Shar 2: Aimless E-mails and Eggless Muffins

Well, I meant to get a lot done today. And I did, reading Lani’s and Krissie’s scenes and adding comments and doing some minor revisions on my scenes. And writing the rough of that Shar vs. Sam scene and that wasn’t easy. But mostly this day has been one of those weird jerky ones where I’d get so far and then turn right.

I got the rest of the hardware cloth on the deck and cleared off some of the stuff that didn’t belong there.

I made whole wheat muffins and then noticed as I was taking them out of the oven that the egg the mix called for was still sitting there. Plus they were whole wheat so, as Lani pointed out, I deserved what I got. I told her they were so vile nobody would eat them. She said, “Try Milton.” Milton ate a piece.

I caught up all the blog moderations and checked the comments for wingnuts (not you).

I discussed beats in Lani’s scene with Lani, we tried to figure out what the ceremony of a goddess welcoming her priestesses would be like, Lani and Krissie and I tried to figure out together what our characters would do when they got the good news they were demi-goddesses (Daisy asks, “Do you get dental with that?”), and we discussed what typeface the dogs should talk in . . . full day.

And in and around that I talked with my agent and with my brother and answered e-mails, even the ones from Bob saying that aliens use amusement parks as a cover and that all water rides have alligators. He also quizzed me on who the first vice president was. I think he was bored.

But I got that damn scene done. First draft rough, but by god it’s done.

And I threw out the muffins.

25 thoughts on “Shar 2: Aimless E-mails and Eggless Muffins

  1. That’s a lot of accomplishment for the day. I’m impressed. I can’t seem to get anything done.

  2. 1. What’s a wingnut in a comment?
    2. What are beats? Remember, I asked before. Yes, I know a year ago you explained it, but I didn’t understand it then and so would like another explanation.

  3. *yay* for the first draft! Talking about ‘first draft’ always makes me hear that song ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’ in my head…hopefully that doesn’t make me a wingnut!

    Oh and the birds will eat the muffins.

  4. This may make me a wingnut, too, but your day sounded perfect to me.

    Except for the whole wheat muffins. Lani was right about that.

  5. I don’t know about aliens, but according to one really creepy, scary Dean Koontz book (Twilight Eyes is the title, I think), goblins hang out at amusement parks and carnivals where they grab victims. The horrific goblins conceal their true ugly selves behind human faces and only certain people can see their real appearance.

    All this time, I thought it was only bad Italian sausage that made me feel icky after that last carnival.

  6. I agree. Sounds like a fully, productive day. Although I would probaby say any day that contains writing a scene would be called productive. Even if it is rough.

  7. Jenny Wrote: “we tried to figure out what the ceremony of a goddess welcoming her priestesses would be like”

    Would they hie to the bathroom to talk?

  8. Don’t know about the aliens, but they had a shedload of vampires in the fairground in The Lost Boys. Bob could be onto something.

    Hope this doesn’t make me a wingnut.

  9. This is a wingnut:

    “Hi…I found your site via Yahoo! when i was searching for morgan horses, and this post regarding really sounds very interesting to me.. Thanks”

    There’s no porn or Cialis spam with it, but it’s definitely not a commenter since we got no Morgan or horses here.

    Also, if you’ve posted a comment and it never shows up, it might have landed in the spam filter and gotten deleted. I used to go through and check, but right now I have 893 comments in Akismet and if I had to wade through all that nakedchiks and Viagra stuff, I’d be suicidal. So I just delete.

  10. At the amusement park? That’s not ghouls and vampires. That’s the radioactive mutants from the missile silo. At Area 57. In Clitoris, Washington.

    Do I know how to beat a dead horse, or what?

    Wholewheat muffins? As in wholewheat flour? There’s probably a hockey team near you that could use those babies for practice pucks. /;+) If you want to feel virtuous and eat muffins, too, try tossing in some oat bran. It tastes good, gives them a little texture without making them heavy. Good for you, too. I used to put it in my chocolate chip cookies instead of nuts. Really yummy.

  11. I’m still nauseous at the thought of whole wheat muffins! Muffins should have goodies in them like berries and nuts!

    Kudos for the first draft! It’s the little accomplishments that keep us going!

    Oh, and ZaZa, I’m worried about mutants from Clitoris! That’s a visual I just can’t shake!

    Hmmm, ceremony to welcome a priestess. It’s a given there has to be incense. Possibly symbols drawn on the floor or in the dirt/sand. Flowers (Mother Earth and the elements, you know). A gift. She should “bestow” something on them.

    This is why YOU write and I read! 🙂

  12. Jewellery has always been very acceptable as a votive gift to a deity. Must be of high value, though: 18 carat gold at least.
    I happen to be writing a dog book too at the moment (deadline end February. Aargh!) and it will include one little gold amulet-pendant probably depicting Gula in canine form. It is later (probably about 700-500 BC) than the cylinder-seals with Gula and her dog, and her throne, stars, worshippers, and such, and rather battered, but it has a nice curly tail.

  13. Isn’t Sam’s music Mary Chapin Carpenter? If so, I meant to say (when you posted that a while back): THANK YOU! And, again, if so, it’s appropriate because SHE’s a goddess… (Her words are as great as your words, and vice versa). 🙂

  14. I had Apple-Cinnamon muffins yesterday.

    I do own horses…does that make me a “wingnut”?

    Still looking forward to reading D & G.

  15. In motorcycle speak a Wingnut is a Honda Gold Wing rider. I know some, nice people despite their choice in bikes. 😉

  16. Ah,in my speak a wingnut is the same as a nutjob. Never mind.

    I think Abby might be Mary Chapin Carpenter, she’s a very MCC kind of woman. Most of Shar’s turned out to be Dusty. It just happened. And Sam’s got some Elvis and then Fleetwood Mac’s “Bleed to Love Her” which Krissie and I both love.

  17. I threw out all of my junk food. I’d love some tasteless whole wheat muffins, or a piece of bread, or a stale cookie. Sigh.

    All of the priestesses should take the goddess phallic symbol vegetables. Lay them at her feet. Let her fondle them, whoever brings her the um, biggest, or most prized is the blessed one … kind of like the priestess with the mostest. Okay, so I’ve been at my friends home tonight and had a couple of glasses of merlot. I’ll leave now and clean up my act. I swear.
    Ms. Wingnut

  18. I’m not actually 100% sure but I believe there is such a thing as a Morgan Horse, it is a type of breed. Now I’m a wingnut I guess.

    Good work today. Happy Holidays Jenny.
    I discovered in Dayton that they make nice people in Wapakoneta.

  19. Of course there is a Morgan horse! One of the many distinctive American breeds, it was established from the offspring of just one stallion, owned by a man named Justin Morgan, who lived in Vermont, in the 1790s.
    Sorry, but I have written a horse book as well… I shall go away now.

  20. I’m not against Morgan horses. I’m against people who post to the comments that aren’t actually commenting. It looks like spam.


    Moving on . . .

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