Office 3: The Window Seat

I love this window seat. It’s a great place to curl up with books or even with a laptop (I had outlets put on each side for when the battery runs down), and Lucy and Wolfie love it (Bernie calls dibs on the pillows under the desks). But none of us have curled up here for a year. Too much stuff:


So, fifteen minutes. Ha.

I found more tape (packing, this time); another flamingo pen; more post-its (I’m putting post-its in every bag for the Cherry Con) including some Krispy Kreme post-its (thank you, Tina); the analysis of Lisa Livia’s subplot, all colored coded and everything; a CD opener that Gaffney gave me for my birthday last year, at least six back issues of Rolling Stone, a Xerox copy of The Cinderella Deal for a rewrite, my manicure box; notes for Agnes with both Bob’s and my handwriting, a collector’s item if I hadn’t thrown them away; notes for D&G; many magazines; another hotel receipt; many books; a big round gold metal thing (no idea what it is); one of my favorites valentines with a fluffly little hamster on it that says, “Please notify me immediately if this cute little critter fails to brighten your Valentine’s Day” and then on inside it says, “his contract is up for renewal and the folks at the greeting card company are evaluating his performance” which cracks me up every time I see it; notes for a lecture on subplots I never gave; the plan for the He Wrote/She Wrote blog which we’ve been faking since I lost it; a huge packet of notes for Agnes with drawings for the wedding cakes which were supposed to be a much bigger part of the plot and with the anger management research for Dr. Garvin’s dialogue; a box of Tea Forte tea bags; and the editing notes from Jen for UMF. There was more–I found the cactus shot glass I bought for inkgrrl when we were in Arizona a million years ago–but that’s the gist.

Strangely enough one of the biggest problems was pillows. I had fifteen, along with a twin size comforter. It’s just not that big in there. So now there are ten pillows and a throw instead. That helped a lot. The lobster is from a trip to Boston. I said, “I have to have that lobster,” and Bob said, “No you don’t,” and then I carried it on the plane and the steward told me I was going to have to choose between the lobster and Bob. When I hesitated, he relented. Bob has, of course, forgotten all of this, but I’ll always have the lobster.

So now it looks like this:


Wolfie is thrilled. He can bark at the deer from the window again.


It’s the little things that make life good.

26 thoughts on “Office 3: The Window Seat

  1. I love that space. Doesn’t if feel fantastic to have reclaimed it? I especially appreciate the truth of your final statement. It’s been a horrible horrible day but Wolfie’s tongue lolling grin reminded me of some little things that do make my life good.

  2. That is one happy puppy. And it looks like a cozy place to read and relax. You’re making great progress. Hang in there, and you will be working in a very serene environment. Although, whether or not that is a good thing for you remains to be seen.

    So, your have a corner office, that you have windows on two sides? Prestige.

  3. Ahem. Look what I found in Getting Rid of Bradley:

    [Zack, to Lucy] “What’s wrong with you? First no junk, and now this.”
    “No junk?” Anthony said.
    “Cleanest house I’ve ever searched,” Zack said. “No junk.”
    “That’s un-American,” Anthony said.

  4. YeGods! What a transformation! I totally covet that window seat, no wonder Wolfie looks so deliriously happy. You’re doing a fabulous job, Jenny. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  5. Awwwww! That picture of Wolfie is priceless. 🙂 That window seat looks like a wonderful place to hang out, no wonder he’s so happy. You’re making great progress!

  6. Y’know, this is like watching one of those insurance ads where they play the disaster backwards.

    I’m lovin’ it.

    Wolfie is adorable (but you knew that). And any office with that much red is my kinda place. Betcha you loved new boxes of crayons as a kid.

    And probably still do.

    (Me, too.)

    Karen T.

  7. Amazing reclaimation.
    Really love that brown footstool thingy or whatever it is in the bottom right of the after photo – cant really see it in the before 😉

  8. As a sufferer of Flat Surface Disease myself, I totally emmpathise with this whole experience. When you gave your workshop on Collage at our NZ conference I had an image in my mind that was remarkably like these photographs – but at my house! Best of luck. I hope someone somewhere is polishing up a halo for you.

  9. Keep it up, Jenny. I’m staring to get motivated over here. Of course, it looks much easier when you do it.

    Lulu waves hi to Wolfie. What a charming little fellow. 🙂

  10. “Wolfie is thrilled. He can bark at the deer from the window again.” Great picture and a good reason to clean off the window seat – now I want a window seat – and not just for me…

    I had to put a box (with a cushion on top) so my old cat (18) could climb from my desk to window sill. Funny how making them happy makes us happy.

  11. WOLFIE is one of the things that makes life good. You make me want a dog. There were even daschunds in the paper last week.

    Very good segue into Saturn in Virgo here, cleaning your office. Your office which is very gorgeous and wonderful. I’m loving your curtain especially at the moment.

    And Wolfie, of course.

  12. So I have to say thanks for your 15 minute cleaning sprees. In addition to being well documented :), they have inspired me to do some fifteen minute cleaning of my own- though not always as successful, which is rather pathetic seeing as how my apartment consists of only a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Hmm, perhaps I should start with a major cleaning and then just 15 minute intervals of keeping it up…..nope. Best not to rush these things 🙂

  13. I suffer from severe TMS myself (Too. MUCH. Shit.) a fact painfully brought home to me pretty much every day as I lug my crammed-full tote bag, crammed-full handbag, a plastic lunch bag, and a pair of heels in and out of work every day. But I am enjoying some delicious muscadine and scuppernong grapes from the local farmer’s market and that is such a great picture of Wolfie, it takes my mind off my back and foot pain! hehe
    Just finished Agnes and the Hitman. LOVE IT!!! Great plotting. Still not sure who exactly Wilson was–Casey Dean’s father? But probably because I am not that smart. LOVED the flamingos and would love to see pictures of Jill in whatever costume she has on! maybe a flamingo hat…or some flamingo pasties!

  14. Wilson wasn’t anybody father, just the boss. And we’ll be talking about Agnes over on the Cherry Forums on Sept 15 in the book club there and you can ask any questions you want, no fear of spoilers there. Watch the spoilers here, please. Actually, I’ll edit out spoilers from the comments here. There are people waiting for the paperback. That’s a year from now.

    But thank you for loving Agnes, everybody. It means a lot.

  15. Wolfie and Emma must be soulmates – not everybody thinks that to sit in a window and bark at Things Outside is the height of fine entertainment.

    I’m very glad the disapproving comments are lessening as we see all the neato stuff you have in your writing space. It’s brave of you to do this – not just to delve into the deeps of those piles of paper and goodies, but to include us all in the process. Verra inspirational, it is. Oh, and that swirly footstool/seat thingy is groovy – more things should be swirly and hold up our feet. I love all the red and curtains too – WHS. Ok, so I could’a just said WHS and brevity is the soul of wit… on my first cuppa so not too witty just yet.

  16. Our neighbor, Jenny, just brought over a bottle of wine to thank us for taking care of her dog while she was away last weekend. After she left, DH started talking about chairs we’re planning to buy for the joint office we’re creating. He said we should get some like Jenny’s and proceeded to describe the mesh fabric stretched over the frame. I told him that didn’t sound very comfortable to me.

    “I didn’t think so at first either, but they’re comfortable in the conference room at work. Plus, Jenny has one in her office, so they must be comfortable to sit in and write all day.” This resulted in a blank stare from me, as Jenny works in pharmaceutical sales.

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “Jenny’s chair. You can see it in front of the window seat in her office.” More blank stare – there’s no window in Jenny’s office. “Jenny Crusie. Didn’t you read her blog today?” So, I guess my husband reads your blog now, too. Huh. Well, good for him. He also thinks your office looks very nice.

    So, is your chair comfortable?

  17. Happy barking, huh? If my dog saw deer outside, he’d go right through the window.

    What I can’t get over is that even your debris is artistic and creative looking. I’m not sure whether I’m motivated to clean up or just get more colorful debris. Right now mine consists of way too much paper and is sort of white and black that blends together into indeterminate shades of gray. I feel so inadequate.

    Please don’t post pictures of your studio – I’m guessing that’s the place where arts and crafts stuff happens? I don’t think I could handle that. My poor art-challenged brain would explode. Really.

  18. Wonderful! You are really doing great. I love Post It notes. But I never seem to need as many I think I will. Still better more than you need than not enough. I hope you will enjoy your new and improved window seat.

  19. I have 106 pads of Post-it notes.

    The chair is an Aeron and it’s the only way to go if you spend hours at a computer. The last time I checked, the best price was at The Back Store, but that’s been awhile. They’re godawful expensive and worth every penny. Completely adjustable to fit your body and beautifully made. I made Bob buy one because he was bitching about his back, and after I talked him off the ledge when he saw the price, I said, “Buy the damn thing.” And in rare moment of impulse he did. I got one e-mail from him after it was delivered: “This is a good chair.” That’s a rave from Bob. If you’re only at the computer fifteen minutes a day, you probably don’t need it, but if you spend a couple of hours there, your back will love the Aeron.

    Oh, and the swirly footstool came from T.J.Maxx many moons ago. Wolfie adores it.

  20. I also have an Aeron chair. I haven’t been able to adjust it in all the ways they showed me at the store. I bought it in Berkeley and things are magical there so I may never be able to do all those things in my office.

    When I lived in Des Moines I had a window seat in my dining room where we ate everyday because the kitchen was too cold. I had arranged plants hanging above it, in pots in front of it and actually put some smallpots on the seat itself.

    More than one bird tried to land on the greenery and they made horrible noises when they smacked the glass. It unfortunately put me off window seats, but yours is cool.

  21. That is a happy, happy dog! I’d probably smile like that, too, if I had a window seat like that it sit on.

    My apartment is fairly tidy right now. (I finally broke down and hired a cleaning service.) But you’re inspiring me to beautify. I think I’ll go to the garden center tomorrow and buy some plants.

  22. What a welcoming window seat! I, too, am making some progress: I reduced the number of boxes in bedroom 2 by 4 yesterday and (finally) put away all the wires and cables and cords that had been in a box in the laundry “room”. Into the pantry. Maybe not the best choice, but I know where they are and both the garage cupboard and that over the washer is full.

    Your stuff is, indeed, far more beautiful than mine.

    I also wrote a bunch of notes to people yesterday (who wrote me “good bye” cards, and a couple of “thinking of you” cards since I arrived here. And I threw out (almost all of) the cards! I kept the gorgeous handmade one and the one with the terrific orchid photo. But a good-sized handful of paper went to the recycling.

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