On the Road: Cincy and Dayton

I know, I’m a slug and should have done two different posts here but you have no idea how tired I was. (Somewhere, Bob is saying, “Wimp.”) The Cincinnati signing was fabulous, even more fabulous because Lanie wore her flamingo shoes, just a great crowd with great questions. I honestly don’t remember what we said; we get up and talk and I have no recall when we’re done. So if we insulted anybody, I apologize profusely. You could probably make something up and I’d believe you (although Bob was there . . . no, he won’t remember, either).

Then we went back home (well, my home) and we meant to get some work done but pretty much said, “Good night” and went our separate ways because we needed sleep. The next morning, Bob was still trying to figure out the start of the next book, but I was having trouble choosing a heroine–our conversation was long and not very interesting–and then I said, “Well, what about Petal?” who was a supporting character from another book I’d intended to write and then got sidetracked on. Petal was an astrologer/tarot card reader, and Bob said, “Tarot cards, I know nothing about tarot cards, that’s good.” So I dug out all my tarot books and decks while he went out to the road and installed my new mailbox and complained about the ants that were crawling up the post–they’re evidently the kind that bite and he was fairly indignant about them–and then looked at all the tarot stuff I had spread out on the kitchen table and said, “Uh huh.” So never mind on that.

But in a huge violation of his basic personality, he decided he wanted his new Mac now instead of being sensible and waiting until Leopard came out, so we called Kathy, the fabulous Cincy/Dayton escort, and left a message that we’d meet her at the Union Center B&N where we were doing a stock signing with Linda Keller so that I could take him to the Kenwood Apple store to buy a new computer. And by God, he did. I thought for sure his normal cautious, better wait and see and just talk about buying it for two years, sensible self would overrule him, but he bought the computer. And then didn’t open it. I’d have been playing with it in the car, but when he left for the plane, it STILL wasn’t open. Oh, and I bought a new ergonomic keyboard to keep him company buying things. Which I opened immediately while he snorted.

Then we drove up to Union Center and had something fattening at the Panera there while he haranged me about this idea that he was fixated on about some island and a hundred million dollars, and I kept saying, “Theme park. They don’t leave the theme park. This isn’t a thriller they don’t have to go all over the world. THEME PARK.” And then he’d say, “Get a heroine, then you can tell me no island.” We were still arguing about it when we met Kathy, who has been with us before and is used to the arguing, and I kept saying, “Well, I like the librarian idea,” and he kept saying, “A hundred million dollars is not too much,” and we signed a lot of books. And that was pretty much the afternoon, Kathy schlepping us from book store to book store while we argued about who the heroine was and where the book would be set and who the hero was (although Bob pretty much had that down) and every now and then one of us would say, “We don’t even know if we’re going to DO another book,” which is still true. At some point in there, Bob suggested that I do a stripper nun, but I think he was just really tired. And then we did cable TV in Kettering, which is always a great show to do, and then it was time for the Last Signing. Five days. It seemed short but we were holding on by our fingernails by then. Thank God for Kathy, a goddess among escorts.

Kathy dropped us off at the Cheesecake Factory where we were supposed to meet a couple of Cherry Bombs, but it turned out they’d taken over the whole place, Cherry Bombs to the right of us, Cherry Bombs to the left of us, zillions of them, all bearing flamingo gifts (except for one rebel who brought us another Moot, which made Bob look at me and say, “You know, I have no idea what I did with Moot” and for the first time, I believed that he’d really lost the poor baby) and chocolate, and Dee and Gret had hit every Cracker Barrel between here and Canada to find pink flamingo T-shirts with gold sequins, so I changed into mine and it’s fabulous. And bright. But we got to see everybody before the signing including Jill who’d managed to spill something that looked like coffee or Coke all over her Agnes t-shirt but she looked fabulous anyway (we can dress her up but we can’t take her anyplace; sigh). Such nice people, really. Well, strange, of course, but LOVELY.

Then we went to the new Books and Co. which is fabulous, and there were a zillion people there, many of them from my past life including great people knew from Beavercreek Schools like Mollie’s first grade teacher who was so good to her (Hi, Linda) and Stephanie, one of Mollie’s best friends from high school, who said “Thank you, Mrs. Smith,” when I signed her book and made Bob snort his KitKat and choke. He keeps forgetting I had a life before I met him. “Mrs. Smith? MRS. SMITH?” Yes, Bob. I was married, I taught elementary school, junior high, and high school, and I raised a kid all in Dayton, OH. You have no idea of the stuff you missed. “MRS. SMITH?” I’m going to be living with that one for awhile.

But the signing was great, and Bob even had an epiphany in the middle when he was explaining that DLD had a High Noon theme and that some of Agnes was based on Shane, and then he stopped and said, “Oh. Maybe I should look at a Western for the next book, too,” and I was in Speaking Mode and just kept talking. So this morning, he said, “Westerns,” and I said, “Uh, Stagecoach, The Searchers, Liberty Valance,” and he said, “Liberty Valance, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart,” and we’d already talked about belief as a theme, and there’s a line Bob loves from Liberty Valance that some journalist: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend,” and we’d been talking about a paranormal theme part with legends like the Bermuda Triangle and the Marie Celeste, and it started to feel like a book, depending on whether we go with Petal or the librarian, although I’m starting to think maybe I’ll make Petal a librarian, and of course, we still don’t know if we’re going to do another one since we don’t know how Agnes will do and if she tanks, it’s back to solo novels.

And then I drove him to the airport, and since he hadn’t bitched about the wastebasket (which I’d emptied) or the coffee pot (which was clean), I actually stopped the car and helped him get his stuff out of the back. And now he’s gone and I’m curled up in bed typing on the laptop (I love wireless) and tomorrow I will go back to Always Kiss Me Goodnight and Dogs and Goddesses and clean my office.

So we survived the Flamingo Tour. A huge thank you to anybody who came out to see us–you all made us feel wonderful–and another thank you to anybody who bought the book. And don’t forget to save your receipt to get the $3 rebate from the coupon on the website. It’s the least we can do for you.

71 thoughts on “On the Road: Cincy and Dayton

  1. I like the sound of Petal. Cool name.

    The only Western I’m much good on is The Magnificent Seven, the theme tune to which is going to be my new ringtone when I get round to it.

  2. I don’t see how Agnes could possibly tank. It’s *such* a great book. Just incredible.

    I may have to do a spreadsheet, it’s that good.

  3. Okay. Stop it. Every keyboard-equipped person in the English-speaking world would give their eye teeth to collaborate with either one of you, and you two haven’t decided for sure whether you’re going to do another book together?


    I guess Cat Ballou is not on the short list of favored Westerns?

    But honest, if you never wrote another word, you would still have added tremendously to the bright dazzly happy bits of the universe and I would be grateful. Go you, Mrs. Smith.

  4. Sounds like a book is a shaping. A western/paranormal based on legends and belief. Very cool, Mrs Smith. And Mr Mayer
    Nothing but good times ahead.

  5. If you start using all the alias names Mr. Mayer writes under, he still has more than you do. So he has no room to talk, Mrs. Smith. And he lost Moot, so he owes you.

    Now you just need to let the ideas brew until they are crunchy, then get to writing. I’m not even going to dignify your comment about Agnes not doing well. Please.

    Glad the CBs did themselves proud. I so wish Ohio wasn’t quite so far away from Washington, but I guess that isn’t much of an excuse, since OH showed up from California. Still, they say they got a signature plate for me so I can pretend I was there in spirit.

  6. Glad to hear you survived the strange inundation of the CB kind — we were starting to worry that maybe you’d collapsed somewhere between Lexington and Cincy (hell no, I’m not going to try to spell it) and Bob was just being gallant and not telling us.

    And I guess while you’re counting your CBs you should also count your blessings. Because that was not even half of us, though it might have been the best half. That’s right, it could have been so much worse: we all could have showed up.

    Looking forward to getting my signed copy of Agnes. Um, you did sign one for me, right?

  7. I am a lurker here – just had to pop out and say I LOVED Agnes – it’s become my new favorite and I’m recommending it to everybody. No doubts – it’s a winner.

  8. At the risk of having a keyboard thrown at me, I was wondering what happened to Zelda and ‘You Again’.

    I agree with Strop, Petal is a cool name.

  9. BCB, methinks she probably signed a couple copies for kind Me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Enquiring (i.e. nosy) minds want to know: who was the rebel who brought the Moot?

    Good to know you survived the tour, especially the CherryBomb encounter. The rest of the CBs (the ones who couldn’t be there) all raised a glass in your honor.

  10. Agnes and the Hitman cannot possibly tank because it is an amazing book and if that is what the two of you do with your second book you are going to have the publishers begging on their knees for your third. So very glad to hear that the ideas are coming togehter this morning.

    As always you and Bob were a pleasure to talk to and it was so nice of you to come to the Cheesecake Factory to visit with us. I’ve heard you speak together several times now and you just get better and better.

    I would have used larger words in my comment but I was up ’til 3am or so laughing with an awesome group of people brought together by He Wrote/She wrote and my brain has past fried and gone to dessicated. And yes I realize that word is probably misspelled and apologize.

  11. What about “The Virginian”? The female character is a school marm, so it would be easy to change her into a librarian. It has the classic line about “smile when you call me that”. I’m sure Bob could work some great scenes with Trampas and The Virginian.

  12. Yes, we raised at least one glass to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Bob.

    Maybe a few more.

    Stagecoach is a favorite movie…the original with John Wayne….not the remake.

    How about Robin for the male protagonist?

    Petal and Robin???

  13. See, you just have to bring Bob to Dayton every year, because we are so inspirational (??). And it’s starting to sound like a book! Petal, the librarian who writes comic books?… Thanks, Jenny, keep ’em coming.

  14. I think it’s clear you two have hit your stride with Agnes (you know, like the three-legged race… stagger flail stagger). You really must find a way to use that good synergy.

    You know, the UN always needs more simultaneous translators.

    Jenny, anxiously, to half the room: “Nothing but good times ahead.”

    Bob, beaming, to half the room: “We’re doomed.”

  15. Sheesh yeah, either one of you ever wanna collaborate with a caffeine-deprived blonde (that would be me) you just let me know. I can handle crazy. Me and crazy go way back, matter of fact, I eat crazy with a spoon… aw heck, never mind, ‘cuz Agnes won’t tank. It’s far too fabulous to tank. You’re stuck with Petal in a cowboy hat.

  16. tank? last time i checked amazon had 11 5 star’s, i was #8… glad you are home safe and sound. time to relax a bit and cut yourself some slack for a change.

    think of it as rebooting yourself…no demands to meet. grab a paint brush and canvas (and colors) and duplicate autumn colors…just for you just a thought.

    will petal have a black belt that she keeps quite about?

  17. wish i could have seen all the flamingo shirts at the Cheesecake Factory- and LOVED Agnes and the Hitman- can’t wait for the next book ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Excuuusssesee me? Tank? Did you learn nothing about the power of the CherryBombs last year? This book is selling, Jenny! ‘cuz we want more. The two of you just keep getting better.

    Thanks so very much. For writing great books for us to escape into and for being so gracious in spite of your exhaustion. You’re just the best.

  19. In the case of the whole legend/myth/belief issue, along with the hundred-million-dollars idea, AND a Western, you could do something with the Lost Dutchman Mine. Or something like the Lost Dutchman Mine.

    Well, it’s the first one I thought of, anyway.

    My favorite book of yours is “Fast Women”, which I was shocked to find out (when I started reading here) was not EVERYONE’S favorite. You can’t please all of the people, all of the time, but somewhere out there are people who will love WHATEVER you write. So don’t let that aspect of it bother you.

    On the other hand, it sure sucks in terms of the paycheck. Hope that works out all right. Nothing but good times ahead.

  20. Jenny: thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us. It was very appreciated and I will remember it and smile for a very long time. Thank you for being so kind and open and willing to be subjected to us!
    We hit a couple bookstores after the signing (no we can’t get enough) and Agnes is appearing on best seller lists!

  21. I cannot foresee any possible way that Agnes could tank. Agnes *rocks*! Her very crankiness almost assures her success!

    As for the new heroine, being a librarian myself, librarian obviously gets my vote! Actually, love the idea of a librarian named Petal!

  22. Librarian is good. They KNOW things, and what they don’t know, they know how to find out.

    Hannah, in BODYGUARD OF LIES, is not a librarian, but she’s someone who has read a lot, and that gives her a real edge when the going gets tough.

    Jaqueline “Jake” Kirby is a librarian at the beginning of her series. Petal is nothing like Jake, but still, librarian is good material.

  23. mary: i was the rebel (well, when the Beanie Baby craze hit my aunt bought me scads of them, and when i was seperating them into baskets to give to a children’s hospital right before i left i found Cherise and Moot, so of course i had to bring them both. no way was i going to make Cherise travel alone with the UCSC Moose for Max)

    Agnes kicks ass! and after four airports (though i hit two of those twice so really six) and four plane rides, people who sat next to me know it too.

    please please write the next book.

  24. So, today I’m reading a bit of FAKING IT to DH. The part where Davy & Simon threaten the Eddie Haskell kid.

    DH stops me with: Davy & Simon? Like Simon David? then goes on to explain that Simon David is a fancy food supplier.

    Does anyone else see this kind of connection? Or is this just coincidence?

    I love the idea of a Paranormal Theme Park. But they might have to travel the world a bit, for research, you know.

  25. A&tH is really great. Really. It has caused 2 *extremely* frugal friends of mine to go out and buy their own, after borrowing my copy and reading it. These are people who don’t buy books, who have library cards because owning books is wasteful (I don’t know where I got these friends, actually), and now they went to buy A&tH and DLD, and I will quite frankly clobber them if they even think about using that coupon.

    Please, please gang up and write another one. Petal and/or the ESP librarian with the concealed carry permit in the theme park, defunct or otherwise, or whatever it becomes – really. Go on and do it. These books are good.

  26. See, my problem is that I don’t know whether I want to start Agnes or one of the other five (!) I bought while I was in Dayton and they were just sitting there, begging me to take them home. Decisions, decisions.

  27. Thanks for visiting with us at the Cheesecake Factory. And graciously putting up with me when I told you to tell everyone your blog address. One of my really fine attributes is the ability to tell others what to do.

    We had a grand time both at the restaurant and at the book store. I particularly enjoyed your eating part of Bob’s KitKat and putting it back like it was whole. Well, both talking and watching his writing partner is too much multitasking to ask for.

    Shouldn’t a librarian, who must read novels, have a very lively propensity for fantasizing? A fantasy of a cowboy, who then shows up in her library? And she’s not sure if he’s real or fantasy?

    Up to the snot on the window in Agnes. Love it. Thanks again for taking time to meet the Whack of CBs.

  28. Librarian is cool; hallucinating librarian even more so.

    Just, why is it always Dixie Chicks? Why not just poke half the population in the eye with a sharp stick?

    Why? Just, why?

  29. Nope, no way Agnes tanks. I’ve bought three personally: One for mom, one for the cousin who just discovered you and one for me. (Why, no, I don’t share my books because people don’t bring them back!)

    Then I sold two to the ladies next to me in the food court at the mall when I almost choked on my sweet tea laughing. They asked what I was reading, I showed them the cover and the bullet holes, mentioned the flamingoes. They toddled off to the Borders.

    No tanking here. Nothin’ but good times ahead!!

  30. Jenny, thrilled to hear the booksigning was so much fun and successful (jet lag from Aus/NZ, grubby phone calls etc., aside). Love the sound of Petal and everything else. Does she wear jackboots or pretty shoes?

  31. I love the Dixie Chicks. They’re my kind of women with my kind of attitude. Natalie Maines could be one of my heroines with no rewriting whatsoever.

    As for all the thank yous for the Cheesecake Factory stop, you’re kidding right? That was amazing. Even without the chocolate and flamingo stuff. Bob was really touched by the turnout until I told him we were just an excuse for a big party. I know you guys.

    I think Petal is definitely a librarian. IF we do this, big IF, we’ll start it in January since we both have solo books we’re pedal to the metal on, but Petal is taking hold now, and Bob’s named his guy–Ethan, not Spartacus, thank you God–and once they have names, we can’t shoot them.

    Hmmm. I suppose he could go for Ethan Spartacus. Ethan Spartacus Wayne. That way Petal can still call him Sparky to annoy him.

    And thank you very, very, very much for buying Agnes in really obscene quantities. Also, there’s no guilt in using the coupon; the more people who use it, the more likely SMP will do it again if we write another one. Coupons are good. And also fleeting; they’re only good for receipts dated that first two weeks, I think.

  32. May I say, I read Agnes and LOVED IT! I laughed and just adore the characters. I tell everyone I know what a fabulous book it is. did I mention I lOVED IT?! *g*

  33. My favorite Dixie Chick song is “Earl’s gotta die”. I just love it. My son turned me on to that song and country music in general a few years ago. He used run around the house singing that song. It was just too funy.

    Jenny, I so wish I could have gone to Dayton with all the other cherrybombs. I would have loved to see you and Bob again, not to mention the cherrybombs. Damn hockey games. Who schedules these things anyway? I really hope you two write another book together and it sounds like the ideas a developing, so that is good. Maybe next tour, I’ll get to see you.

    Congrats on Agnes hitting the NYTimes bestseller list. I think it was 34? Anyway, that is way cool. Get some rest babe, you deserve it.

  34. I love the librarian idea. Probably because I am one! Agnes was great, btw. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Thanks for the great escape, I can’t wait for your next adventure!


    P.S. While I’m crazy about John Wayne movies, I’m kind of partial to the James Garner westerns as well. I’ll always make time to watch Support Your Local Sheriff.

  35. I love Support Your Local Sheriff, too, but it’s not that classic romantic western, it’s a satire, which is kind of what we do, so it’s not something that Bob could run with. He really is a romantic. I’m the snarky cynic who loves the hero on his way to Australia who sticks his finger in the bad guy’s gun.

  36. Jenny said … Bob was really touched by the turnout until I told him we were just an excuse for a big party. I know you guys.

    Oops. Busted.

    Librarian would be great. I can just see Petal whipping out facts and information and surprising Ethan by being a help instead of a hindrance.

  37. Petty, Sparky, how do you do?

    please write this book. and do the blog. cause CBs want it all.

  38. Agnes got me excited to re-read older Crusies. Obviously others have had the same idea–every Crusie book in the library has a waiting list, and my local bookstore has a “More ordered” sign in the “C”s.

    Yvonne, but then she might call her… y’know… “Petal”. Which could get confusing. Y’know.

  39. Both the book and the blog are up in the air right now, especially the blog, so don’t count on either. But it’s so nice to hear that it’s wanted (g).

  40. With three librarians in the CBs alone, you have to know she can be a kickass, take-no-prisoners heroine. Does Old Yeller count as a western? I’m just trying to get some dogs in there.
    Stop with the “We’re-not-worthy”. It’s been a tough year for plenty of us. Laughter keeps the men in white coats at bay. So you’re responsible for our sanity. And the ridiculous ratio of cherry paraphanalia in my closet. I do thank you. Nothing but good times ahead.

  41. I know, the Cherry thing is getting to crisis level.

    I think I’m going to change my symbol to a nice black bat. Then we can all start over on the stuff.

  42. Just let Dee know about the change so she can visit every Cracker Barrel in 30 states and several foreign countries.
    Agnes has to be a breakout book. I know, we CB’s seem to have broken out of many different institutions, but this book has appeal on so many different levels. I keep thinking of more people that will like it, and go buy more.
    Not at Books and Co, though. They have my picture on their wanted posters. I tried to warn them, but they have had authors before and didn’t believe me when I told them that Jenny’s fans were….uh…what did she say…oh yes, a bubble left of center.

  43. I love Cherries! No need to change. Altough, I like bats, but I think Cherris are a bit more Crusie style. And, frankly, I don’t have all my cherry suff yet. Got to sread it out over the budget.

    While doing the keeping the cherry stuff – write us another bob and jenny book. Petal and Ethan sound so much fun togther.

    I really think you hit the nail on the head with DLD, but when Agnes cam out the gate, the nail managed to make it all way down in one wack. The foundation is set. Third book will be the charm. Not trying to be pushy here anything. Just know you got fans. Lots of them.

  44. It was coffee. I did it on purpose, I thought Agnes needed a few highlights.
    Waving to the Bombs . It was so good to put faces to names.
    My friend and I waited in the wrong Books & Co. We went to the original. I had forgotten that it was next to a Trader Joes–only source of 2 Buck Chuck.
    We did find the new Books & Co and it is fabulous !

  45. Petal and Ethan. Love it. Wanted to name only son Ethan. Out numbered by inlaws. He was Named Jr. Blah! Loved AATH! You and Bob rocked with this one. But I would love a Jenny alone book too. Hope you get plenty of rest and don’t worry about Cherries getting out of control. I think most are lurkers like myself. Ducking! to the more outspoken ones. Love ya Jenny!

  46. I think Iโ€™m going to change my symbol to a nice black bat.

    i don’t know… CBs already have shovels, no need to give us an extra weapon.

  47. Jenny, you think the cherry thing is getting bad? Try finding stuff with both cherries and bombs! For some reason retailers in my area are woefully lacking in bomb paraphenalia.

    Listen, I don’t care what symbol you go with, just keep writing.

  48. Cincy was totally amazing. :]

    I’m reading Agnes right now and I know I will love it! hehe.

    I loved how while you were talking Bob just pointed at my shoes. At first I was confused. haha.


    Cincy was pretty fantastic.

    โ™ฅ Lanie

  49. Just popping in to (a) beg for the continuation of the blog (b) congratulate you on the survival on the road w/Mr. Doom and (c) confess that I have vandalized at least three book displays in West Phoenix. I moved all of the Agnes books to the front of the display table at Barnes & Noble, Borders and even Target. By God I’ll sell them door to door – LOVE LOVE LOVED it. So I guess (d) is ask very politely for another collaboration w/Bob.
    Keep writing!!! I live for your crunchy bits.

  50. We found earrings that had cherries with bombs and a big ole white heart that could be removed if necessary(hey, we’re heart surgeons,why yes I do still need some more sleep, that Dayton party lasted three days for me,and Me too) They were at a Claire’s in Indiana. Only two pair and I was so brain fried I actually forgot to buy them. Perhaps Me remembered. Thankbob for the alligators and flamingos to change things up. The bat would fit right in.

  51. No CMS, sadly, I did not buy the CherryBomb earrings. But they were in a Claire’s, were they not? I’ll check the one near me.

  52. Me if you find them I would like a pair too. I will reimburse you in two weeks.

    Jenny it was so much fun seeing you two in action again. You make my day. As JenT, CMS and others have said the Cherrybombs indidvidually have had some tough times and the Bar&Grill and you and Bob have kept us sane. We thank you even if you did kick us out of the basement. The bar and grill was your idea.

    Did you and Bob put the Moot I brought in the bath tub as you suggested? How big did he get?

  53. I know you said you were done with the touring and the signing, but I just want to say that I really hope you come to Minneapolis again! I am finally in a place where I can make it there without dying… and I really wanna see The Talk…

  54. Jenny, you could always change your logo to that of a fruit bat taking a bite out of a cherry. No one would be able to find stuff for that. If they did, it would be unique. Take up less space, unless of course it was a metalwork sculpture.

  55. Dang – I wrote a really great comment and it disappeared into the ether…

    Ethan and Petal (Sparky and Petty) – I LOVE IT!!! Here’s hoping it happens!!

    I sooo wanted to go to Dayton, but I couldn’t fit the cost of the plane ticket into the budget…darn! It was truly gracious of you and Bob to take time out of your exhausting schedule to spend time with the CBs at the Cheesecake Factory. I know how much they appreciated it!

    Get some rest – then resume writing – we are looking forward to all your future books, single or dual.

  56. Well, Gret just about flipped when I showed her that you mentioned her on your blog. *g*
    Stopping at the CrackerBarrels for the CherryBombs (oh look, the CBs for the CBs. How cute!) was a trip in and of itself. I think they may now have my picture on a few walls as well.
    We all had such a great time, meeting each other, seeing you and Bob, reading. It’s the only group of friends that I know of where you don’t get ‘the look’ when you pull out a book and start reading. I even have a great pic (thanks to McB) of Gret reading at the bookstore.

    As for Agnes tanking? Are you serious? I know you can’t be. It is, quite frankly, one of the most hilarious books I’ve read in ages. I actually snorted coffee right out my nose. That hurt, by the by. But it was pain well worth it. I also haven’t laughed so hard in months. And I needed it. Oh did I need it. I’m one of those CBs that’s just had a doozy of a year, and that book brought something back into my life that I haven’t had in forever – laughter. Jenny, you will never know how much I appreciate that. Yes, the plot was great. Yes, the romance was great. Yes, the adventure was great. But the laughter? OhMyBob – the laughter was top-notch. As you said so well – “Humor. Har.”

    Thank you, from the bottom of my gold sequined pink flamingo shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Agnes – Tank??? It is now #34 on the New York Times Best Selling List under hardcover fiction – against all other fiction books – #34… Not bad!!!

    It is also #14 on Amazon under Women’s Fiction. AND… there are 15 reviewers – ALL OF THEM gave it 5 – count them 5 stars – the highest number!

    Nothin’ but good times ahead…

  58. Agnes rocked!!!!! Read it on the airplane home, and it was everything I hoped for and more.

    More, more, more !!!! from you and Bob. Please???


  59. I got Agnes for my birhtday but had to wait until Labor Day to read it. That was an entire 11 days!! But I knew that once I opened that book there was no way I was going to put it down, so I waited until the holiday and told everyone “Leave me ALONE!!” and except for a couple of minor crisis’s I was left in peace. I laughed several times, teared up a couple of times, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I found myself shaking my head at times, saying to myself “Yep, that’s Jenny!” or “Oh, look, Bob is getting the YEC stuff”.

    Agnes is one of the best books I have read in awhile. No worries–it will do great! And I am already liking the idea of Petal–what a great name.

    Oh–and tell Bob that I am going to go buy “Lost Girls” when I get paid Friday–I told my MIL the wrong name when she went to buy it for me. (sigh) Bob and all of his pen names–hard to keep track of! *grin*

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