Office 11: 99 Boxes of Junk on the Floor, 99 Boxes of Junk . . .

I worked my butt off today–well, it seemed like 99 boxes–and now I’m down to one. One box to rule the world, or at least ruin my day. The Box I’ve been carting with me through three moves and five years. The Ur Box. As in “Ur, I don’t wanna.” One box and then I can go sort through all the books sitting on the floor in the hall.

One box:

Das Box

Das Box.

31 thoughts on “Office 11: 99 Boxes of Junk on the Floor, 99 Boxes of Junk . . .

  1. One box to go! Well done.

    I still have 8 to go and that’s just in my writing room. I hate to think of how many are still in the shed which have been sitting there since we moved March last year. Trouble is, my partner did all the packing so I can’t just throw out a box site unseen!

    But yesterday I decluttered my laptop. It was running painfully slow and showing only 2GB of memory available. I thought my photos and collages were the culprit. Bought an external hard drive, moved those folders and it only gave me 2GB extra.

    Turns out the culprit was on my partner’s side – a heap of video footage buried deep in one of his folders.

    The laptop is moving a lot faster now after reclaiming 16 more gigs of hard disk!

  2. Oh dear. If it’s the Ur-box, you’d better not touch it. Everything since then depends on it. Might be safest to shove it in the attic as is.

    Unless you like the thought of the last 5 years rearranging themselves…. Hmm. That’s sort of tantalizing.

  3. Jenny, maybe you should give ‘Das Box’ a Viking funeral and just burn it.

    And yeah, I agree with Carol on the gorgeous floor. Of course now it’s visible you’ll have to clean it (darn, there’s always a downside.)

  4. Definitely DAS BOX. But you can defeat it. Picture a perfectly clean floor. And use Krissie’s suggestion of watching movies while you do it, that’s what I do for big paper sorting missions.

    And now you have to update your office pic on The Cave : )

  5. What a gorgeous floor!

    What a lovely study of yours this room now has become (again). Envy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    What an accomplishment of yours to have worked through everything up to “only” the Ur-Box. I’m absolutely impressed and have loooved to read your daily update. I’m already sniffing that there’s only one day left. May we can have glimpses of you sorting through the books sitting on the floor in the hall?

    And btw, “Das Box” sounds absolutely cute. In real German it would be “Die Box” (because Box = Schachtel which is femine – and can also mean a batty old lady…), but with “Das Box” it has a personality of it’s own ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. That box is definitely scary.

    On the other hand, those dotted boxes are looking really fabulous, darling! I know we saw them in previous posts, and they looked good then, but with that rug . . . mahvelous!

  7. Congratulations! And I bet that you will find that after 5 years of not looking in das Box, it will easy to discard, or know exactly where to file each item without even having to think about it.

    Now, could you please come sort through the 20 years of old ironing piles I have cluttering up my closets? (My daughter is 21. I suspect that there are dresses in the bottom of some of those piles that she last wore when she was five!)

  8. Warm up your shredder for the lone remaining box! Sitting amongst my own clutter, I am absurdly jealous of your organzing accomplishments.

    I think I’ll go shopping and clutter my closets even more. Outlet nearby, coupons in hand, and no football of interest this afternoon. Deal.

  9. Are you going to let one stinking little box defeat you after all you’ve accomplished?

    I don’t think so.

    It’s just plastic and paper. Go kick some box butt… er, bottom. Side? Heck, put on some runners and just kick it. It will make you feel better.

  10. Woot! Can you just toss it without looking at the contents at all? If it’s been five years, likely not much in there is crucial to life as you know it.

  11. Happy birthday? Seriously? What an AWESOME birthday present to yourself! Now I’m that much more impressed with your office. “Cuz yer worth it, babe.”

  12. Haven’t been by in a while, so had the fun of reading all the days of the office in one fell swoop. My mouth kept watering as you referred to all those bits of writing notes you were finding. Have you ever thought of auctioning off some of that stuff? You could give the monies to your favorite charity. Or something.

  13. Well, I’m back from the concrete jungle and ultra impressed with your progress. Fantastic!!

    I know you’re a Virgo, so maybe ZaZa has the info and this is THE day. If so, many happy’s, if not, apply message to actual day. Happy birthday, Jenny!

  14. Nope, it’s tomorrow. And Terry Pratchett’s new book doesn’t come out until Tuesday, so I’m celebrating by reading Going Postal again tomorrow with chocolate and then grabbing Making Money in whatever store I can find it in on Tuesday. With chocolate.

    I’m tossing the notes. They’re really not very interesting. More fun were the e-mails Bob and I send during DLD, but many of those are not fit for public consumption–neither of us is a particularly well-behaved fighter–so it’s a good thing I lost those, too. If I don’t need it right now, it’s going.

    So it worked out nicely that this will all be done in time for my birthday. Which wasn’t planned, it just worked out that way. And the mess in the hall is stacks of books from the library after I moved 2/3 of the bookcases somewhere else. But I have a plan for that, too. No, I’m not going to do it here. Jeez, twelve days of hearing me bitch about boxes is more than enough. Besides, I know what it’s there: books. Nothing to discover aside from some titles I probably forgot I had.

  15. Don’t toss those notes! You just need to find them a good home. I’ve always wanted to adopt someone’s notes and would be happy to take care of GROB for you. No thanks are necessary.

  16. Is that pile of stuff in the dark beyond the books that are in the hall ? Good Luck !
    You have done a super job of organizing and it looks it. Have you come across anything that twelve days ago you knew where it was and now you odn’t ?

  17. My youngest sister has an absolutely marvelous honest-to-goodness hourglass (it does vary somewhat but it’s very close to an hour) that I drool over every time I see it.
    Maybe you could get yourself a quarter-hour-glass for your birthday?
    Of course, you’ll be finished by then, it seems. Congratulations!

  18. … that I drool over every time I see?
    What’s the rule there?
    Where’s our Mole? She’d set us straight…

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