Mary Imogen

I’m working on Emmeline/Always Kiss Me Goodnight right now, but Bob and I are setting up Wild Ride in the usual way: he’s choosing a classic Western to draw on a hero type for his guy Ethan (still hasn’t chosen an actor as a placeholder, though), and I’m choosing the first of what will probably be two or three women to combine as my girl Mary Imogen. If you want to read about Ethan, go here.

As for Mary Imogen, my plan was to NOT do an angry heroine this time. MI’s a little obsessive and hyper-self-critical and driven and hypomanic, so it seemed overkill to make her angry, too. I mean, people have to like this woman. I tend to fill in back story as I write, while Bob does his up front, but I know MI got fired from her last job for going beyond the call of duty because she’s an obsessive perfectionist; I’ll find out the rest as I write. Actually, I found that out as I wrote the first scene. But Bob needs a placeholder now, so I sent him a Kristin Chenoweth video from YouTube, telling him that MI was not that short, and definitely not that thin, and absolutely no hair extensions, but otherwise, that was her tense, driven self. Then I realized the character that Chenoweth is playing in this song is, uh, angry. And that maybe it’s time I did a short heroine. (Still definitely a no on the thin and the extensions, though.) So I’m still open on MI, but I can tell you for sure she’s gonna have issues.

People have been asking what the HWSW for 2008 is going to be since we did a year in the life of two writers for 2006 and the writing workshop for 2007. The answer: there is no HWSW in 2008. Bob and I are both working on several books, and it’s going to be all we can do to keep our personal blogs going. So on his suggestion, we’re going to respond to each other here on Argh and on his blog, which the last time I checked was still called Bob Mayer. (He’s a no-frills kind of guy.) And since we don’t have a contract for Wild Ride yet, this could all be jumping the gun anyway. But since he put up Ethan’s back story, the least I can do is give you a link to the video I sent him for MI.

Of course, six months from now, MI will look like Lucy Lawless. I just never know until I get there. And the good news is, you get to watch me fumble around trying to find her right here. And in the process lose all respect for me, but then anybody who’s been reading this blog for any length of time has pretty much lost any illusions in my direction anyway.

MI and Ethan. Did I mention this isn’t a romance?