Shar 10: Death and Laundry

You know, I worked all day and I don’t think I got anything done. Well, some laundry and I went to the grocery, but I didn’t write anything. I did do a lot of research on Mesopotamian kings and death, but I fell asleep and lost the afternoon. Just a weird day.

But we got a lot done in Campfire, including some very crunchy Christopher brainstorming, and then I googled for Mesopotamian death. And I pretty much know all the scenes I have to write for Shar now, I have Act 3 completely blocked out and I have a good idea of Act 4. Oh, and Kira asked if there were big scenes after the climax: not generally. The climax finishes the story, so anything that comes after that has to be fast and then out the door. No cuddling. Kills the end of the book.

So I have maybe nine Shar scenes left to write, and two or three Kami scenes. And I have pieces of those written. I have no idea why this is going so fast, but I’m not questioning it, either.

8 thoughts on “Shar 10: Death and Laundry

  1. It seems like in series mysteries there is “cuddling,” because there isn’t necessarily a big bang ending. I mean, the crime gets solved (or doesn’t) in a possibly spectacular way, but then we see them in the aftermath. And it’s not an epilogue!

    Most of the main characters will continue on in the next book(s). Not all, of course, but the readers like to know what the gang thought about what happened and that everyone’s home and safe, so to speak. /;+) Not all, of course. But then these are all really more of a guideline, anyway. ;+)

    When do you decide, or why, that you’ll have four acts instead of three. Is it the length or complexity of the story? So, more likely in this kind of collab with so many “main” characters? Or is it just the way it turns out?

  2. Well, damn. I missed a post and I missed most of the answer to my question. I should have known it wouldn’t be anything as granola as letting the story tell you. Heh.

  3. here is what I am a bit confused about – in the 12 days are you planning to finish the book? Or was it just a take on the song?

  4. Yep, I wouldn’t question the flow of words either. Just thank the gods and the goddesses and maybe the dogs, it’s truly a gift when the words come unstuck.

  5. The Twelve Days thing is something I do to make myself focus on a book or in one case, cleaning my office. If I’m having trouble with a book and I blog about it for twelve days, shame keeps me working. If you look in the categories to the right, there’s a Twelve Days category.

    I’m trying to finish the roughs for my scenes in the book before January, but that’s just my deadline. We do want to get the book to betas early in January though.

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