away from the “flat dog.” It seems to drive my cat crazy when I’m at the computer. She’ll do her best to distract me, standing in front of the monitor, walking on the keyboard, etc.

  14. I wanted to suggest that you watch some episodes of The Dog Whisperer. Have you seen/heard of this show? Anyway after watching a marathon of these show, I’ve come to the conclusion that his own dogs are lemmings and have no personality. So as long as you don’t mind Milton eating blankets and sleeping on your computer, this is worthless advice. BTW I love your dogs and esp. your cat.

  15. Happy holidays! Man, that dog LOVES that computer! The heat thing makes a lot of sense. At least Milton is not trying to dominate the toaster or anything (-:.

    Thank you for the wonderful books this year, and the lovely blogs. I’ve learned so much from you!

    May your new year be just what you need it to be!

  16. “Mud seems to slide off Milton but Veronica’s a mess”.

    Well, of course. That Milton is a very highly polished dog. Mud just can’t stick.

    So, will you be giving Veronica a bath? That should be entertaining. 🙂 It is years – decades, even – since I bathed a dog, but the memory never fades…

  17. Has Milton given up eating shoes & duvets in favor of sleeping on the laptop? Good trade, if true….

    My daughter’s cocker spaniel ended up costing ~$80,000…first she ate a pair of shoes, then another, and another, so there were shelves to keep the shoes safe. And they made the bedroom look shabby, so there was a bathroom remodel, which made….

    The remodeled house is gorgeous. The puppy, alas, aged and is gone (did you know dogs can have Alzheimers?)

    But the house is gorgeous.

  18. Very sweet Jenny. I almost, note the word almost, talked my husband into rescuing a golden retreiver/husky but by the time he agreed the puppy had been adopted. His picture now sits on my desktop. No poop to scoop, no vet bills, no dog food to buy…damn! ;-( He was a gorgeous puppy too. The rescue people have ten more coming in January. Give Milton a hug for me.

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