Shar 2: Aimless E-mails and Eggless Muffins

Well, I meant to get a lot done today. And I did, reading Lani’s and Krissie’s scenes and adding comments and doing some minor revisions on my scenes. And writing the rough of that Shar vs. Sam scene and that wasn’t easy. But mostly this day has been one of those weird jerky ones where I’d get so far and then turn right.

I got the rest of the hardware cloth on the deck and cleared off some of the stuff that didn’t belong there.

I made whole wheat muffins and then noticed as I was taking them out of the oven that the egg the mix called for was still sitting there. Plus they were whole wheat so, as Lani pointed out, I deserved what I got. I told her they were so vile nobody would eat them. She said, “Try Milton.” Milton ate a piece.

I caught up all the blog moderations and checked the comments for wingnuts (not you).

I discussed beats in Lani’s scene with Lani, we tried to figure out what the ceremony of a goddess welcoming her priestesses would be like, Lani and Krissie and I tried to figure out together what our characters would do when they got the good news they were demi-goddesses (Daisy asks, “Do you get dental with that?”), and we discussed what typeface the dogs should talk in . . . full day.

And in and around that I talked with my agent and with my brother and answered e-mails, even the ones from Bob saying that aliens use amusement parks as a cover and that all water rides have alligators. He also quizzed me on who the first vice president was. I think he was bored.

But I got that damn scene done. First draft rough, but by god it’s done.

And I threw out the muffins.