On the Road: The Cherry Con

I know, I haven’t been here. Well, it’s been hectic. The Cherry Con was an absolute riot, including the part where Rox brained herself on a table trying to throw something at somebody, and the part where Rachel brought chocolate from England which I’ve been eating myself sick on ever since, and the part where we all put on boas and glasses with red lights in them and tiaras and basically diva-ed ourselves into hysterics. It was a lot like a three-day-long kid’s birthday party. The flamingo head-boppers were also a hit.

I had a party for the Cherry Forum mods on Wed. night–they work for free, the least I can do is give them a party–and Wolfie has been spoiled rotten ever since. He keeps waiting for fifteen women to show up and tell him he’s a gorgeous boy, and all he gets is me saying, “Get out of the trash.” The mods more than earned their keep by putting together Gaffney’s pony, a joke that got out of hand as usual because none of us knows when to quit. Gaffney introduced me to her agent, and I e-mailed her to thank her and said, “The next time we’re together, I’ll buy you a drink. And dinner. And a pony.” And then I saw this pony on Amazon and thought, “That would be good” and ordered it and then waited until the mod party to put it together. Everybody loved the directions that said that in order to insure the child had a “magical experience” when being introduced to the pony, it should be assembled ahead of time because when you open the damn box, all you see is a headless pony. It gave me pause, I can only imagine what it would do to a three-year-old. Then it had to be assembled and the mods did that while drinking wine and other things, and then we turned it on and it started to move, and I’m here to tell you that pony is freakishly realistic. And large. And while I was trying to figure out how to get it to Pat, Molly volunteered to drop it off on her drive east, so she did that yesterday, stunning Pat and freaking out her dogs. So my work is done, thanks to the mods and especially Molly, who took this picture:

Pony Road

And in the space when we weren’t partying at the con, Krissie and Lani and I worked on Dogs and Goddesses (we decided the sequels will be Cats and Gods and Pharoahs and Ferrets) and went to IHoP and Hobby Lobby. They’re both insane for IHoP but they’d never experienced Hobby Lobby before. They’re now making plans to drive here the next time so they can take more stuff with them on the return trip. We also watched a couple of episodes of Pushing Daisies which is my favorite show since Olive sang “Hopelessly Devoted to You” and told Chi McBride that what he’d just told her wasn’t the Truth Bus, it was the Bitchy Crosstown Express. And Lani had never seen Big Trouble in Little China, so we made her watch it, and after that she walked around the house saying, “Son of a bitch must pay” and my personal favorite, “Sorry, sorry, just thrilled to be alive.”

That was the good news. The bad news is that I cleaned the house for the mod party, but ran out of time so I gathered up everything that I couldn’t put away and put it in, you guessed it, the office. Which once again looks like hell. But I’ll fix it. And the rest of the house looks great. Or it will once I get all the chocolate wrappers out of the kitchen. So there really isn’t any bad news. Just the occasional bitchy crosstown express.

So that’s where I’ve been. Chocolate, IHop, ponies, parties, Hobby Lobby, Pushing Daisies in Little China, and many brainstorming sessions. And good times were had by all. Really, what more could anybody want?

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  1. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading that. Cherry Con sounds like it was a blast.

    I loved The Bitchy Crosstown Express. And Chuck calling the fridge the cheese box. I’m so glad they threw any pretense of reality out the window with Pushing Daisies, there’s so much more they can do with it now.

    It’s all new mess in the office, that cleans up much faster than old mess. Waaaay faster.

  2. OMG, Lani, I can’t believe you’ve never seen BTiLC until now. Who could miss, “May the wings of liberty never lose a feather”? That has to be one of the best cheesy movies ever. My personal favorite line: “Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right in the eye and says, ‘Give me your best shot. I can take it.'” Huge cheese.

    Love the freakishly realistic pony. Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Welcome back! We missed you 🙂

    Whew!! I can see how an (undead) headless pony might scar a child – or a dog – forever. As for your office – if it’s all stuff you shoved in there to get it out of the rest of the house (yes, I’ve done that too only it usually ends up in my bedroom!) it should clean up pretty quickly. Unless you just let it sit there and then it will start attracting more *stuff* to it through gravitational attraction – and you’ll end up where you started!! Nip it in the bud!

  4. Thanks for the post. I was already feeling homesick for the cherries. The photo of Butterscotch is a classic. Thanks too for opening up your beautiful home to us humble mods. I adored it, and you, and all your furry creatures. No one wags like Wolfie.

  5. Thought you might be amused to know I found a copy of “Crazy for You” (1999) in a used bookstore here in Cairo today so of course I bought it. Can’t wait to start it!

  6. I love Hobby Lobby! Though not much on the crafty end of things they have textiles and baskets and furniture and now that the Christmas decorations are in the store …

    IHop is a restaurant, International House of Pancakes. Have to admit I’ve never been in one, but they are a bit legendary.

  7. Ihop. International house of pancakes. awesome
    but i don’t eat there much since i’m watching what i don’t eat. 😛

    i love BTiLC….absolutely hilarious.

    glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking….
    pony is too cute.

  8. As Siberia says, International House of Pancakes. If you are in America and the natives are saying things in initials like “we’re going to IHOP” make sure you get them to spell it out. Otherwise you will do what I did and eat a three egg cheese omelette with potatoes for breakfast, stagger on board Molly’s bus and be told we were on our way to eat pancakes. Not a good moment. I managed half an apple and cinnamon crepe, and that was after an hour spent wandering round Target and hoping my digestion was working double speed.

    Wolfie is a darling.

  9. I forgot to ask whilst I was there: which was your favourite type of chocolate? (For those of you who weren’t there, I took Celebrations, Segsations, Cadbury’s fruit and nut, some Polish chocolate covered cherries, and a bar of Sainsbury’s Organic and Fairtrade milk).

    How did the English Cadbury’s fruit and nut compare with the US version?

  10. Thank goodness you named the chocolate – that was going to be my next question. I would have voted for the Celebrations or Sensations. Fruit and Nut would be alright without the fruit. Which would make it Cadbury’s Wholenut. Yum!

  11. The orange slices. I adore the orange slices. After that, it’s everything. The only thing I couldn’t take was the chocolate covered cherries; the liquor was too strong since I rarely drink. The Cadbury seems a lot less waxier or something, definitely superior.

    Of course, since I’m cramming all if it in my mouth without stopping to breathe, my palate may not be finely tuned here.

  12. First thing in the morning and my mouth is watering for Cadbury chocolate and iHop pancakes and all I have in the house is bran muffins *blech*

    At first I expected a tiny model pony so the photo really through me, wow! Cherry Con sounds like an absolute blast!

  13. Oh, thank the Goddess IHoP is a pancake restaurant!! I was reading Jenny’s post and thinking — IHoP…? another trendy, must-belong-to site that everyone is using to communicate with, and I’m falling further and further out of the loop.

    Sounds wonderful…good times with chocolate-filled Cherries.

  14. IHoP was okay, but the best place was the bread, soup and panini place where Jenny fed me when I staggered into Covington after several flight delays (I was supposed to get in about 6.30pm on Tuesday; it turned into 11.30am on Wednesday).

    Paneera or something like that? Really really excellent sourdough bread with yummy French onion soup in the hollowed out roll.

  15. I’ve seen that pony in Target-it freaks me out, even with the head and all other parts attached. Of course, if I were 10, it would be the coolest thing ever. LOVE the photo by the side of the road. Priceless.

    And I love, love, LOVE “Pushing Daisies.” I’d go on about how much I love it, but this isn’t my blog, so I’ll leave it at that.

    I’ve never seen “Big Trouble in Little China.” So, I guess that’s on my list of things to do. Right after I go gorge myself at the nearest IHOP. Listening to you people makes me hungry. IHOP and Cadbury…yum.

    Oh, and speaking of Cadbury, I thought that it was (even) better when I was in England (and they have it in vending machines at Tube stops!), but then I convinved myself that it was just because I was in England, so it only seemed (even) better. One more reason to go back to England…

  16. Nothing’s as good as a Cadbury Crunchie bar! They are so weird and delicious! Hard to find in America–you can get them at World Market if you’re lucky.

  17. Cadbury’s chocolate is even better if you go to Bourneville, near Birmingham, and take the factory tour. They hand out free samples along the way, and it is so fresh… even I like it then and I’m not that much of a Cadbury fan.

  18. I too, love love love Pushing Daisies! I love it! Well, sometimes the narration can get a bit grating, but I still really love it! yep. And Cadbury Fruit and Nut, way better than the Chunky candy bar, remember those? Good, but no Cadbury, my friend.

    Glad the Con was a success, and glad about Dogs and Goddesses! Just finished Lani’s new book and was delighted by it!

  19. The saddle bags have the instructions, the adoption certificate, a card from me that says, “Here’s your pony,” and the carrot and curry comb that came with it.

    The saddle would have been sparkly but I didn’t have any sparkly yarn the night I crocheted it.

    And yes, Strop, we took you to Panera, my fave place on the road. Where Krissie bussed some guy’s table before he was done with it and he was rude, so we plotted our vengeance while Strop inhaled her onion soup.

  20. LOL! I can just see Krissie in table bussing mode. Ha!

    Welcome back Jenny, so glad to read you guys had a great time. I don’t know Rox but I sure hope her head is okay. And OMG, I love that pony. If only I was (mumble mumble) years younger and (mumble mumble) kilos lighter I’d want me one of those! That photo is a classic.

    And yeah, Cadbury chocolate. I was in a snit with them because I knew in Aussie they had a sugar free version (okay, don’t swoon, some of us aren’t allowed sugar!) but that it wasn’t here in NZ yet but joy of joys, they have sugar free dairy milk chocolate here now too. If only they could extend that to Black Forest and Milky Bar, then the world would be truly sweet.

  21. Panera is great. Fabulous desserts, good coffee and really yummy soups. Also free wi-fi.

    IHop – have you tried the cinnamon roll French toast yet?

  22. A truly excellent pony! I, too, am glad that you had a good time. Let me be an awful warning: I ripped open some files and spread them all over my office floor looking for something, and a month later – still there. I was planning to sort them, but they’ve been lurking awfully. And accumulating. Do not let this happen to you!

  23. Pancakes? Love pancakes.
    Okay, when I’m in the US next year I’ll be IHop ing too. I’m putting it on my list.

    Yes to Crunchie bars although Violet Crumbles are still better.

  24. Glad you had fun Jenny et all.

    I love Pushing Daisies too. One of my favorite shows. How do you like Kristen Chenowith’s (Olive)new hairdo? That was a surprise. One of the things that I like about the show is that it appears that the actors are having fun doing it too.

    Cadbury Fruit and Nut and other bars are made just 30 miles down the road from me here in Canada. We have discovered that chocolate bars, although made by the same company taste differently when made in either Canada or the U.S. My son insists that Milky Way is better from the States than the ones he gets here in Canada. They don’t taste the same he says.

  25. “only thing I couldn’t take was the chocolate covered cherries; the liquor was too strong ”

    Those were my favorite. Then the orange.
    Grandaughter is getting one of those ponies.

  26. I ate Lani’s cinnamon bun French toast. She was too full, so I helped.

    They’re no longer giving away the free parrot with the pony which is a bummer, but the pony is still good. The parrot was also a little creepy. Lani forgot to turn it off and left it in the dark kitchen, so when I went in to get a Coke, it said, “Whatcha doin?” which was just annoying. Thank god it whirrs before it speaks or I’d have had a heart attack.

  27. I didn’t have any of the fruit and nut Cadbury or the choc covered cherries, but I loved the orange slices. All the flavors were good. I also enjoyed the assorted bag of mini candy bars, particularly the caramel barrels and the strawberry creams. Oh! ANd the mini candy bars in the red wrapper that had toffee inside? SO good!

    We have Panera in So CA as well and we love it. I adore the apple cinnamon crunch bagels. I also love that they donate their leftover food to homeless shelters and the like and they also donate money and food to local non-profits. I work at one and the sandwiches, salads, breakfast food and goodies they send us are first rate. I love supporting businesses like this.

  28. Thank god it whirrs before it speaks or I’d have had a heart attack.
    Oh, dear. That’s funny. Not you having a heart attack … a parrot talking to itself in the night. Reminds me of a James Thurber short story about the ironing board cum card table that lost its mind and was sent to the attic for safe keeping. It could be heard, switching back and forth between identities, all alone in the attic on dark and windy nights.

  29. You are a wicked woman.
    We know nothing about ‘Pushing Daisies’ in the UK but thanks to the power of YouTube I now have yet another fine form of procrastination.
    And please, think of me sitting alone in my cold garrett [okay central heated box room] now and then when you are having wonderful fun, that would be nice. Sniff.
    LOL thanks for sharing and making me smile.:-)

  30. (-: I gotta get me a parrot. I always wanted to be the kind of woman who kept a parrot, and Mark Twain can stuff himself.

    Sounds like a great time! I gotta get me some chocolate cherries, too, and a space of time to download Pushing Daisies, because this is the second place I’ve heard raves about it.

  31. Jenny said … I ate Lani’s cinnamon bun French toast. She was too full, so I helped.

    You’re such a good friend.

    Not a PD fan. Now if someone would strangle the narrator I might be converted.

  32. I had such a great time at Cherry Con! Fun to meet so many cherries. It was quite the weekend! Loved the light up glasses, and all the books and gifts! Thanks again, Jenny and Jill, and everyone!
    Also Jenny I’m working on that conflict box and I think I’ve almost got something!

  33. Not IHoP, but I had something fabulous this weekend: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory makes these amazing chocolate covered caramel apples. And now they’ll cut them up for you, so you don’t end up with caramel in your hair (usually)! So, I went in to get dark chocolate seafoam, and discovered that the have a version of their apple with dark chocolate and toffee crumbles. Oh, wow.

    Sorry, Christina!

  34. Well, it sounds like everyone had an amazing time at Crusie Con, I’m exhausted from entertaining visiting relatives. Crusie Con would have been a relaxing trip for me. Would have loved to see that pony. And the glasses and the tiara’s and all of the Cherries. Off to play catch up on the Forum.

  35. I had to look up Butterscotch the Pony on YouTube because Hasbro didn’t have any video clips.

    (Best clip on there is when the dog freaks out at the sight of the pony. How did Wolfie do?)

    Apparently there’s a whole bunch of Fur Real animals: pigs, sheep, hamsters, cats. And judging from the accents on YouTube they are sold mostly in GB.

  36. Ooh, Strop, do you know, what are the chocolates, I think Cadbury’s, that are like logs, where they are “twigs” of chocolate stuck together in that shape? I loved those. One of my favorite street foods was an ice cream of some sort with one of those stuck in it.

    Sounds like the hilarity was unbeatable, you guys. Wish I could have gone, but maybe the next one. /;+) Jenny, why are you shaking your head???

  37. Sounds like a Flake ZaZa.

    Well having googled Pushing Daisy’s I can say that the only person I recognised was the narrator who is Allan Dale – an ex pat Aussie who’s done very well for himself in the US. Had a very successful 20 odd year career in Oz TV and reinvented himself over there. He’s the father dude in Ugly Betty and has been in NCIS and West Wing. A long road from the prennially young soap Neighbours.

  38. Ooohhh Diane, Chocolate covered caramel apples…and they’ll cut them up for us? I was just in RM Choc Factory yesterday, picking up a seafoam myself. Yum, guess I’ll have to go back again!

  39. I too move things into the office whenever guests come (which they did last week). As I was sitting in the office with stacks of books, papers, clothes, THINGS teetering around me, I had a flashback to the house of the creepy old guy in my neighborhood (I think everyone should have one of these old guys or old ladies in their lives as a warning). In his house there were little paths left between stacks of newspapers and National Geographics. I am sure that he could have died in there an never been found. Pretty soon there will just be this little path between the junk mail, papers, THINGS, and at the end you will find me hunched over the computer! Aaghhh! Not that this would ever happen to you, Jenny! 😉

  40. Cherry Con. If Jenny is shaking her head at the thought of another one soon she is not the only one.
    It was the. Best . Con(ference). Ever.
    Maybe in another 5 years. 🙂

  41. Zaza, they’d be Flakes. Chandra took Flakes to the Con but I don’t know who got to eat them except that it wasn’t me. Although I prefer Galaxy Ripples – same idea but with a chocolate coating so they don’t drop quite as many bits over your white t-shirt.

    Obviously the next Cherry Con should be near Bourneville.

  42. Jenny, safe travels to the coast and please take some time to enjoy being at the beach.
    Thank you again for all you did to make the Cherry Con such a wonderful experience.


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