Office 6: More Floor with Inner Peach

Publishing appears to be going to hell, but then it does that on a regular basis. Several people I know have careers in turmoil and more join the group every day. I’m looking around at my own career tangles, and what I’m thinking is that I’m just going to sit here quietly until October and see what shakes out. Clean some office. Write some fiction. Eat some ice cream. Pat some dogs. Achieve, as I typed last night on our D&G brainstorming chat, inner peach.

So today I did just fifteen minutes. Tackled one of the boxes on the floor, stopped getting frustrated wrangling things (I still can’t get that damn label printer to work), concentrated on the things I can control, not the things I can’t. The business I’m in makes no sense, so there’s no sense thinking about it. Besides, I’m sure there’s nothing but good times ahead. Eventually.

And I got two boxes off the floor. Onward and upward to inner peach.