Office 9: More @#$%^&* Boxes

It’s like wading through molasses. Especially since USA did a Burn Notice Marathon today and there are six episodes on there I’ve never seen. There’d be more but my DVR missed the first four. This is very bad because I have a serious Jeffrey Donovan habit, exceeded only my sincere admiration and long-term devotion to Bruce Campbell, AND I DIDN’T FIND THIS SHOW UNTIL TUESDAY. And then my DVR lets me down. The NYT was a bummer, but this is a disaster.

OTOH, I have six episodes. Plus the one from Tuesday. Maybe USA will be fast on its feet with the DVD. A peach can dream, anyway.

But first the boxes. Well, not all of them. I’m not insane. But I’m playing the sound track to D&G so that’ll help. Elvis singing “One Night With You” goes a long way to easing psychic pain.

Two hours later, I’ve got one box done, but it’s not so bad. I found some some really great stuff like the wonderful card the Mysterious Laura sent me awhile back that shows a fifties housewife sitting on a freezer door saying, “And this is where I keep my ex-husband’s body.” And a Rosie the Riveter sticker she sent, too. The freezer lady is going up on the bulletin board. And I found some old papers I typed for my master’s degree. Yes, typed. Dear God, how did I exist without a Mac? Actually, I’ve found the papers for both my MA and my MFA and the stuff for my first run at the diss. And some very old notes. Like for Getting Rid of Bradley. And a letter to a friend where he talks about me going to Penn State for a conference in October of 1996 which is the conference where I first met Patricia Gaffney and she hung me out to dry at dinner, so of course we’ve been BFFs since then. Eleven years, Gaffney. Hard to believe.

So two hours, one box. Lotta memories. This stuff is not for the faint of heart.

So I’m going to drown my memories in Jeffrey and Bruce. And do the rest of the boxes tomorrow. Well, not all of them. This is going to take days.