Shar 12: Not So Bad

This is the 12th Day of Shar and I’ve actually gotten a lot done. This is the first time the 12 Days thing actually worked–well, it worked pretty well cleaning my office–and I think it’s collaborating that really makes the difference. As long as we give ourselves lots of space, we can really push ourselves and each other. This past month has been really interesting as a lot of what we’ve been doing is figuring out how we each work, and how that changes within the collaboration. We’re all seat-of-the-pants writers, but Lani and I have really taken to doing one rough and then analyzing the hell out of it. Krissie needs more time with her drafts before we come in with our scalpels but she loves to brainstorm. So a lot of it is just seeing where everything fits. It’s such a good collaboration.

So this was the day that I went through all my Dogs and Goddesses file. There are literally hundreds of them since I’ve been working on this for over a year. Got rid of duplicates, organized the images, recovered all the fragments that are going into the last three acts, wrote more on the scenes, skipping around. Lots done. I’ll definitely have Act 3 done by Dec. 31 and may even have Act 4 done. Now if I can just hold onto this process for Emmeline, I might have a really good year (Bob will keep me moving on Wild Ride, it’s just the solos I get blocked on).

I love this part of the book, when a story that started because it seemed like a fun thing to do suddenly reveals itself to be so much more. This is when things really get crunchy and the rewrite becomes a whole new book. So the last week of 2007 is going to be good times and dogs and goddesses and great friends to write with. Can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. It sounds fabulous. I know you’re working on a solo book, are Krissie and Lani working on solos as well? It amazes me to think of you guys doing that and keeping it all straight, I still get in a muddle with one story.

  2. I know Lani just finished a first draft of a solo.(Freya, Flynn sister’s story(From Crazy in Love) She did it for Nano. Got to have mad respect for a woman who can write 70k in a month.

    love this part of the book, when a story that started because it seemed like a fun thing to do suddenly reveals itself to be so much more. This is when things really get crunchy and the rewrite becomes a whole new book.

    I love that part of the book, too. I usually feel it when I’m in the middle of the book, and I’ve ruined my heroine’s life and she’s trying to put it back together. I usually realize she’s so much more than that witty first line that brought her to me. At that point I want to do her story justice.

  3. Merry Christmas, Jenny! There is a wise old saying, “In the darkness there are CherryBombs” — well, it’s a saying. Maybe more of a warning. Anyway. Tonight, one of the longest nights of the year, we CBs are out blog caroling, pushing back the winter darkness by spreading holiday cheer. Before we came to pester you, we were sharing peace and joy over here:

    Just sit back and relax. Here, have a spritz cookie. What’s that? Oh, you’ve had quite enough butter cookies– okay, here’s a piece of fudge instead.

    Comfy? Here goes:

    Winter Wonderland

    “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
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    Wishing you all good things this Christmas and in the New Year!

  4. Sheesh! BCB keeps picking out songs I don’t know. FYI, Felix Bernard (1897-1944) wrote the music in 1934.

    Walking in a winter wonderland.
    Gone away is the bluebird.
    Here to stay is a new bird.
    (What bird sings in the snow????)

    Happy holidays, Jenny, from one of the CBs.

  5. Gone away is the bluebird,
    Here to stay is a new bird..

    Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas season

  6. Kyrie eleison. No, that doesn’t fit, does it?
    He’ll say are you married.
    We’ll say, are you kidding?

  7. Later on we’ll conspire
    as we dream by the fire
    To face unafraid,
    the plans that we made

    Wishing you and Lucy, Annie, Milton, Veronica and Wolfie the very merriest of holidays.

  8. again off topic, but you seem to like all the shows that I do so I suggest the following: Psych (USA, have to start with the first episode, the characters are ones you GROW to love); Private Practice (ABC, all sorts of good chick tv); Dead Like Me (now on DVD, brilliant); Extras (HBO); and Green Wing (now on DVD, BBC, it’s THE best dramedy, SERIOUS CRUNCHY!!!)

    hope that helped. I know sometimes the mind just needs to cushion itself with other life stories, those are good and involving.

  9. Only the CBs would go blog-caroling. It was LOVELY, thank you. I feel warm all over.

    Here, have some virtual hot chocolate.

  10. Another cheer for Green Wing. I have watched it since the start over here in the UK. It’s inspired madness… have you got to the last series yet?

  11. Strop: Nooo!!! And it’s driving me insane, I reeeeally want to watch the 3rd season/Christmas special. I watched the other eps online but this one noone posted :'( any idea? maybe i’ll caugh up the hundred bucks and buy it on ebay…

  12. oh and I thought of another show that’s right up the Cherry Valley – Wonderfalls. It’s a previous show of Brian Fuller’s with only a few seasons, short and sweet. And the theme song is maddening in its catchiness.

  13. Sorry I wasn’t here last night for singing- had to go be a grown up- but here’s a little something for you

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  14. Yes, Jenny, only the CBs would go blog-caroling. And I missed it, whaaaah.

    Happy Holidays, Jenny, to you and your fur babies, and a very happy New Year!

  15. Jenny, I’m going to borrow your 12 days method for the next 12 days (which conveniently includs 7 days that I don’t need to be at the day job) to finish the first draft of my 2005 Nano piece. thanks for the inspiration.

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