Shar 11:No Killing, No Cookies

Lani posted her first scene for Act Three and made me applaud. It’s so sad how much she needs reinforcement. Krissie printed out the book and did rewrites on hard copy which makes a huge difference. I’m trying to hold off on the hard copy edit until we have the whole book but it’s hard because I so want to see this on a page. And we talked in the afternoon in Campfire and got this fabulous idea for the third book and were brainstorming a mile a minute and then Lani started screaming, “No killing! No killing people!” She wouldn’t last a minute in a book with Bob. Krissie, on the other hand, was all for it. Krissie is not wimpy like some people I could mention. But won’t.

And I wrote some but not much. Reread my research on Sam, worked out a move in a Kami scene that’s going to echo a Shar scene, it’s all coming together. But as far as writing goes, I was worthless.

Oh, and I made cookies. They weren’t the right recipe, either.

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  1. Libel.

    I said my character would be upset. Because my character, unlike some heartless characters I could mention, would have an issue with something they did ending in the bloody death of another human being. And I made that clear, quite a few times, and still Crusie insists on misrepresenting me to the press. I don’t have a problem with a death in the book.


  2. Jennie, do you have a blocked out date in mind when something just you write will come out? As much as I love your collaborations (Agnes and The Hitman is a great book), my favorite ones of yours are still singular titles. To me it feels you create an imaginary world a bit better – so if you’re talking about Carlton Walking Ware, it makes me wanna go buy the damn things. Or if you’re describing an array of Minerva’s shoes…Anyway, your books to me are the kind that are like an onion with soo many layers, it’s a God-given, the reader is going to come back to it time and time again. Thanks for reading my wishful ramble.

  3. I didn’t say Shar wouldn’t care. I said Shar was action oriented. She sees a spammer who’s been choked to death, she’s going to rescue his dogs from their crates and go after the person who killed him, not weep and moan.

    Like some characters I could mention.

    Jill, we started talking about the future and realized there would be a third book to bring everything to a close. We just have so much stuff. The second book came out of all the things we wanted in this one and couldn’t fit in. And then the third book came out of the stuff that we realized we couldn’t get in that.

    Of course, this may be the only one we ever write, but it’s fun to play with.

    Evesie, I’m working on a solo. I’ll probably be doing the Twelve Days of Emmeline in Jan or Feb. No walking ware, though.

  4. I am still fixating on honey butter cookies. How about some pepper to give them a little flare. Isn’t there a traditional German holiday cookie that is made with pepper? You could borrow the pepper amount from those and add it to your honey butter cookies. It might be like crab cakes: they really are tastier if you add a bit of tabasco or red pepper flakes.

  5. Has to be yellow.
    Mustard or saffron, neither of which appeals like honey and butter. Abby is just a honey and butter kind of person.

  6. Has to be yellow? How about lemon bars? And why anise or licorice? Does ANYONE actually LIKE that stuff???

    Also for yellow–one of the “Aunt Dimity” mysteries has a recipe for gilded gingerbread in the back.

  7. Talpianna, those Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creams are my fave. Drat. Now I want some and I have none. A friend just gave me a loaf of zucchini bread and like a dumbie I froze it.

    And Lani, you should get applause, just roll all around in it. And yay on a second book, and a third book. Can’t wait, but in the meantime the freezer is calling me. Can you toast frozen zucchini bread?

    Oh, just got home from seeing the movie Atonement. Interesting non-linear storytelling. Go see it.

  8. Robena, I’m worse off than you. I also want some Lemon Ginger Cremes, and I HAVE a box—but it’s earmarked for a Christmas gift! Oh, the humanity!

  9. Has to be yellow.
    Mustard or saffron, neither of which appeals like honey and butter. Abby is just a honey and butter kind of person.

    You’ve heard of honey mustard pretzels. In the foodie world, honey butter cookies with a little hot mustard or mustard seed (?) would probably be a hit.

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